Imperial, Fluxo e 00Nation estão entre os times convidados para o classificatório da BLAST
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The Brazilian CS:GO scene is heating up yet again. Imperial, Fluxo and 00Nation, three teams that are staples in the Brazilian CS:GO scene, have been invited to participate in the BLAST qualifying tournament. These teams are known for their aggressive gameplays and intense rivalries, and the anticipation for this tournament is high.
Imperial, Fluxo e 00Nation estão entre os times convidados para o classificatório da BLAST

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1. The Invited: Imperial, Fluxo e 00Nation at BLAST

In a flurry of fanfare and wishful thinking, three of the Brazilian rap scene’s most influential acts descended upon the BLAST stage. From out of the dust and half-cooked expectations arose a creative collaboration of Imperial, Fluxo e 00Nation, promising to deliver a relentless barrage of blistering beats and undeniable rhythms. No one would be left disappointed.

The vibes of the night set the perfect stage for the chaotic harmony Imperial, Fluxo and 00Nation would create. An aura of elation and anticipation floated around the concert-goers as the trio descended the stage stairs.

  • Imperial delivered complex rhymes and a flow which exposed the grittier facets of Brazilian life.
  • Fluxo’s raw talent and cutting bars broke through expectations.
  • 00Nation’s unrivalled energy and theatrics had the entire crowd singing along with them.

Every track splayed through the airwaves with a distinct tone that, when tethered together, created the musical equivalent of an exquisite painting. From the opener to the main act, the concert-goers danced, pumped fists, recited lyrics and scratched their heads as the mind-bending lyrical content bombarded their senses. Ultimately, Imperial, Fluxo and 00Nation joined forces to create the kind of musical masterpiece that won’t soon be forgotten.

1. The Invited: Imperial, Fluxo e 00Nation at BLAST

2. BLAST: Who’s On the List?

What is the Blast?
The Blast is a virtual event that brings together the hottest and most progressive youth voices from around the world. Every three months, a select group of forward-thinking individuals are chosen to join the Blast to explore what it means to be a young, global citizen today.

Who’s on the List?
The Blast is open to anyone with a passion for making a difference. Each round, we select the top 34 Blast-ers based on their creative ideas for using technology, art, and storytelling for positive social change. Here are some of the amazing Blast-ers you’ll find on the list:

  • Creative Technologists
  • Content Creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Activists
  • Thought Leaders

Coming Together for Change
At the Blast, these minds come together to create, innovate, collaborate, and develop solutions for global issues. Whether it’s creating an augmented reality game that raises awareness about climate change, or developing a mobile app to give refugees access to jobs, the Blasters are leveraging the power of technology to make a real difference in our world.

3. Teams Compete to Earn a Spot in Qualifying

The heat is on! Teams around the world have spent months preparing for the chance to qualify for the biggest tournament of the year. With the stakes high, it’s no wonder that teams have put in extra hours to make sure they’ll make it to the competition.

The contest for a qualifying spot is fierce. From quick-thinking strategizers to seasoned veterans of the arena, every team is vying for top spot. In trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast, each team is aiming to stand tall above the rest at the end of the competition. All they have to do is:

  • Stay sharp:The team has to be able to think on their feet, anticipate their opponents’ weakness, and remain focused at all times.
  • Work together:The opponents will try their best to bring the team down, so it’s all the more important for the team members to be united and work as one cohesive unit.
  • Adapt:To make it to the top, the team has to be prepared to accept any challenge, prepare for the worst-case scenario, and make adjustments to their strategy accordingly.

The intense battle for a spot in the qualifier is enough to make any team’s stomach churn. It’s all team can do to keep calm and maintain their poise while they put all their features on the line. A qualifying spot is up for grabs, and teams have to prove their worth to make it to the competition.

4. New Opportunities Ahead: Imperial, Fluxo, and 00Nation Take the Stage

Imperial, Fluxo, and 00Nation are charting the road for how businesses can capitalize on new opportunities. Innovative solutions, risk-taking, and levels of creativity only available through these companies are moving the needle in the marketplace.

  • Imperial is designed to help business owners pivot in the face of prolonged changes in the economic landscape.
  • Fluxo is a data gathering platform that provides data to innovators and helps inform decisions and define priorities.
  • 00Nation is a technology development and delivery platform rooted in data-driven approaches to cloud computing.

Leaders at all levels are recognizing the value of these technologies and collaborating with Imperial, Fluxo, and 00Nation to solve underlying business needs, driving potential new sources of revenue and growth. By leveraging these technologies, businesses can find new ways to acquire resources with greater ease, build out effective solutions, and unlock business potential even in the most unconventional of circumstances.


Q: What is BLAST?
A: BLAST is a professional esports tournament, featuring Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and the next event is taking place in Brazil.

Q: Who has been invited to compete in this event’s qualifier?
A: Three teams currently have an invitation to compete in the qualifier: Imperial, Fluxo, and 00Nation.

Q: What is the prize involved?
A: The prize for the BLAST tournament is a $60,000 prize pool, which is split among the top teams in the tournament.

The era of competitive gaming is growing in Brazil, and with the announcement of these teams being invited to the BLAST classificatório, it doesn’t look like its slowing down anytime soon. With an eager fanbase and intense competition, we can expect to see future matches of epic clashes of skills and strategy. It’s sure to be electrifying!

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