How Pac-12 TV deal gets lowballed if Colorado cements Big 12 move post decisive BoR meeting
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As the Pac-12 board of directors meeting looms, fans of college sports are questioning what the long-term implications holding onto the Colorado Conference might mean for the Pac-12. If Colorado takes the plunge and goes back to the Big 12, the Pac-12 television deal could suffer a major blow. An in-depth look at the ripple effects of a move like this could make for a seriously exciting college football season. Stay tuned for more details on how a Colorado Conference move might affect the Pac-12 TV deal.
How Pac-12 TV deal gets lowballed if Colorado cements Big 12 move post decisive BoR meeting

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1. Colorado’s Impact on Pac-12 TV Deal: A Review

As the Pac-12 Conference grows, so does the impact it has on the college football landscape. Colorado is one of the most influential teams in the conference, and they have had a major impact on the Pac-12’s recent television deal. Here are some of the ways Colorado has influenced the conference’s TV deal:

  • International Expansion: Colorado’s visibility in the college football world has enabled the Pac-12 to expand their reach to international broadcasters. Due to the influence of Colorado, the Pac-12 now has deals with partners in China, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom.
  • Revenue: Colorado’s fan base has also had a huge impact on the Pac-12’s TV revenue. The school generates more viewership than any other school in the conference, which allows the Pac-12 to fetch higher rates for their broadcasting rights.
  • Marketing Opportunities: Colorado is one of the biggest teams in the conference and their popularity translates into marketing opportunities for the Pac-12. By leveraging the fan base and brand of Colorado, the Pac-12 can create new and innovative marketing tactics to appeal to potential sponsors.

The impact Colorado has had on the Pac-12’s TV deal has been significant and invaluable. With their international presence, financial stability, and marketing opportunities, Colorado has cemented their reputation as one of the most influential teams in college football.

1. Colorado's Impact on Pac-12 TV Deal: A Review

2. Big 12 BoR Meeting: A Turning Point?

The Big 12 Board of Regents meeting kicked off with a bang – literally! A unanimous vote of approval being held at the online gathering very early in the agenda showed a current of enthusiasm lapping through the conference.

The presidents and chancellors of the 10 member schools were all in agreement that there is a need for more stability and streamlined efficiencies in the Big 12. The board of regents tackled the tough questions and looked at the need for changes in the intercollegiate athletics landscape.

The Board of Regents made several landmark decisions that will no doubt shape the future of sport in the Big 12. The most noteworthy include:

  • A new revenue-sharing model that more fairly distributes income and looks at how much each school is able to bring in versus their expenses, giving smaller schools greater access to higher revenues.
  • In-depth reviews of schools’ internal policies, performance, compliance regulations, and staff scheduling were conducted to ensure that schools were compliant with League and NCAA regulations.
  • A stronger emphasis on student-athlete safety and well-being with a focus on physical and mental wellbeing, making sure that student-athletes have proper rest and nutrition.

The Big 12 Board of Regents Meeting certainly set a powerful precedent across the board – a turning point, if you will. With such sweeping decisions made, the future of Big 12 athletics looks very promising indeed.

3. Analyzing a Low Ball Offer from Pac-12

When you receive a low ball offer from Pac-12 it’s important to analyze it thoroughly. To do so, consider the following things:

  • The size of the offer – Is it worth what they are offering?
  • The cost associated with the offer – Are there any hidden costs?
  • The duration of the offer – Is it too short or too long?

Analyzing the offer can provide you with valuable insights on how to negotiate a better deal. Don’t be afraid to push back if their offer doesn’t meet your expectations. Take the time to explain why the offer is unfair and why you think it should be improved.

Be sure to do your due diligence and research when analyzing the offer. You should know the market rate for similar contracts and what the competition is offering in order to get a better understanding of the offer’s true value. Doing so can put you in a strong negotiating position and help you to get the best deal possible.

4. Potential Solutions to the TV Deal Woes

Finding a Solution to the TV Agreement Debate

Finding a solution to the conflict surrounding the ongoing television agreement won’t be easy. But with the proper guidance, everyone involved can come to a suitable conclusion for all parties. Here are several points of reckoning worth considering:

  • Redesigning the current television agreement to reduce financial strain on media companies.
  • Setting up negotiations between media companies and television networks.
  • Publishing the offer of each party separately so that the market can know the real intentions.

In addition to these points, there are also potential solutions involving new technologies. From streaming services providing more options to viewers, to data analytics allowing for more targeted advertisement, these technologies can offer major avenues for potential resolution. It’s just a matter of formulating the right plan to make this a reality.


Q: Is the Pac-12 TV deal in jeopardy if Colorado moves to the Big 12 Conference?
A: If Colorado ultimately decides to join the Big 12 Conference after the Boulder’s Board of Regents meeting, the Pac-12’s television deal could be adversely impacted.

Q: What are the potential consequences of Colorado’s board of regents making a decision to move to the Big 12?
A: If the decision is made, it could potentially mean less viable teams for the Pac-12 to compete against, thus leading to fewer viewers and an overall decrease in value for the conference’s television deals. Additionally, the Pac-12 will likely have to make other changes to its teams to remain competitive, which could also decrease the value of its television contracts.

Q: How could the Pac-12 keep its TV deal competitive even if Colorado moves to the Big 12?
A: The Pac-12 could explore ways to bolster its lineup by adding additional teams, seeking out competitive matchups and maintaining their strong recruiting across the West Coast. Additionally, the conference could consider making adjustments to the cost of the television deals, such as offering longer contracts and promoting its teams in creative ways.

The discussion about the Pac-12 TV deal will likely continue until the Big 12’s Board of Regents makes a decision after their meeting, which could potentially have a significant and lasting financial effect for the Pac-12. Only time will tell if Colorado’s move to the Big 12 will be decisive, and whether or not it will lead to a change in the Pac-12 television deal.

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