Help Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Get a Sequel by Playing Ghost Trick
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If you thought the story of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was too good to be left unfinished, you’re in luck! There is still hope for a sequel to this exciting and suspenseful game, all you need to do is play it again and join in the call for a true sequel. By participating in this simple act, you’ll have a chance to join Ghost Trick fans around the world in helping to make the sequel happen. Discover how playing Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective could help influence a potential sequel, and get ready to help kick-start the process!
Help Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Get a Sequel by Playing Ghost Trick

Table of Contents

1. Uncovering Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Discovering a Unique Gameplay

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a unique adventure puzzle game, developed by the renowned CAPCOM. The game’s main feature is solving puzzles through using a ghost’s powers. As a phantom detective, you must use your time-manipulation powers, as well as other special skills, to help the characters solve mysteries and move on with their lives.

One of the features that sets Ghost Trick apart from other games is that you must think quickly and act decisively to progress. Every puzzle requires you to investigate and consider a range of solutions before making your decision. You must pay attention to details while using your powers to move forward in the game.

Ghost Trick also excels in its presentation. The graphics are vibrant and rich in detail. The soundtrack is catchy and immersive, ensuring that there is never a dull moment. The puzzles require thoughtful consideration, making the game an enjoyable challenge that keeps the player engaged.

2. Reviving the Adventure with Ghost Trick

A decade after the events of its initial release, Ghost Trick is rewarding fans with the joy of a spiritual revival. This magical and mysterious point-and-click, story-based adventure has remade itself into a much-loved, timeless classic. Here’s how the game has been relaunched.

The original Ghost Trick premise revolves around Sissel, a man who was killed under mysterious circumstances. Now a ghost, he must use his spectral powers to go back in time and save other people from being killed by the same force that killed him. This time-traveling adventure game has been remastered and given a graphical overhaul, featuring more immersive environments and lively characters that come to life through 3D modelling.

The updated point-and-click mechanics make the game more accessible. Players can easily navigate and manipulate the environment, as if they were living right inside of it. With additional puzzles and an expanded story, the charming puzzle-solving game provides a gratifying and rewarding experience for all types of gamers—from casual players to those that enjoy the challenge of solving tougher puzzles.

  • High-quality graphics, with 3D modelling
  • Navigate puzzles with intuitive point-and-click mechanics
  • Expanded Story Mode, with new puzzles and side-stories

2. Reviving the Adventure with Ghost Trick

3. How Players Can Help Ghost Trick Get a Sequel

If players want to see a new Ghost Trick chapter, there are plenty of ways they can help get the message out.

Speak Up

  • Let your friends know what an amazing game Ghost Trick was. Spread the word by recommending the game to those you think would enjoy the unique story and stylish gameplay.
  • Sign up and join the conversation on message boards. The more people discuss Ghost Trick positively and eagerly, the more likely it is that the game will get a sequel.

Engage with Creators

  • Follow the creators of Ghost Trick on social media and show your support. Likes and comments are great, but don’t forget to express your enthusiasm for the game and the possibility of a new part.
  • At appropriate times, contact the creators directly and let them know how much you would love to see the return of the game. A gentle reminder of its popularity and how much of a following it has will definitely not go unheard.

Get Involved in Special Events

  • If you can, support special Ghost Trick events. Not only does this show your enthusiasm for the game, it puts a little bit of money behind it. The more money Ghost Trick makes, the better the prospect for a sequel.
  • Join in online activities like discussions and short story writing contests related to Ghost Trick. The wider and the louder the response, the more attention any potential sequel will get.

4. Unleash the Adventure of Ghost Trick Again!

The captivating and immersive world of Ghost Trick has enthralled many players since its release in 2011. If you’ve grown attached to this beloved adventure, then you’ll be glad to hear that you can now experience it all over again! Relive the phantom detective Ray’s thrilling journey and start your own dazzling investigation into the mysteries of the haunted Sharo town.

The game has been remastered for a modern gaming experience, so you can enjoy brand new features and improved graphics. Uncover the secrets of a realm where murder and time manipulation collide. Relish in the strangely compelling mystique of the game’s living and dead characters, and uncover the long-forgotten secrets of a forgotten town.

  • Explore Sharo’s hidden mysteries: Use Ghost Trick’s unique powers to reveal the truth behind strange deaths and mysterious disappearances.
  • Solve ingenious puzzles: Use your quick wits and keen insight to decipher devious puzzles left behind in the spirit realm.
  • Re-experience a classic: Take a step back in time and get lost in Ghost Trick’s spellbinding story of suspense and mystery.

So, get ready to dive back into one of gaming’s most beloved adventures and dive into the world of Ghost Trick!


Q: What is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective?
A: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a puzzle adventure strategy game for the Nintendo DS system. It was developed by Capcom and created by the acclaimed developer Shu Takumi, who is also responsible for creating the Ace Attorney series.

Q: When was Ghost Trick released?
A: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was released worldwide in 2011.

Q: What kind of game is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective?
A: In Ghost Trick, players take control of a ghostly protagonist named Sissel who must use their supernatural abilities to undo the deaths of innocent people. Players will use Sissel’s abilities to explore the world, interact with objects and characters, solve puzzles, and ultimately attempt to prevent his own death.

Q: How can fans help to get a sequel for Ghost Trick?
A: Fans can show their support for Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective by grabbing a copy of the game and playing it to the very end. Posting reviews and sharing screenshots from the game is another great way to help raise awareness. Additionally, support the game by reaching out to Capcom to let them know you’re interested in a sequel.

The future of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective hangs in the balance, waiting to be determined by the players and the developer alike. If you want to see this beautiful game franchised and immortalized in gaming history, put on a detective’s cape, and help Ghost Trick get the sequel it deserves.

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