How to Get Wicked Implement’s Catalyst in Destiny 2
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A Leviathan Raid is one of the most difficult tasks in the critically acclaimed video game Destiny 2. Integral to succeeding in the raid is obtaining a variety of items, including the powerful Catalyst from Wicked Implement. Getting Wicked Implement’s Catalyst is not only a challenge in and of itself, but its power and abilities make it a must-have for anyone who hopes to succeed in Destiny 2. In this article, we’ll explain how to get Wicked Implement’s Catalyst and how it can help you conquer in the Leviathan Raid.
How to Get Wicked Implement’s Catalyst in Destiny 2

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1. Unveiling the Mystery of Wicked Implement’s Catalyst in Destiny 2

The players of Destiny 2 have long sought after the mysterious Wicked Implement’s Catalyst. It is said to be an immensely powerful tool with the capacity to enhance the weapons of the Guardians. Yet until now no one has been able to unveil the mystery.

While it requires no small amount of effort, the rewards of obtaining the Catalyst are huge, as it can elevate a weapon to an entirely new level of power. It may even be possible to reach brand new heights of skill, strength, and efficiency with its help. But how does one obtain such a prized item?

Fortunately, there are several methods available, each requiring different levels of difficulty to master. Such methods range from completing a particular quest to taking part in a special event. Here is a list of steps one might consider:

  • Searching for a Rare Splicer Spawn
  • Completing a Solo Quest
  • Taking Part in a Seasonal Event
  • Completing a Team Quest
  • Playing Member Engrams

Although the journey to obtain a Wicked Implement’s Catalyst may not be easy, the rewards surely make it worthwhile.

1. Unveiling the Mystery of Wicked Implement's Catalyst in Destiny 2

2. Uncovering the Requirements for Acquiring the Catalyst

As a Brave adventurer, you might be wondering what is needed for you to get your hands on the powerful Catalyst. You venture throughout the lands seeking clues to your goal. You eventually come across an ancient temple, shrouded in mystery. Within its depths lies the answer to your quest.

The secret lies within the temple’s catacombs. You must explore each chamber and corridor and uncover the hidden clues. Along the way, you will need to use cunning and skill to complete a number of tasks. These might include solving puzzles, battling monsters, and collecting rare artifacts.

Your ultimate objective is to acquire the Catalyst – a weapon of immense power. To do so, you must find all of its components. It’s no easy feat, as each has been hidden away in their own corners of the ancient temple. They all must be acquired in order to craft the Catalyst.

  • Gather the necessary items. You must look through each chamber and collect all the items needed to craft the Catalyst.
  • Solve puzzles and battle monsters. There are many hazards that will challenge you throughout the temple, and thwart your progress.
  • Unlock the secrets of the temple. Along the way, you must uncover the secrets of the temple and its past. Only then will you be able to craft the Catalyst.

3. Discovering Strategies for Quickly Obtaining the Catalyst

Finding the catalyst can be the most intimidating part of any task. It can be difficult to know where to begin and the time constraints are a growing concern. Yet, with the right strategies, discovering the catalyst can be made easier and quicker.

Be Patient and Clear – The importance of getting to know what is needed cannot be understated. Take enough time to look at the requirements and have a clear understanding of what should be done. Acting too quickly without this knowledge will only slowdown the process.

  • Gather important details
  • Brainstorm some solutions
  • Evaluate outcomes

Utilize Resources – Consulting others for their insight or using technology can be invaluable in discovering the catalyst. Conduct research, use software to make calculations, or seek advice from an expert. Invest time into finding the most convenient and effective option to accelerate the process.

  • Seek out assistance
  • Invest in technological aids
  • Check in with experts

Create Continuously – Coming up with ideas can be a tedious process, but it is essential to finding the catalyst. Try to keep the creative energy consistent by writing down ideas as they come. Every concept should be evaluated and compared to ensure that the right one is ultimately chosen.

  • Generate as many ideas as possible
  • Refine and review each suggestion
  • Finalize the preferred catalyst

4. Applying Combat Techniques to Unlock the Catalyst’s Powers

The Catalyst powers ought to never be underestimated. It has the potential to destroy anything it comes across, or alternatively, to unlock some potential that was previously untapped. To unlock the Catalyst’s power, though, one needs to know the combat techniques that can be used to make it happen. Here are a few to consider:

  • Learn every martial art. Becoming a master in karate, judo, tae kwon do, and other disciplines will be a monumental task, but if you want to unleash the power of the Catalyst, it’s mandatory. These styles teach versatile movements, stances and techniques that will be required to channel the Catalyst’s powers.
  • Increase your mental focus. One must enter into a Zen-like trance to effectively commune with the Catalyst. It’s imperative to have a clear mind and an irrefutable will if you’re to succeed in tapping its power.
  • Join forces with other martial artists. The Catalyst is even more powerful when it is used in cooperation with experienced martial artists. By uniting your strength and discipline with others’, the potential of the Catalyst is vastly increased.

Mastery of the combat techniques in question is the key to unlocking the Catalyst’s powers. One must be able to combine the physical and mental aspects of the martial arts into a single, powerful expression. The ability to wield the Catalyst will open up many opportunities, but it must be used responsibly, as one wrong move could spell disaster.


Q: How do I access the Catalyst in Destiny 2?
A: The Catalyst can be acquired as a drop from Strike activities or Nightfall: The Ordeal. It is also obtainable through Forge Ignitions from Izanami Forge and by completing Annual Pass Triumphs and Season Pass rewards.

Q: How do I activate the Catalyst?
A: To activate the Catalyst, you must first complete specific objectives on any Strike activity or Nightfall: The Ordeal. Once completed, you will gain access to the Forge and receive the Catalyst. Once the Catalyst is acquired, it is then possible to upgrade its power with kills and Nightfall completions in order to unlock additional perks.

Q: What rewards can I expect to get by using the Catalyst in Destiny 2?
A: Using the Catalyst will grant you additional bonuses, such as additional ability damage and durability bonuses. Additionally, you can unlock special perks such as an increased stability or magazine size, or increased special ammo and power ammo drops.

Make sure to stay sharp—the Vault of Glass will be here sooner than you think. With Catalyst in your pocket, you’ll be ready to take on the powerful dangers of the world of Destiny 2. Show the universe you mean business: get out there and get Wicked Implement’s Catalyst!

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