HyperX anuncia Sean Gares como embaixador da marca
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HyperX is no stranger to making waves in the gaming scene, and now they just stepped it up a notch. The gaming hardware brand just announced the addition of Sean Gares to their extensive list of ambassadors. A former professional CS:GO player and streamer, Sean Gares brings a lot of experience and personality to the HyperX team. Read on to find out more!
HyperX anuncia Sean Gares como embaixador da marca

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1) Introducing Professional Gamer Sean Gares as HyperX Ambassador

Today we are pleased to announce that professional gamer Sean Gares will become part of the HyperX family as the official HyperX ambassador.

2017 marks the beginning of an exciting journey of partnership, collaboration and innovation – and Sean Gares is the perfect individual to lead the way. A figurehead in the gaming community, Sean Gares is highly skilled in leading competitions, coaching teams and developing winning strategies.

As HyperX ambassador, Sean Gares will bring his experience to the forefront, helping HyperX achieve its strategic goals in the gaming market. In addition to representing the brand, his involvement will include:

  • Developing unique gaming experiences
  • Acting as a spokesperson in campaigns
  • Hosting HyperX-sponsored events
  • Supporting HyperX initiatives

We are extremely proud to bring Sean Gares on board as the official HyperX ambassador, and we look forward to an exciting 2017 and beyond.

1) Introducing Professional Gamer Sean Gares as HyperX Ambassador

2) Riding the Wave of Pro-Gaming Success with Sean Gares

Sean Gares has been making waves across the professional gaming scene since he first broke into the scene in 2011. With his unwavering dedication and passionate approach to the game, he’s forged a path of success that many wish to follow. Here’s how you can get a piece of the action and be part of his journey:

1) Get Educated
It’s essential for aspiring professional gamers to learn the ropes of the game. Study up on pro-gaming strategies, seek out helpful advice from experienced players, and watch tournament replays. Becoming well-versed in the realm of tournament play is the first step towards joining an elite team.

2) Stay In The Know
By keeping on top of the trends in the pro-gaming scene, you can gain insight into different tactics and strategies. Follow gaming blogs, sign up to receive news alerts, and regularly read up on what players are practicing and how they are performing. Staying on top of the latest updates can help you stay ahead of the competition and make sure your skills are staying sharp.

3) Practice Like A Pro
With determination and hard work, anything is achievable. Turn off the noise, boot up the game, and dedicate yourself to practicing your skills. Refine your gaming ability day by day, never forget to keep learning, and you’ll be ready to hit the big stage in no time.

  • Focus on what works for you
  • Test your limits and push past them
  • Seek out feedback from experienced players

3) Looking Ahead: What to Expect From HyperX with Sean Gares

HyperX, with the leadership and experience of Sean Gares, is looking to usher in many new and innovative experiences to the gaming world. With the mental strength of a seasoned veteran and the audacity of a risk-taker, Gares is the perfect leader to make sure HyperX continues to break boundaries and remain at the cutting edge of gaming technology.

First on the list for Sean Gares and the HyperX squad is to continue to expand the gaming peripherals market. Gares has years of eSports know-how, and has already begun rolling out new and exciting HyperX products. With the sustained care and attention of Gares, gamers can now look forward to:

  • High-end, durable hardware, designed with eSports players in mind.
  • Revolutionary software, tailored to user’s needs.
  • Innovative designs, to take the gaming experience to the next level.

By partnering up with Sean Gares and his team, HyperX is gearing up for a surge of industry-leading products. With motivation, ambition, and the eagerness to succeed, Gares and the whole HyperX squad are ready to take gaming to the next level.

4) Celebrating the Partnership of HyperX and Sean Gares

HyperX and esports champion, Sean Gares, have joined forces. This is a partnership we’re excited to celebrate! Sean Gares, a former CS:GO pro and current caster, is the perfect fit for HyperX as they hope to expand their presence in the esports world. Here’s how these two came together.

High Level of Esports Experience – Sean is committed to gaming, with over 17 years of esports experience and a career as an incredible pro player and caster. Sean brings a deep understanding of gaming culture and a valuable perspective to the HyperX esports team.

  • Esports champion for over 17 years
  • A career as an incredible pro player and caster
  • Brings deep understanding of gaming culture to the HyperX Esports Team

Commitment to Community – Sean is as passionate about giving back to the gaming community as he is about competitive gaming. With HyperX, Sean will have the platform to extend his reach, aiming to support gaming grassroots, empowering gamers, and developing the industry.

  • Passionate about giving back to the gaming community
  • Provides platform to extend his reach
  • Aims to support gaming grassroots, empower gamers, and develop the industry

A Powerful Brand – HyperX shares Sean’s passion, and is an established leader in esports. Their commitment to developing high-performance gaming gear and providing the best gaming tournament and live streaming audio experience for gamers makes this partnership a natural fit.

  • HyperX an established leader in esports
  • Commitment to developing high-performance gaming gear
  • Providing the best gaming tournament and streaming audio experience for gamers


Q: What is HyperX?

A: HyperX is a leading gaming hardware brand owned by Kingston Technology. They offer a range of PC gaming hardware and accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mice and more.

Q: Who is Sean Gares?

A: Sean Gares is a professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player and sports analyst.

Q: What has HyperX just announced?

A: HyperX has just announced their new partnership with Sean Gares, naming him as their official new brand ambassador.

Q: How will Sean Gares be representing HyperX?

A: Sean Gares will be representing HyperX by playing and streaming with HyperX gaming hardware and accessories. He will also be participating in promotional activities for the brand, and he will be working with HyperX to help the brand with research and product development.


HyperX has solidified its commitment to the gaming world with the addition of CS:GO pro Sean Gares as a brand ambassador. With the superstar’s backing, HyperX beliefs that gamers everywhere will be able to reach their full potential and victories. Sean Gares’ success is an inspirational reminder that anything is possible for gamers. Here’s to skill and dedication prevailing. Game on!

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