In 1990, Oprah hosted a healing childhood trauma meditation that had people in tears in two minutes
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On an ordinary day in 1990, Oprah Winfrey guided her audience through an intense yet soothing meditation. Little did anyone expect the unimaginable effect it would have on them. When Oprah finished, viewers were drained, in tears and overwhelmed with emotion. In just two minutes, this powerful exercise had allowed them to tap into and heal emotional trauma they had been suppressing from childhood.
In 1990, Oprah hosted a healing childhood trauma meditation that had people in tears in two minutes

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1. Unleashing the Healing Power of Oprah’s Childhood Trauma Meditation

Drawing from her own experiences with childhood trauma, Oprah Winfrey has created a powerful meditation exercise to help individuals access their inner wells of strength and healing.

Utilizing Oprah’s sage guidance, the healing and purging of deep trauma – both experienced and inherited – can be unlocked and released in a safe and intimate space. It is humbling to know that Oprah has openly shared the blessing of her painful experiences in order to help others.

  • Start by sitting in a comfortable position, allowing your body to observe itself in stillness. Feel into the vastness of the present moment – in and out of time – and silently express gratitude for this opportunity to heal.
  • Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath. Reach along the pathways of your inner landscape, discovering the originating point of any discomfort within you, tied to your childhood trauma.
  • Allow your body (or imagination) to respond in whatever way feels natural in that moment. You might find yourself trembling, crying, shaking, or any other range of motions – no form of expression and emotion is right or wrong.

1. Unleashing the Healing Power of Oprah's Childhood Trauma Meditation

2. Growing Up with Unaddressed Pain: The Impact of Childhood Trauma

The impacts of childhood trauma can be felt and remember long into adulthood. Even when the trauma is not addressed, it can continue to shape a person’s life experience, influencing relationships, emotions and even hurt physical health. Growing up with unaddressed pain can often have devastating effects.

Effects on Emotional Well-Being

  • The person may display signs of depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems
  • The person may experience a range of emotions, from fear to anger
  • The person may struggle with emotional regulation and experience difficulty forming close relationships

Effects on Physical Health

  • The person may suffer from chronic pain or headaches
  • The person may be prone to illnesses due to weakened immune systems
  • The person may be at greater risk for substance abuse and addiction

Overall, it is important to recognize that unaddressed childhood trauma can have long-term impacts, and it is essential to seek help in addressing and understanding these issues. Working through childhood trauma with the help of a therapist or other mental health professional can make a tremendous positive difference in a person’s life.

3. The Emotional Power of Oprah’s 1990 Healing Meditation

In 1990, Oprah Winfrey dedicated an entire show to self-healing. Her Meditation for Self-Healing became known as the healing meditation and it has touched countless lives. Oprah based the meditation on words from her mom, who reminded her that all of the healing that anyone needs is already inside of them.

The power of this meditation comes from the emotions it generates. Through simple but direct language, it helps to bring about profound shifts in perspective. Listening to it can bring emotional clarity and prompt us to look at our lives differently:

  • Awareness: You become more aware of your inner strength and the power of the decisions you make.
  • Peace: It helps you to find inner peace and brings a feeling of contentment.
  • Love: You are reminded just how much potential for love and comfort you possess.

This simple, yet powerful meditation is occasionally re-broadcast today and enjoys an enduring impact on its audience. Oprah Winfrey has created a message of healing that continues to be relevant and impactful.

4. A Two-Minute Meditation That Left Audiences in Tears

It was a surprisingly meaningful two minutes that left few dry eyes in the room. At the center of the stage was renowned meditation teacher,
Anny Ripple, and her simple yet intense guided meditation had everyone on the edge of their seats. She asked for the audience to close their eyes and follow along as she gave them instructions to listen to the sound of their own breath.

The instructions became increasingly specific as the mediation went on, inviting her audience to explore the present moment and feel the vastness of space inside their bodies. Many of her listeners were moved to tears – some gently, while others were utterly overwhelmed by the moment. After a few minutes, the meditation came to a close and Anny Ripple asked for everyone to open their eyes.

The audience was obviously affected by the meditation, many still with tears in their eyes but this time from the beauty of the experience. Those in the crowd were no doubt grateful to witness such an emotional and meaningful event.


Q: What happened in 1990?
A: In 1990, Oprah hosted a healing childhood trauma meditation that had people in tears in two minutes.

Q: What was the meditation about?
A: The meditation focused on helping people confront and heal childhood traumas that were still causing emotional pain.

Q: What was so special about the meditation?
A: Oprah was able to connect with people on an emotional level that could bring them to tears in just two minutes. Her ability to tap into powerful emotions so quickly was a phenomenon that many had never experienced before.

Q: How did Oprah achieve this?
A: Oprah used a combination of words, music, and imagery to evoke strong emotions in those taking part. Her approach was effective in helping people to reach a cathartic release within a short period of time.

The results of Oprah’s healing childhood trauma meditation spoke for themselves. Not only did she bring people to tears, but she also allowed those in attendance to reflect on their own personal traumas and carve out a path to healing. It was a powerful moment that will continue to inspire people all over the world to connect with their inner peace for generations to come.

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