“If there is green on it, he would definitely come in for Robinson” – Doug Bollinger sees Mark Wood playing the 2nd Ashes Test
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Mark Wood has been one of the most exciting English cricketers of the past few years. His electrifying pace and unwavering accuracy have earned him a great deal of praise from cricket fans across the world. Despite his injury struggles, Wood still remains a strong and reliable presence in the England side. Now, Doug Bollinger has given his opinion on the possibility of Wood playing in the upcoming Ashes Test, saying “If there is green on it, he would definitely come in for Robinson”. This statement has sparked a great deal of excitement among English fans about the possibility of Wood’s return to the Test squad. In this article, we will take a look at Bollinger’s words, and explore the chances of Wood making an appearance in the crucial 2nd Ashes Test.

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1. The Fervor of Doug Bollinger as Mark Wood Nears History

Doug Bollinger had a prominent presence in the England-Australia test series in 2010. His ferocious bowling and electric energy were vital in setting up a dominant outing for the green and gold team. Fast-forward to 2021 and the English cricket team is finding itself fighting between a rock and hard place as they prepare to face-off against a familiar foe in Mark Wood.

Taking over the mantle of express bowling from Doug Bollinger is Mark Wood. A fiery pacer with uncompromising attitude and pizzaz, Wood has seemingly redefined pace bowling. In his notable record, Wood holds an average of 31 wickets from 11 tests, taking more than a wicket every innings.

Lightning never strikes the same place twice, and as memories of Bollinger’s Fervor slowly start fading, Wood’s journey is quickly becoming a history in the making. An inspiring indicator of what’s possible and a true testament to the spirit of cricket, Mark Wood indeed is making history.

1. The Fervor of Doug Bollinger as Mark Wood Nears History

2. The Opportunity Awaiting Mark Wood in the Second Ashes Test

Mark Wood has had an impressive start to his career in the Ashes series. But as he gets ready to take the field at Lord’s for the second Ashes Test, he has the opportunity to cement his place in cricket history.

A Challenging Pitch
Lord’s has offered a challenging yet fascinating pitch throughout this series so far. While conditions here can be difficult, the right side will prevail. Wood has to produce results on the pitch to capitalize on the advantage that the English team has on its home turf.

The Advantage of Home Support
Playing in front of a home crowd, Wood will be able to draw strength from his supporters. It is the perfect opportunity for him to show his talent and experience in front of the fans and put together a memorable performance.

A Terrifying Pace
Wood is known for his terrifying fast and accurate bowling. With the advantage of home support and familiarity with the pitch, his skills will come into full force. His pace can prove to be a game changer for the English team if he can use it to his advantage.

  • The pitch offers a challenging opportunity to bowlers
  • The home support can lift Wood’s performance
  • His pace can make a difference

For Mark Wood, the second Ashes Test is the start of his journey to fame. With the right approach and a little luck, he could be the one to make a lasting impression in the series.

3. How Green Could Make a Huge Difference for Mark Wood

Before Mark Wood can see the difference green could make for his life, it’s important to understand what green means. Green is a colour associated with life, growth, patience, and sustainability. It’s also a way of leading a holistic life – one that bolsters nature’s healing power, and is in tune with its pace.

For Mark, ‘going green’ could mean eating organic and locally produced food – something that not only improves his nutritional health, but his environmental health too. Knowing the source of his meals enables him to embrace the sustainable way of life and become a more conscious consumer. When combined with other habits such as buying secondhand when possible, and avoiding fast fashion, Mark can find love and respect for himself and the world around him.

Another way Mark could go green is by maintaining a cleaner and tidier home. Simple everyday changes can include using natural cleaning products to make his home eco-friendly. Popular methods of natural cleaning include using lemon juice and baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils. Furthermore, using less electricity and replacing appliances like lights with eco-friendly options can be great choices. Here are a few other ideas Mark can consider:

  • Switching to natural beauty products
  • Composting food waste
  • Inviting more plants into your home
  • Committing to ride a bicycle or walk wherever possible
  • Using more cloth bags and avoiding single-use plastics

Going green can feel like a complex process for Mark, but by understanding the basics and starting small, he can make a huge difference in his own life and in the world. Mark has the power to become a more mindful and eco-conscious person, making it possible to create a better tomorrow.

4.Doug Bollinger’s Prophecy: ‘If there is Green on it, he will Certainly Come In

Doug Bollinger’s prophecy came true – if there was green on the pitch, then he would certainly come in. It became almost like a mantra, a sign of assurance for the cricket fans in Australia. He was a zealous bowler, passionate about the game and focused on taking wickets.

He was born in New South Wales and proved to be one of the most talented bowlers in the history of cricket. He made his first-class debut for New South Wales in the 2005–06 season, and it instantly made an impact on everyone. Noticeably, he excelled in the 2007–08 season, taking 57 wickets.

Doug Bollinger was a brilliant bowler, who was very consistent and accurate. He was adept in the areas of line, length and swing. He also had the ability to exploit the wicket in his own unique ways. His most noteworthy contribution to the team was providing early breakthroughs and accurate bowling. As a result, his prophecy was born:

  • If there is green on it, he will certainly come in.
  • His aim was to take wickets and have a positive influence on the team.
  • He became a role model for other bowlers in the side.


Q: What did Doug Bollinger have to say about Mark Wood’s potential performance in the 2nd Ashes Test?

A: Doug Bollinger was optimistic about Mark Wood’s performance in the upcoming 2nd Ashes Test. He believes that if Wood is given a good surface to bowl on, with “green on it”, then he will come in for Robinson and have an impact.


Doug Bollinger’s statement goes to show that Mark Wood’s potential to make a breakthrough in Ashes Test cricket is undeniable and his inclusion in the squad to face Australia has the support of his peers. For the English fans, let’s hope that “green” means go, so that Wood can back up Bollinger’s faith and make a real impact on the Test-match series.

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