How to Find Every Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy XVI (All Hunt Locations)
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Are you looking to be a master of the hunt in Final Fantasy XVI? Getting all the notorious marks may seem intimidating but we have the perfect guide for you! Whether you are advanced or just starting out, this article will help you to find all the notorious marks littered across the game. Keep reading to find out how you can hunt them all down!
How to Find Every Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy XVI (All Hunt Locations)

Table of Contents

1. Locate the Legendary Heroes of Final Fantasy XVI

The Search is On!

On the surface, it may seem like a daunting endeavour to search and . But, brave adventurer, the path to finding these mythical marvels is long, but not impossible. Your journey taking you through a vivid world of stories, secret passageways, and hidden treasures, you would do well to heed these useful tips along your way:

  • Stay alert and vigilant as traversing the wilds
  • Seek out secluded untrodden paths
  • Listen carefully for any rumbles and whispers
  • Look out for hidden clues that could lead the way

As your mission progresses, remember to maintain the balance between patience and excitement! Be sure to be persevering yet mindful of what challenges may confront you, for these legendary heroes are renowned to be well-protected by intensely guarded secrets. Be wary of traps and armed guards, for unlocking the secrets behind them could be your gateway to discovering your very own epic adventure.

1. Locate the Legendary Heroes of Final Fantasy XVI

2. The Notorious Marks: Tracker Map Information

Few men have been as notorious as Mr. Marks and none other had as keen an eye. He made a name for himself – and not a good one – by cutting deals and dabbling in powerful treasures. But now, thanks to his clever prowess, we have the marks that he left behind on a tracker map for us to decipher and discover.

The Tracker Map: This is the first and main tool Mr. Marks left for us to use as a key. It’s as mysterious as it is exciting, a kind of top secret map made of coded symbols and secret places. He left us a code that only clever-minded individuals could understand and track his movements. Once the route has been figured out, all that’s left is to investigate the clues along the way.

The Treasure: So what was Mr. Marks looking for? The answer lies in the tracker map of course. From dark and dangerous pirate coves to hidden inns and chambers, explore the map to uncover his many secrets. Perhaps the map will lead to a great fortune, an ancient artifact, or even an unexpected gift. It all depends on your willingness to unlock the secrets of Mr. Marks.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • A copy of the tracker map
  • A spirit of adventure
  • Patience and an eye for details
  • A few good friends, just in case.

Happy hunting!

3. How to Find Each Notorious Mark

Finding the Notorious Marks of Yharnam isn’t easy, but it can be done. To get started, you’ll need to be prepared with the right knowledge and gear. Once you’re ready, you can then venture out into the night and look for those hidden targets.

1. Gather the Needed Equipment
You’ll need to have certain weapons and tools like firebombs, hammers and church bells to even have a chance of locating the Notorious Marks. In order to get started, be sure to have:

  • Assorted firebombs
  • High-end hammers and swords
  • Church Bells and Saw Cleavers

2. Seek and Destroy
Now that you’ve got your equipment, the real challenge begins. Some Notorious Marks will be easy to spot and will require a simple battle to take down. Others may lurk in an obscure part of Yharnam that requires a bit of exploration and puzzle solving. As you battle, be sure to make note of any and all clues that you can so you can find the final marks.

3. Choose Your Mark
Once you’ve found a Notorious Mark, you’ll need to decide whether or not to fight it. For some, the risk may be too great and it’s better to leave them alone and move on. If you do decide to take on a Mark, be sure to heed any advice given by NPCs or those who have ventured out before you.

4. Essential Tips for Taking on the Mighty Beasts

Hitting the trails can be an exciting, adventurous way to explore nature, but it can also be intimidating and dangerous. With this in mind, here are some essential tips to take on the mighty beasts of the outdoors.

Be Prepared
Before you set out on any outdoor adventure, it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. Pack the right supplies depending on where you’ll be venturing, such as extra food, water, clothing, and a first-aid kit, just in case something goes wrong. You should also plan your route and check the weather forecast in the area before heading out.

Know Your Limits
It’s important to understand your capabilities before setting off for a challenging outdoor adventure. Developing an understanding of what you’re comfortable doing and what your limits are will help you to enjoy the trip without putting yourself or anyone else at risk. Research about the area and have a back-up plan in case those conditions become too difficult or dangerous to handle.

Stay Alert
No matter what type of adventure you’re going on, always stay aware of your surroundings. Have a plan for any unforeseen dangers, be aware of animals that may be in the area, and be cautious when crossing bodies of water or difficult terrain. Being extra alert will help ensure that you can enjoy a safe and successful trip.

  • Pack the right supplies for the journey
  • Know your limits and understand what you’re comfortable doing
  • Stay alert of potential dangers or obstacles


Q: What is the best way to find every Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy XVI?
A: The most efficient way to find all Notorious Marks is to complete the Hunt Quests in each of the game’s seven regions. Head to a local Tipster NPC to get information about new hunts and rewards, mark the location of the mark on the map, and then follow the trail. By completing hunt quests and defeating Notorious Marks, players can acquire powerful equipment and items.

Q: How do I start a Hunt in Final Fantasy XVI?
A: To start a hunt, players should speak to a Tipster NPC located in each of the game’s seven regions. Tipsters can provide valuable information about the creature or Notorious Mark you are hunting and its exact location. After receiving the information, simply mark the location on the map and start the hunt!

Q: What kind of rewards can players get by defeating Notorious Marks?
A: Defeating Notorious Marks offers a variety of rewards, ranging from powerful equipment and valuable items to money and other resources. Rewards vary depending on the difficulty of the mark, as well as the danger of the region it is located in.

Now that you’ve got all the not-so-hidden marks, you’re now able to take on the hunts without any fear of missing out on a powerful foe. No one said hunting was the easiest thing in the world – but with this guide, you’ll be able to tackle the challenges with confidence. Good luck and happy hunting!

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