How to Make a Splint in DayZ
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If you or someone you know ever plays the popular game DayZ, chances are you know how to survive the zombie apocalypse. But what if you opportunity arises while playing where someone becomes injured? Do you have the skills necessary to treat the injury – like how to make a splint – or do you end up becoming a victim yourself in the game? Now you can take your game play to the next level when you learn how to make a splint in DayZ.
How to Make a Splint in DayZ

Table of Contents

1. Get the Necessary Supplies for Making a Splint

Be prepared for your injury and take the time to gather the necessary supplies before you need a splint. Whether you’re doing this for another person or yourself, safety comes first and these items will help set you up for success.

For creating your splint you’ll need:

  • An Ace Bandage or Rolled Gauze – for wrapping the injured area.
  • Padding – such as foam or clothing to cushion the splint.
  • Stiff Support – for excellent stabilization. This can include rulers, broken pencils, boards, or anything else that’s available.
  • Fastener – something like tape to keep the splint in place.

These are the basics for assembling your own splint – if you’re making the splint yourself, you should consult a qualified medical professional for more help and instructions.

1. Get the Necessary Supplies for Making a Splint

2. Preparing the Splint

It is important to ensure that the splint is the right size and shape for the patient.

Tracing the affected area The best way to guarantee a proper fit of the splint is to trace the affected area. With a piece of paper and a pencil, outline the limb the splint is intended for and ensure that the shape is exact for a comfortable fit.

Measuring Once the paper outline is complete, measure the dimensions of the affected area and record them. Generally, for a splint of foam or plastic, the measurements should be taken with the limb in a fully extended position. This is especially important for splints that should cover the entire length of the limb.

Choosing the Splint The measurements taken should now be used to choose the correct size for the splint. Splints often come in a range of sizes, so compare the measurements taken to the sizes available in the splint. Make sure to consider the thickness of the material as well. A thicker material will increase the size of the splint and conversely, a thinner material will decrease the size slightly.

  • Tracing affected area
  • Measuring
  • Choosing the splint

3. Attaching the Splint

When your patient is ready for splinting, fasten the splint in place with medical tape. Use the tape to secure the end of the splint to the patient’s arm. Make sure to leave about an inch between the ends of the tape and the end of the splint. Check your patient’s arm for tightness to make sure the splint isn’t too tight.

It’s important to check your patient’s range of motion before and after splinting. To do this, carefully move their wrists and fingers in all directions. Ensure that there is no pain and the patient has full mobility of their fingers and wrist. If not, the splint may need adjusting.

Finally, give your patient a few cane tips on how to look after their new splint. Be sure to tell them:

  • To keep their arm elevated to reduce swelling.
  • Look for signs of any infections.
  • Use a timer to remind them to take off the splint for a few minutes each day.

4. Tips for Caring for a Splint Injury

1. Protect the Splint Injury

The most important step in caring for a splint injury is to protect it. Splints are designed to immobilize a joint and prevent movement of the affected area. To help the splint do its job, refrain from unnecessary movement and use any padding and straps provided with the splint for added security. Additionally, use a bandage wrap to cover the splint and injury area. This will provide additional cushioning and stability.

2. Practice Regular Hygiene

It is essential to keep the area clean when caring for a splint injury. Do your best to keep the splint dry and clean. Do not submerge it in water and avoid getting it wet. If the splint does get wet, dry it with a clean towel. Additionally, keep the affected area clean by gently washing it with soap and water each day and then patting it dry with a clean towel.

3. Treat the Injury Area Properly

It is important to treat the affected area properly to help it heal. Change any padding regularly as needed. Apply ice to the injury for up to 20 minutes per day to reduce swelling and pain. Taking over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen may also help alleviate pain and inflammation. Avoid using any heat therapies on the affected area as this can aggravate it further.

  • Protect the splint and injury area with padding, straps, and a bandage wrap.
  • Clean the splint and affected area regularly.
  • Apply ice to the injury to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Take over-the-counter medications to manage pain.
  • Avoid using heat therapies on the affected area.


Q: What supplies do I need to make a splint in DayZ?
A: You’ll need some wooden boards, clothes, and possibly some rope. You’ll have to scavenge for these supplies or find them in buildings.

Q: What is the first step to making a splint?
A: The first step is to secure two wooden boards to the broken limb. You’ll need to bind the boards securely to the limb with some rope or pieces of clothing.

Q: How do I bind the boards to the limb?
A: You can use either pieces of rope or clothing to bind the broken limb in place. Make sure it is tightly secured to the limb and that no sharp pieces poke into the body.

Q: Is there anything else I need to do when making the splint?
A: You’ll also need to make sure the broken limb is held in the correct position. If the fracture is not in the correct alignment, then the splint won’t be effective.

Now you know how to make a functional splint in DayZ that will help keep you up and ready to continue surviving—and perhaps even thriving—in the zombie apocalypse! Get out there and stay safe!

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