IRCTC Responds After Passenger Shares Photos Of Cockroach Found In Vande Bharat Meal
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When travelling by train, comfort and convenience come handy. However, last week this experience was marred for a passenger travelling on the Vande Bharat Express, when they noticed a cockroach in the food they were served. After the horrified passenger shared photos of the incident online, IRCTC has responded quickly with a statement clarifying the matter. Read on to find out more.
IRCTC Responds After Passenger Shares Photos Of Cockroach Found In Vande Bharat Meal

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1. IRCTC Terror: Passenger Aghast After Finding Cockroach In Meal

A recent incident on Indian Railways caused commotion among its passengers. On Monday, June 17th, a passenger travelling by train was served a meal by IRCTC that had a dead cockroach in it. Reports say the meal had been tampered with and insects had been introduced deliberately by miscreants.

The passenger posted about the incident on social media, narrated the incident and shared pictures of the meal and the dead cockroach. It is understandable that many passengers on the train were aghast after seeing the condition of the meal. It was reported that the person had also raised the issue with the Railway authorities.

The incident has made passengers and commuters wary of train travel and the quality of food served on trains. It is of utmost importance that Railways take this incident seriously and assure that food safety and hygiene is put on priority. Here is a list of probable remedies for the situation:

  • Stringent action must be taken against miscreants and tamperers of food
  • Regular inspection and monitoring of food suppliers
  • Regular spot checks of quality and hygiene of food Delivery
  • What-so-ever should be the cost, serve only quality food to passengers

Unless the issue of food safety and hygiene is dealt with immediate attention, the incident may be repeated again, leaving passengers with very dismal experiences.
1. IRCTC Terror: Passenger Aghast After Finding Cockroach In Meal

2. Vande Bharat Meal Fiasco: IRCTC Issues Apology

In a widely publicized statement, the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has formally apologized to passengers after the launch of the Vande Bharat Meal Fiasco. The launch, which had been lauded just days before, promised to deliver meals to millions of travelers across the country – However, the delivery quickly became mired in controversy.

Within a week of the breakfast launch, several passengers took to social media to complain about the quality and taste of the meal. Reports of low-grade packaging and inadequate servings of food were widely reported. In light of the backlash, IRCTC has issued an apology and set out to make amends instantly.

To begin, IRCTC has acknowledged that the quality of the meal did not live up to the public’s expectations, citing recent weather and staff shortages. The Railway Board has promised to review the quality of the food and has made it clear it will take all necessary steps to ensure the same quality as before. A refund will be provided to any travelers who are dissatisfied with their meal, and as an added bonus, IRCTC states that this incident “should not be taken as a reflection of our food quality”.

3. Takeaway: Quality of Food Must Not Be Compromised

Restaurants strive to provide quality food to keep their customers coming back. Quality of food should be a top priority for any successful restaurant. Here are three points to consider when it comes to upholding the standard of the food they serve:

  • Purchasing the Right Ingredients: Restaurants should only select the freshest ingredients. Low-quality or poor-condition ingredients can lead to poor-tasting food.
  • Level of Cleanliness: It is equally important for restaurants to maintain high standards of cleanliness in the premises and kitchen environment. This will ensure that customers get clean and safe food with every meal.
  • Preparation Techniques: The chefs should know the best way to prepare the food. They ought to understand the different cooking methods and techniques so that the right flavors and textures are brought out in the food.

Upholding the quality of food should be a key focus for restaurants. Customers won’t be coming back for a meal they found unappealing and inedible. Restaurants should take extra care to ensure that their customers always get the best food.

4. Maintaining Sanitation: Steps Taken By IRCTC To Avoid Recurrence

The health and safety of railroad passengers is a top priority in the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). They have taken the initiative to create a system that maintains high levels of cleanliness and sanitation on their passenger trains. IRCTC’s steps to ensure sanitation on its trains are:

  • Daily Cleaning Programs: IRCTC has launched daily cleaning programs to ensure cleanliness on its trains. Trained personnel ensure that all areas of the train, including the toilets, are cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Organic Waste Management: The IRCTC has implemented a system of organic waste management, ensuring that all organic waste is disposed of in a responsible and hygienic manner. This helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Restroom Hygiene: To maintain the highest standards of hygiene in the restrooms, the IRCTC has installed specially formulated sanitizing solutions in every restroom. This helps to protect passengers from the spread of germs and disease.

The IRCTC is also working to educate passengers about the importance of sanitation and proper hygiene. The IRCTC has put up posters in every train that remind passengers to practice good hygiene and to wash their hands before and after eating anywhere onboard the train.

Overall, IRCTC is taking great efforts to ensure that sanitation and hygiene are maintained to the highest degree possible. They have implemented various programs and systems that help maintain a clean and healthy environment on all of its trains. This helps to prevent the spread of germs and disease and ensure the health and safety of all passengers.


Q: What happened after a passenger shared photos of a cockroach found in their Vande Bharat Express meal?

A: After the photos were posted on social media, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) responded swiftly and ordered an inquiry into the incident. They also stated that they are taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and hygiene of meals served on board the Vande Bharat Express.

As IRCTC continues to take stronger measures in providing safe travel experiences to its passengers, this small incident should serve as a reminder that it’s only through continued vigilance and improvements in food safety and hygiene that such incidents can be avoided in the future. Thus, it is essential that the passenger’s voice is heard and not disregarded in this case.

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