How to Get and Use the Earthwake Ability in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)
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In the magical world of Tears of the Kingdom, epic battles between kingdom forces and their foes are fought every day. But one of the most sought-after weapons in this fight is the incredible Earthwake ability. It is a powerful defensive tool and offers its user unmatched protection, making them all but invincible. But how does one get and use the incredible Earthwake power? In this article, we will explore the steps to getting and using the Earthwake ability in TotK. So fasten your seatbelts and explore the secrets of this powerful tool!
How to Get and Use the Earthwake Ability in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Table of Contents

I. Unlock the Earthwake Ability in TotK

Unveil the Power of Earthwake

Earthwake is a powerful ally in the fight against evil in Tales of the Kingdom. Unlock this incredible ability to unleash a powerful shockwave attack that can inflict damage upon multiple enemies at once. On top of that, this special attack can also be used to temporarily freeze enemies in their tracks and set up powerful combos for your adventurers.

Unlocking Earthwake is a journey all of its own. You’ll need to travel to an ancient shrine in the Hydropes Mountains and offer up a special item to a magical seal. Once you have completed this quest and paid the necessary cost, you’ll be rewarded with the ability to use Earthwake.

To use Earthwake, your adventurers will need to be equipped with the right items. This powerful attack requires a set of Ancient Crystals, gathered from the ancient shrines scattered across the kingdom. After gathering all the crystals, the master of the shrine must be consulted. From here, the Earthwake ability can simply be activated.

I. Unlock the Earthwake Ability in TotK

II. Enhance your Playstyle with Earthwake

Earthwake, the latest game ingenuity by StormGaze Entertainment, brings a whole new level of excitement and adventure to the world of gaming. You can now improve your playstyle and explore your environment with a range of new features:

  • Arm yourself with a variety of weapons and gadgets to strategize your game.
  • Use the in-game tools to customize your character and make the most of your experience.
  • Engage in epic battles like never before with no shortage of enemies to fight against.

With Earthwake, battles never end. Choose from a set of upgradable battle powers to unlock extra abilities and traverse through the challenging terrain with enhanced skills. Supercharge your playstyle with a range of special attacks to defeat your enemies and level up your gaming experience. Each battle reveals new surprises and secrets and unique tasks. You will be well rewarded with magical bonuses that can be used to buy special items.

Earthwake is a dream come true for any gaming enthusiast. Strategize your game plan and conquer foes with your impressive arsenal. Reach the end of each stage and revel in your ultimate victory. Take your gaming enjoyment to the next level with Earthwake.

III. Techniques for Mastering Earthwake

To become an expert in Earthwake, there are a few key techniques to consider. First, it’s important to focus on the basics. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the possible elements that can be included in a game of Earthwake, but mastering the basics will give you a strong foundation to build from.

  • Start by familiarizing yourself with the standard rules and game mechanics.
  • Use practice rounds to hone your strategic thinking skills and build a better understanding of the choices available to you.

Next, consider how to make sure your strategy leaves room for adaptability. Human opponents are unpredictable, so it’s important to plan ahead not only for what you think might happen, but also for what you might do if things don’t go as expected. Some key techniques for adapting to a changing environment include:

  • Staying open minded: Pay attention and be flexible in responding to new game scenarios.
  • Knowing your strengths: Play to your strengths in order to give yourself the best chance of winning.
  • Exploring different strategies: Experiment with different strategies, and be willing to try something new in order to give yourself an edge.

Finally, practice makes perfect! Playing regularly and reflecting on the games you have played will help you become better and more comfortable with your ability to play Earthwake effectively. So don’t be afraid to sit down and play some games with your friends, and to spend time analyzing and perfecting your strategy!

IV. Make the Most Out of Earthwake in TotK

A day of ultimate fun awaits you with Earthwake in TotK! Earthwake in TotK is an engaging activity for the whole family to enjoy.

To make the most out of this experience, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Create a Game Plan: Before your big day, decide on an itinerary. Where would you like to go and what activities would you like to take part in? By mapping out the perfect plan ahead of time, you are setting yourself up for a day full of unforgettable memories.
  • Bring Everything You Need: Creating a checklist of essential items is essential. Don’t forget to include snacks, water, a camera, your phone, and any other items you may need for the day.
  • Focus on the Fun:Don’t forget to enjoy the process and make the best out of every moment. Earthwake in TotK has plenty of thrilling activities and attractions to offer, so leave your worries behind and get ready to have the time of your life!


Q: What is the Earthwake ability in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)?
A: Earthwake is an ability that allows the player to control the elements of nature and use them to their advantage in battle. It is a powerful tool to defeat enemies and progress through the game.

Q: How do I get the Earthwake ability in TotK?
A: To get the Earthwake ability in TotK, you must first complete the main quest in the game. During the quest, you will encounter an old man who will offer to teach you the ability as a reward for helping him.

Q: How do I use the Earthwake ability in TotK?
A: You can use the Earthwake ability by assigning element-specific spells to your character’s action bar. These spells will allow you to control the environment and elements around you, allowing you to use them in battle. Additionally, you can unlock special elemental combos by unlocking specific other abilities and combos.

The Earthwake ability in Tears of the Kingdom is a game-changing tool that can help you on your quest to defeat the forces of evil. Of course, it comes with great responsibility, so use it wisely! With the Earthwake ability, your journey through TotK is sure to be a thrilling and captivating one.

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