“I was not able to tie my laces” – Jhulan Goswami on injuries forcing her to retire
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When Jhulan Goswami, India’s highest wicket-taker in international women’s cricket, announced her retirement due to injuries, her fans had mixed reactions. For the pioneer of women’s cricket, the pain of leaving the sport was especially hard. She was unable to even tie her own shoelaces due to her injuries. This article looks at Goswami’s sentiment and the impact of her retirement on women’s cricket.

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1. Jhulan Goswami: A Playground Pioneer

Jhulan Goswami is known as more than just the fastest female bowler in cricket – she is blazing a trail for women in the sport.

After taking up the game at the age of 15, Jhulan began an illustrious career in 2002. She was an integral part of the team that took India to the top of the Women’s cricket world rankings in 2008.

  • Fitness Expert: Jhulan is well-known for her physical prowess and hard work – she set the bar for fitness standards in the sport with her relentless regimen.
  • Personality: Off the field, Jhulan is well-known for her sarcastic wit and humorous nature – she is a great entertainer.
  • Leader: She has been a great role model not only for female cricketers but for young girls everywhere. Jhulan has paved the way for many future female sports stars.

Jhulan Goswami is the undisputed pioneer of women’s cricket and a powerful symbol of female excellence.

1. Jhulan Goswami: A Playground Pioneer

2. Jhulan’s Retiring Robe: Tears from Injuries

Jhulan Goswami, the Indian cricketing legend, is only the second woman to ever reach the 200-wicket mark in international cricket. She has experienced the unbridled joy of success on the field, as well as the agony of failure, through a persistent struggle with injuries.

As Goswami hung up her international whites after the ICC Women’s World Cup in 2018, a goodbye not just from cricket, but also from the searing pain from her injuries, she briefly encapsulated her tumultuous career in a single remark – “I have faced a lot of injuries, I think I have given so many tears due to the injuries.

  • Throughout her career, Jhulan Goswami has been a true role model for women everywhere.
  • Her retirement wasn’t just goodbye cricket, it was goodbye to a long and gruelling struggle with injuries.
  • As Jhulan left the field, she encapsulated her journey into a single statement, demonstrating her resilience and strength.

The burden of carrying an entire team’s hopes, the endless struggles with injuries, the pangs of loss and the joy of a win; Jhulan has experienced it all. Her brave career of 16 years, with a match-winning spell of 5‑18, is now a thing of the nostalgic past. Her retirement robe may be full of tears due to her injuries, but they are also full of the grit and determination that made Jhulan Goswami a legendary name in the game.

3. India’s Gift to Womens Cricket: The End of An Era

After the announcement of the retirement of India’s beloved cricketer Mithali Raj, the world of cricket has felt a sense of loss. She has truly been an inspiration to the Indian women’s cricket team and the entire world. Mithali’s career has been one marked with many highs and lows, with her captaincy championing the country’s team to great heights.

At the height of her career, Mithali has notched up the highest Test score record, the highest ODI score record, the most career runs. Truly, she has gone above and beyond for women’s cricket in the country and around the world. This is India’s gift to women’s cricket, a gift that won’t soon be forgotten.

With Mithali’s tireless hard work and utmost dedication for nearly two decades, she has not only left a mark on the history of cricket but also in the hearts of all cricket-lovers. Mithali has shaped India’s cricket history and her retirement is a sign of the end of an era. Here are some of her prominent achievements:

  • Most Test caps in the history of women’s cricket
  • Most ODI runs in women’s cricket
  • Only woman cricketer to cross the 6000-run mark in ODIs
  • Only women cricketer to reach 7 consecutive 50s
  • Only Indian captain to lead the team in 3 World Cups

4. Releasing the Laces: A Bow to Jhulan Goswami

The name Jhulan Goswami is often one synonymous with power and grace. She, time and again, has proven that women can be as mighty as men in the field of sports. She has been a force to be reckoned with since her advance into the world of cricket.

The crown of Indian cricket, Jhulan has captivated the hearts of young and old, men and women alike. Since 2002, when she made her international debut, she has shone on the field. To reach such heights of accomplishment requires discipline, grit, and sheer determination. Jhulan is, truly, the epitome of a cricketer with all these qualities and more.

She is the flag-bearer of a whole new generation of female sporting enthusiasts. Having achieved a ten-wicket haul in a single test innings, smashing records wherever she goes and introducing a level of athleticism that provides us with admiration and much-needed inspiration. She is a campaigner for getting more young girls involved in cricket and has been a vocal supporter of numerous teams in India. We owe her nothing less than a bow of respect in honour of her excellence and legacy.

  • Record Ten-Wicket Haul
  • National Flag-Bearer of Women’s Cricket
  • Inspiring Leader and Role Model


Q: What inspired Jhulan Goswami to make the decision to retire from cricket?
A: Jhulan Goswami made the difficult decision to retire from cricket due to the injuries she had incurred over the years, which hampered her ability to perform at her best. She made the decision after reflecting on her career and remembering that she was “not able to tie her laces.”

Q: What was her legacy of playing cricket?
A: Jhulan was widely known as one of the best bowlers in the history of women’s cricket and a role model for young girls. Throughout her career, she won numerous awards, including the 2006 Arjuna Award, the 2017 Padma Shri, and the 2017 ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year award.

Q: How did Jhulan view the game of cricket?
A: Jhulan viewed cricket as a source of joy and inspiration. She was passionate about the game and could always take something positive away from every match she played. Her commitment to the sport was evident, and she was determined to make the most of her cricket career.


Although Jhulan Goswami’s retirement brought an end to 17 years of cricketing glory, her legacy continues to inspire everyone. Though forced to move on from the game due to injuries, Jhulan left behind a shining legacy to remind us all that anything is possible. She taught us to stay determined and persistent against all the odds and that is something we should always remember and strive to live by.

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