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IMPUROS 4″ is here! After months of anticipation, STAR+ has released a poster and trailer for its fourth season. Get ready to follow the story of your favorite characters as they embark on a wild new adventure! Get ready for the return of the exciting and unpredictable show that has become a fan favorite.

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1. Experience the Exciting Return of “Impuros 4”

Time Travel Is Back and Better Than Ever! Adventure lovers and time travel aficionados, rejoice! The original Impuros is back and ready to challenge, thrill, and entertain as you journey through history. Strap in for the return of the fourth and most exciting edition in the Impuros series.

In Impuros 4, your journey will take you to some of the most incredible destinations in history. From a 15th century castle in Edo Japan, to the Greek island of Crete, you will explore stunning landscapes and meet captivating characters. As you race against time and uncover clues, you will find that the ancient history of this game and its characters is far stranger than our modern imagination!

  • Escape from ravenous vampires in medieval Paris
  • Outwit furious gods in ancient Rome
  • Solve puzzles in the mysterious caves of Switzerland

Whether you are in it for the icy thrill of outrunning history, or the breathtaking scenery of ancient times, Impuros 4 is an experience you don’t want to miss. The steamy jungles of Central America and the far-flung islands of the Indian Ocean await you on this unforgettable journey of intrigue and mystery.

1. Experience the Exciting Return of

2. Get Ready for the All-New Poster and Trailer

The wait is over; of your favourite movie! The trailer is expected to create a storm of excitement, with glimpses of a breathtaking storyline.

The poster perfectly captures the essence of the movie; one glimpse of it, and it will transport you to a world of excitement and anticipation. It is sure to create a frenzy among fans of the movie!

  • The trailer promises explosions of action and engaging dialogues that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats.
  • The poster showcases the main characters in all their glory, portraying their emotions, relationships, and loyalty towards each other.
  • The music of the trailer is expected to be top-notch. The foot-tapping beats of the background score will add to the vibe of the film.

So, what are you waiting for? The poster and the trailer of the movie are coming soon. Get ready to be transported to a world of excitement.

3. Star+ Presents: Impuros 4’s Fourth Season

Experience Thrills of Impuros 4

Star+ is proud to present Impuros 4’s fourth season! Join your favourite characters and their venture of four mechanical heroes as they battle against the forces of evil planets!

The Impuros 4, led by the brave and noble Rulimus, are always on the move as they seek for new adventures and galaxies of magical brilliance. Along their journey, they discover secrets from beyond and use their incredible powers to protect the universe.

Each episode of the fourth season promises to take viewers to a thrilling ride. Enjoy action-packed battles and be prepared to witness the emergence of some new characters. Explore the depths of the unknown with each mission and witness the powers of the Impuros 4!

  • Explore galaxies through the Impuros 4’s journey
  • Witness incredible battles
  • Uncover secrets of unknown galaxies

4. An Unmissable Run of Episodes Awaits You!

You’ve been eagerly waiting all season to watch the next must-see episode of your favorite show. We’ve got good news: an unmissable run of episodes awaits you. Get set for fun storylines, exciting plot twists, and wild adventures!

Go on an amazing journey and explore a world of thrills and excitement. Pursue justice, fight injustice, and hang on for the ride. You’re sure to be hooked as your favorite characters follow their own paths. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

From fast-paced thrillers to heartwarming comedies, this pack of episodes has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for drama, laughs, or a bit of romance, you’ll find it all here. Make sure to tune in and don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • Experience mind-blowing adventures
  • Enjoy exciting storylines and plot twists
  • Access drama, laughs, and romance all in one place


Q: What is the new series “Impuros 4” about?
A: “Impuros 4” is a crime drama anthology series that follows a team of detectives as they investigate crimes and uncover secrets in an alternate version of São Paulo. Each season is a new story with new characters, making it an exciting and intriguing series to follow!

Q: What can viewers expect from the fourth season?
A: The fourth season of “Impuros” will follow a team of detectives as they try to solve a murder mystery in a sprawling and mysterious mansion. There will be plenty of secrets to unravel and twists and turns around every corner, making this season possibly the most exciting one yet!

Q: When can fans of the show expect the fourth season to be released?
A: The fourth season will officially be released sometime in 2021, so be sure to stay tuned for more information about the release date and other updates!

Q: Where can I watch the fourth season of “Impuros 4”?
A: The fourth season will be exclusively available on STAR+, the streaming video service from Disney Latin America. Be sure to keep an eye out for the newest episodes when they become available!


As the hype train of “IMPUROS 4” pulls into the station, we’re filled with excitement at the prospect of a thrilling new adventure. With the release date on the horizon and an incredible cast and crew at the helm, this season is sure to bring us magic, adventure and a whole lot of fun. Get ready for takeoff – it’s time for “IMPUROS 4”!

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