“He needs to go to AEW” – Fans want SmackDown star to leave WWE as Triple H has seemingly given up on him
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Ever since his debut in 2008, Bryon Saxton, or as he is professionally known as “Bray Wyatt,” has been a fan favorite among wrestling enthusiasts. He’s one of the few Superstars who has managed to truly capture the audience’s attention both in the ring and out of it. Although Wyatt was once supported by WWE’s upper echelons, the tide seems to have turned in recent times, causing many fans to call for his release and for him to leave WWE and join All Elite Wrestling. Their demand is clear; “He needs to go to AEW” – but what could have caused such a drastic shift? Let’s take a closer look into the fan-driven change of heart surrounding this SmackDown Superstar.

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1. Triple H’s Apparent Losing Interest in SmackDown Star

Triple H’s waning interest in SmackDown star Sami Zayn is starting to become increasingly apparent, particularly with regard to the infighting that has been growing between him and other members of the roster. For instance, in the last few months, Triple H has been noticeably absent from the live events, and has been increasingly relying on other members of the WWE staff to provide leadership.

It appears that Triple H’s wallet is not as open as it once was towards the former protege, as Zayn’s appearances have decreased and his overall role has diminished. Triple H may have grown tired of the petty arguments that have popped up during the past few weeks, and is now looking to put his resources into more promising talent.

In any case, there are a few noteworthy examples of Triple H’s reduced enthusiasm for the Zayn-led faction. These include:

  • Cutting Back Appearances: Zayn’s presence on SmackDown has dwindled to the point where he now seems a bit like a shell of his former self.
  • Fewer Promising Opportunities: Zayn was often looked to as the leader of a burgeoning youth movement, however that opportunity has not been forthcoming of late.
  • Decline in Collaborations: Zayn occasionally collaborated with Triple H for live events, however this has also been less frequent in recent months.

It seems that Triple H’s attention is no longer focussed on Zayn as much as it once was, and that could portend a troubling future for the former WWE superstar.

1. Triple H's Apparent Losing Interest in SmackDown Star

2. Fans Unite in Support of Wrestler’s Departure From WWE

Fans Come Together

All types of WrestleMania devotees expressed their love and adoration for the recently departed WWE wrestler. Many shared on social media to show respect for him and his incredible career. Twitter threads quickly filled up with sentimentality as some of his most famous moments began to be highlighted. Fan-led tributes were seen around the world, as people were seemingly united in their appreciation of the wrestler.

Small Tokens of Remembrance

An outpouring of support could be seen from all over. Some composed poems and posted pictures. Other dedicated a portion of their routines in matching attire to honor the wrestler. While there were different ways of sharing admiration, the joint support was unmistakable.

The Universal Understanding of a Passion

No matter if someone was a casual fan or a die hard supporter, the idea of saying farewell was shared among all. There was a deep understanding that sometimes it is more important to come together in respect, than to hesitate to celebrate a successful career. It was clear that fans of the wrestler would dearly miss him, but also held the thought of their beloved legend in high esteem.

3. Impact of Departure: A Look at How the Star Could Excel in AEW

The implications of a star departing from their current wrestling promotion to join All Elite Wrestling are seismic. Many wrestlers have already risen to stardom in AEW over the past two years, and the potential for even greater success existing within the promotion should not be overlooked. Here are three factors that could contribute to a departing star’s success in AEW.

Greater Creative Freedom
In AEW, wrestlers are provided with much more leeway for finding ways to expand their character and creative direction than they are used to from other promotions. Wrestlers are encouraged to think outside the box while telling stories in the ring and on the mic, and the promotion’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unique moments is well-known. AEW’s willingness to try new things and its understanding of what it takes to put on a great show could be a great opportunity for a departing star to excel in new ways.

Promising Competition
AEW has quickly established itself as a dominant force in the industry. Its stars boast some of the most impressive skill sets in the world, and its marquee matches at each of its events are the stuff of legends. For wrestlers looking to take their careers to the next level, there is perhaps no better challenge and no better group of competitors to face off with – the high stakes in-ring action and gripping storylines mean that there are plenty of exciting opportunities for stars to differentiate themselves in the eyes of fans.

Innovative Format
Much of the success of AEW has been due to its emphasis on presenting a truly unique wrestling product. From the brutal war-style matches of its weekly Dynamite program to the cutting-edge cinematic style segments featured on its PPVs, AEW has consistently delivered standout experiences that have captivated fans everywhere. A departing star coming to AEW could excel by taking advantage of these innovative formats, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in wrestling and crafting thrilling tales along the way.

4. Thinking Ahead: Prognosis of Change for SmackDown and AEW

In the context of the current pro-wrestling landscape, SmackDown and AEW have made a significant impact in a short span of time. With new programs and content, both companies have greatly influenced the way wrestling is viewed and consumed by fans worldwide. But what does the future of SmackDown and AEW look like?

Both companies have made significant progress in terms of growth and popularity in a relatively short amount of time. SmackDown, for instance, has had multiple successful PPV events and has managed to draw in a lot of viewers. It has also seen a great boost in terms of TV ratings and viewership. As for AEW, its ability to capitalize on the hype created by wrestling legends like Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks has propelled it to become one of the most popular and well-viewed promotions in the world.

Looking ahead, SmackDown and AEW are likely to be two of the most dominant promotions in the world. Both will continue to push the boundaries of what can be done in terms of compelling storylines, match-ups, and overall programing. For SmackDown, it seems that the focus will be on further improvement in production and promotion, while AEW might experiment with innovative approaches with the aim of revolutionizing the way wrestling is viewed. Both will likely try to bring in new viewers while maneuvering to maintain the brand loyalty of existing fans.


Q: What has fans calling for a SmackDown star to leave WWE?
A: It appears that Triple H might have given up on a SmackDown star, leading many fans to call for him to make the move to All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Q: Which SmackDown star are fans demanding leave WWE?
A: Many people have suggested that the star in question should be popular wrestler Cesaro, who has been on the wrestling scene for many years now, yet has seen little major success within WWE.

Q: Why has Triple H seemingly given up on this particular wrestler?
A: It’s difficult to say for sure, but it appears that Triple H gave the wrestler opportunity after opportunity to shine, yet they were unable to take advantage. It seems that Triple H has now run out of patience and is looking for different options.

Q: What does this mean for Cesaro’s future?
A: It is uncertain what Cesaro’s future holds, but it is clear that many fans would love to see him make the move to AEW. Not only would this open up new possibilities for his career, but it would also potentially give rise to some truly great matches between Cesaro and the other wrestlers in AEW.


It looks like things are coming to a head for this SmackDown star as the fans demand a move to AEW. As Triple H has reportedly written off the superstar, it remains to be seen whether this latest plea from the fans is enough to prompt a change of direction for the star. Only time will tell.

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