How to Get All Prime Relics for Wisp Prime in Warframe
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If you have been playing Warframe, or have been thinking of getting into it, you’ve likely heard of Wisp Prime: the powerful Tenno Prime who is revered for their incredible abilities and mastery of the arcane arts. It’s no surprise then, that you might find yourself wanting to try your hand at obtaining all the Prime Relics for her. Well, despair no more – let us show you how to get all the Prime Relics you need to unlock Wisp Prime in Warframe!
How to Get All Prime Relics for Wisp Prime in Warframe

Table of Contents

1. Gathering the Pieces for Prime Glory: Getting All Prime Relics for Wisp Prime

One of the most difficult tasks for Warframe collectors is to acquire all the Prime Relics for Wisp Prime. Doing so requires mastering a labyrinthine series of equippings, layouts, and strategies. But fear not, Tenno – with a few specialized items, careful tracking of resources, and clever selection of gear, it is possible to unearth the pieces of the Prime. Here’s some advice on how to start your relic hunt:

  • Keep track of resource nodes. Prime Relics are scattered on orb-like energy sources, also known as resource nodes. Knowing which one includes Wisp Prime is the key to finding the relics. Tenno should mark the resources they can come across in missions, with the blue-glowing energy nodes being the prime candidates.
  • Be ready to battle. Warframe missions can be quite dangerous, especially when it comes to Prime Relics. Some bosses have a chance to drop Relic Fragments, so Tenno should come fully equipped for a fight. Bringing a strong weapon and a healthy amount of combat-ready items will definitely aid in acquiring all the pieces of Wisp Prime.

Harnessing the power of the Prime requires patience and mastering of the game’s hidden mechanics. One thing to note when doing Relics runs – Tenno should avoid opening too many at once to increase the chance of actually getting the one they need. Best of luck to all hunters trying to add Wisp Prime to their collection!

1. Gathering the Pieces for Prime Glory: Getting All Prime Relics for Wisp Prime

2. Swooping In on the Prime Scene: Deciphering Warframe’s Prime Relics

Relics Role
Relics are integral tools in helping unlock some of Warframe’s most powerful equipment. Prime Relics contain components – blueprints, chassis, neuroptics, and systems – for creating prime weapons and armor. Although it isn’t necessary to complete the game, these pieces of equipment tend to have superior stats or unique bonuses that can remain relevant throughout more challenging mission types.

The Grind
You’ll have to grind to get these items, as expected. Prime Relics aren’t easily found in the open world. Most of the relics are tucked away in specific mission nodes or one-use Void Fissures that can open on any planet. Once you’ve found it, you’ll have to open it. To do this, you’ll need at least one Void Key, which can be bought from the in-game store.

Rewards & Rarities
The high rewards and evolving rarities that come with Prime Relics make it worth the pursuit. Here’s what to expect when cracking your loot open:

  • Uncommon – Has a lower likelihood of spawning Rare and Legendary components.
  • Rare – Has a higher chance of spawning Epic components.
  • Legendary – Has a chance to reveal multiple Prime items.
  • Mythical – Guaranteed to have at least one Prime item.

3. Ambling Toward Prime Perfection: Harvesting Prime Relics for Wisp Prime

Relics may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Wisp Prime, but scour the right spots and you’ll quickly realize that dusting off a few well-crafted relics can take his power to the next level. Doing so in a manner fitting the enigmatic Prime takes some thought and subtlety, however.

When hunting down the right relics, it’s important to have an open mind and a keen eye. Don’t limit yourself to any specific tier or class. Instead, embrace the wilds of the fossil-filled plains and aim for something that truly captures the spirit of Wisp Prime. Whether it may be a highly valued Soma Prime stock or a dusty Sicarus Prime barrel, both have great potential to expand your capacity.

To find the best items on your journey, a few key tips can aid in the process.

  • Stay alert: Relics can show up almost anywhere, and keeping an eye open will make sure you don’t miss the perfect opportunity.
  • Know the sources: Farming the area around a Reliquary or completing the correct Void mission type are both reliable methods when acquiring relics.
  • Have a plan: Certain relics might fit better with some builds than others. Always make sure you’ve thought out what Wisp Prime needs before you commit.

4. Close Enough for Prime-Time: Unlocking All Prime Relics for Wisp Prime

As Tenno, you have the unique ability to unlock Prime Relics from the depths of the Void. These powerful Warframe artifacts contain valuable materials that can be used to create powerful items for your arsenal. But unlocking Prime Relics is no simple task, and it’s a challenge even for the most experienced Tenno warriors.

Luckily, however, you can now unlock all Prime Relics with the help of Wisp Prime. Wisp Prime consists of a set of four unique parts that can be assembled into one powerful item. To unlock it, Tenno must complete three Void Fissures: a Fissure of Fire, a Fissure of Lightning and a Fissure of Frost.

Once the Tenno has completed these fissures, they must acquire three items:

  • Drops of Azurite
  • Drops of Nuyqs
  • Drops of Xoru

These items are then used to craft Wisp Prime and unlock all Prime Relics. With the help of this powerful Warframe, the Tenno can make easy work of any challenge that comes their way.


Q: What is Wisp Prime?
A: Wisp Prime is one of the most recent Warframe Prime releases, offering increased defensive and offensive capabilities compared to the original version.

Q: What are Prime Relics?
A: Prime Relics are special items that you can obtain in Warframe which contain components and blueprints necessary to build Warframe Prime items.

Q: How do I get Prime Relics for Wisp Prime?
A: Prime Relics for Wisp Prime can be obtained by participating in the Void Fissure missions or from opening Lith, Meso, Neo or Axi Relic caches from regular play. You can also purchase them from the in-game market or from other players with Platinum.

Q: What are Void Fissure missions?
A: Void Fissure missions are special missions that take place in the Void, and they have a chance to drop Wisp Prime components. The Void Fissure will appear in a rotation of missions on certain planets, and you must complete it to acquire the Prime Relics.

When it comes to Warframe, knowing how to acquire Prime relics is an essential skill. With the help of this guide, any player should now have a clearer idea of how to gain all of the relics for Wisp Prime. Now, all you need to do is find the secret formula to mastering her abilities in combat. Good luck, Tenno!

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