How to Get Shards in COD Mobile
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Are you a fan of Call of Duty: Mobile game? Want to level up quickly? Looking for how to get Shards in COD Mobile? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you’ll learn all about Shards and a few creative ways to get them. So buckle up and let’s get started!
How to Get Shards in COD Mobile

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1. Acquire Shards in a Snap!

No wonder shards are the bread and butter of any strategy, so don’t waste any time on giving an edge to your gaming skills.

Here’s how you can obtain your shards in no time:

  • The Daily Search – get a chance to at least 1 shard by completing the daily search in the game.
  • Invite Friends – a referral link that helps you score more shards faster.
  • Weekly Challenges – take part in the weekly challenges and earn Shards as rewards.

Having the right amount of Shards can let you do upgrade your characters, unlocking new abilities and access new levels, making your gaming experience more enjoyable.

1. Acquire Shards in a Snap!

2. Utilize In-Game Activities

When it comes to gaming, innovation is key to keeping players engaged. Including activities within the game is one way to do this. Not only does this add value to the overall game experience, but it also encourages users to come back for more. Here are a few ways to :

  • Mini games – Add interactive mini games to your game that are easy to understand and fun for the user. This will add a unique challenge to the game, and build excitement for players who are looking for something new.
  • Task-based activities – Give players a set of tasks they need to complete in order to unlock rewards or move forward in the game. This will add an extra layer of challenge and reward to the game.
  • Interactive events – Create game events that require users to work together in order to win. This brings people together in the game and allows them to collaborate and build team spirit.

In-game activities can be a great way to keep users engaged and incentivize them to come back to the game. They can also provide an exciting challenge for users who want something more than just completing levels. Use them to your advantage, and you’ll be sure to keep the players coming back for more!

3. Unlock Challenge Bonuses

Are you ready to take your gaming skills to the next level? With Challenge Bonuses, you can unlock additional and exclusive in-game rewards for your character! Here is what you need to know in order to unlock these amazing bonuses:

  1. Complete the challenges and unlock bonus XP and rewards.
  2. Make use of advanced strategy and techniques to maximize your chances of success.
  3. Redeem the bonus rewards and reap the full benefits of your efforts!

Show off your gaming skills and unlock rewards that no one else can get! So what are you waiting for? Impress your friends and dominate the leaderboard with bonus rewards that are completely unique to you. Challenge yourself, take up the task, and reap the rewards – you know you can do it!

4. Strategize with Multiplayer Mode

Beating the Competition in Multiplayer Mode

To be successful in multiplayer mode, you’ve got to be a strategic thinker. The ability to develop plans and then adjust as needed based on feedback will keep your wins stacking up. It also pays to come up with quick, efficient methods to get the job done.

Here are some tips to help you strategize effectively in multiplayer mode:

  • Study the layout of the maps and identify the choke-points.
  • Adapt your movements in-game based on the actions of your opponents.
  • Coordinate with teammates to coordinate attacks and maintain control of the map.
  • Keep a steady momentum, moving from one target to the next to overwhelm the competition.

Practice makes perfect, so keep up the good work and it won’t be long before you’re king of the multiplayer realm. Keep learning, keep playing, and never let the competition outsmart you!


Q: What are shards and what is their purpose?
A: Shards are a type of in-game item used in Call Of Duty: Mobile. They are used to obtain randomized items from supply drops, such as character skins, weapon skins, and other items.

Q: How do I get shards?
A: You can get shards from completing missions and events, collecting rewards from the in-game store and from daily rewards. You can also buy them directly from the in-game store.

Q:What kind of items can I obtain from supply drops?
A: You can obtain various items from supply drops including character skins, battle hasards, weapon skins, and other items.

If you’ve been looking for ways to get shards in COD Mobile, you now have a better understanding of the process. From redeeming shards to using in-app purchases, there are a variety of ways to stock up. With these many methods at your disposal, you can now embark on the battle of a lifetime with full firepower!

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