“I might technically have a claim to be The Tribal Chief” – WWE RAW star reacts to Roman Reigns drama
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As WWE’s latest tribal chief and one of the most popular superstars in the business, Roman Reigns has certainly made a name for himself. However, recent drama surrounding Reigns has led one RAW star to react to the situation in an unexpected way. After revealing that they might have a claim to the title, this wrestler has certainly caught the attention of fans around the world – but what exactly do they mean? Read on to find out more about the mystery surrounding the tribal chief and the unexpected statement from this RAW star…

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1. Roman Reigns Drama Fuels WWE RAW Star’s Claim to Chiefship

Recently, Roman Reigns, the Mega Star of WWE RAW has been making headlines due to his drama with the likes of Seth Rollins. This has caused many to speculate whether Reigns is entitled to a role as the chief of the entire program.

Reigns’s Controversy

  • The issues between Reigns and Rollins started with the arrival of the Monday Night Messia , which increased their tension
  • Their high-profile brawl at WrestleMania only added fuel to the fire.
  • Reigns faced criticism after making controversial comments to the audience.

Reigns’s Record & Achievements

  • Despite his occasional controversies, Roman Reigns remains unlicknly in the eyes of the WWE Universe.
  • His unmatched record makes it impossible to deny his claim for the Royal Rumble and the US Championship title.
  • His phenomenal box office success and his rigid approach are additional reasins for Reigns’s popularity.

It remains to be seen when and if Reigns will ascend to the position of chief.

1. Roman Reigns Drama Fuels WWE RAW Star's Claim to Chiefship

2. Uncharted Waters: Impact of Tribal Title on Wrestling World

Tribal title wrestling has disrupted the traditional wrestling world, adding a complex flavor to the sport. With this new addition, there are mixed reactions over how it influences its competitors and audience.

The first and most apparent reaction among the wrestling world is the additional challenge that tribal title wrestling presents. Before, wrestlers were familiar with the less mysterious terrain of the traditional wrestling area. Now, with Tribal Title on the mat, wrestlers must take into account a wide range of cultural and demographic factors in order to beat their opponents. This presents a heightened sense of competition that has allowed a layer of freshness to the sport.

The second reaction among wrestlers is that of powerful pride. As many of these Tribal Tournaments are held on the ancestral lands of some of the competitors, it creates a unique sense of homecoming that resonates with competitors and the audience. Strong connections are formed not only between the combatants, but also with the audience in attendance. This is a powerful way to bring together wrestlers from all walks of life and unify them under the banner of an awesome sport.

  • Challenging Environment: A heightened level of competition to keep the sport fresh.
  • Pride Flourishes: Unique sense of homecoming between competitors, and audience.
  • Unification: Unified the wrestlers under the banner of an awesome sport.

3. Insight into a Wrestler’s Voyage towards Leadership

In life, it’s often the journey and not the destination that matters most. For wrestlers, the journey to becoming a leader through wrestling is a difficult and complex one. Facing adversity at every turn and pushing through towards victory is the only way that honor and recognition is achieved in this sport. Here’s a look at some of the elements that contribute to a wrestler’s voyage towards leadership.

  • Training: There is no successful journey without intense training. To achieve success as a leader in wrestling, a rigorous workout plan focusing on both strength building and technique is essential. Incorporating different workouts, from grappling to wrestling, is how a wrestler’s body and mind can become accustomed to the physical and emotional demands of the sport.
  • Mastering Techniques: Refinement of skills is the key to victory. From strong kicks and throws to swift counters, the wrestler must perfect their technique by absorbing the moves and applying them in the ring. As a wrestler progresses, they become more apt at recognizing threats and responding accordingly in any given situation.
  • Goal Setting: Every great leader has the ability to stay focused on their objectives throughout the journey. Wrestlers must set goals for themselves with the end in mind, and strive to become better every day in order to achieve them. From setting smaller micro-goals to larger lofty goals, each milestone comes with new challenges that can be overcome.

While the road towards becoming a leader through wrestling may be a long and windy one, it is also one of the most rewarding journeys anyone can take. Every lesson learned and every success achieved brings the wrestler closer to the ultimate goal of becoming a leader, paving the way for future generations of wrestlers to follow.

4. Can Claim to Power Lead to a Royal Rumble Victory?

Claiming to have power is a classic move by contenders in the Royal Rumble, but can it secure them victory? It certainly boosts morale and intimidates opponents, and can be a successful tactic when used the right way, but it’s still no guarantee

At the start of the match, a brazen claim to power can be a brilliant way to get the competition quaking in their boots. It’s a firm foundation to start from, and can put them in a great position to win the Royal Rumble. They just have to back it up with action and performance.

  • By using their moveset to keep the other contenders down, the ‘power claimant’ can slowly eliminate their opponents until the odds are in their favour.
  • If they can stay standing, their power-related boasts can be the final pull needed to win.

That said, it’s important to remember that power alone isn’t enough. As with all strategies, there’ll be opponents who don’t buy into it, and the claimant could also just lose to one of the other competitors. At the end of the match, everything comes down to one thing: who defeats all the others?


Q: What is the drama surrounding Roman Reigns and “The Tribal Chief” title?

A: After recently returning to Monday Night RAW, Roman Reigns was seemingly crowned the “Tribal Chief” by WWE Hall of Famer and his head of security, Paul Heyman. Ever since, there have been rumblings that another Superstar has a legitimate claim to the title, with multiple name drops and possible challengers.

Q: Who is claiming to be “The Tribal Chief?”

A: A recent WWE RAW superstar is making waves in the wrestling world, with who believes they might have a legitimate claim to being the Tribal Chief. Although the superstar’s name has not been officially revealed, there has been a lot of speculation that it could be any one of several Superstars currently on the RAW roster.

Q: What is the reaction from WWE fans to this uncertainty?
A: WWE fans have been reacting with a mix of anticipation and excitement over the possibility of the title being opened up to a new challenger. Many are eager to find out who, if anyone, is the legitimate claimant to the title, and how they might face off against Roman Reigns if given the chance.


The Tribal Chief has been the center of current WWE RAW drama between The Fiend and Roman Reigns. Whether or not [[Person]] ultimately does take Reigns’ place is yet to be seen, however, it is certain that the WWE Universe will be watching intently for further developments.

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