Israel Adesanya reveals the promise Donald Trump made to him at UFC 290
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It seems that world renowned UFC fighter Israel Adesanya has made a connection with one of the most powerful people on the planet – the former President of the United States Donald J. Trump. In an exclusive interview with the fighter, he has revealed the promise that Trump made to him during his stunning victory at UFC 290, and it’s become one of the most talked about stories in the sports world. Read on to find out more about the incredible connection between Adesanya and Trump!
Israel Adesanya reveals the promise Donald Trump made to him at UFC 290

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1. Israel Adesanya’s Shocking Revelation at UFC 290

At UFC 290, the world got an unexpected surprise when Israel Adesanya, the middleweight champion, shared a shocking revelation. It was a moment that left many fans speechless.

Adesanya’s Revelation

  • Adesanya revealed that he has a fifth-degree black belt in Taekwondo.
  • This comes as a huge surprise as Adesanya has often described himself as more of a striker than a grappler.
  • He stated that he has experienced this evolution in his game because of his Taekwondo training.

Doctors and trainers took a closer look at Adesanya’s martial arts background and discovered that he’s actually been training in Taekwondo since childhood. The revelation attracts extra attention as it explains why the middleweight champion has been so successful in the past few months.

Adesanya has provided a new look at the UFC game and the opportunities it presents. He has shown that it’s possible to win in the world of MMA by being well-rounded and expanding one’s knowledge. Fans should get ready for some exciting match-ups between Adesanya and his opponents in the future!
1. Israel Adesanya's Shocking Revelation at UFC 290

2. Astonishing Promise Given by Donald Trump

Days after his presidential win in 2016, Donald Trump made an astounding promise–to make America great again. That single phrase built a campaign that upended political normalcy and saw him slip past Democrat contender Hillary Clinton to victory. His promise issued the “America first” motto, with the commitment to prioritize American people and businesses more than being the world’s policeman.

His road to fulfilling his promise however, hasn’t been an easy one. The first three years of the Trump presidency have seen a rollercoaster of policy changes, economic progress, and heightened diplomatic tensions. Regardless, the course followed by the president is certainly one that is putting America, and its citizens, first. A testament to this is the unprecedented job growth over President Trump’s first three years in office.

President Trump has implemented a number of measures, attempting to keep his astounding promise of making America great again:

  • Increased pressure on China for trade reform
  • Lowering of taxes (both personal and business)
  • Reduced regulations (particularly in economic sectors)
  • Improved enforcement of illegal immigration

The jury is still out on whether the measures being taken by Donald Trump are having the desired effect, but it’s hard to dispute the admiration for his willingness to keep his promise, and to continually work towards it.

3. Israel Adesanya’s Reaction to Trump’s Promise

Israel Adesanya, renowned mixed martial artist is feeling super positive about Trump’s promise to boost the sports industry as Covid-19 restrictions are eased.
Adesanya expressed his enthusiasm in these words:

  • “President Trump wants to get the sports industry going again? That’s awesome!”
  • “It will help a lot of athletes who are trying to make a living off sports, wouldn’t it?”

The star of the UFC Middleweight Championship credited the President’s proactive approach to reignite an industry which has been severely impacted by the pandemic. He couldn’t think of anything better to put the spirits up of athletes like him. Furthermore, he mentioned how this will give an opportunity to amateur players to chase their dreams and make a career out of sports.

  • “Trump’s promise has made a huge difference. The industry needs a hand right now, and it’s so nice to know that someone is looking out for us.”

In a Twitter post, Adesanya shared his excitement by comparing the President to a superhero who came to save the day. In any case, there’s no doubt that the promise of boosting the sports industry is very encouraging to Israel and many other athletes like him.

4. How This Promise Could Change the UFC Scene

The promise of a match between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Georges St Pierre (GSP) could be a major breakthrough for the world of UFC. Not only will it bring together two of the greatest fighters of all time, but the implications of this match up could potentially shake up the UFC scene for years to come. Here’s how:

Bigtime Attention and Puplicity: The fight between GSP and Khabib will bring a lot of attention to the entire UFC scene. Fans of MMA will be focusing on the match and will be more likely to tune in on other fights to see the best that the UFC has to offer. This could mean more interest in future fights, which benefits everyone in the scene.

More Interesting Fights: With GSP and Khabib fighting, the UFC scene can become more interesting. These two legends each offer something unique in the ring, and seeing them unified through a huge fight like this could get a lot of fan engagement and entertain the masses. Through this fight, UFC could become more interesting and even more exciting.

The Power to Change the Face of MMA: UFC has the potential to change the entire face of the MMA. If GSP and Khabib can put up show and set a proper representation of how MMA should be run, then they could make sure that the scene is growing in the right direction. This could lead to bigger payouts for fighters, better regulations, and a more sustainable scene.


Q: What promise was made by Donald Trump to Israel Adesanya at UFC 290?
A: At UFC 290, Donald Trump reportedly made a promise to Israel Adesanya that he would help Adesanya advance his career.

Q: What did Israel Adesanya say Trump told him?
A: Adesanya reported that Trump said: “We’re going to get you to the next level. We’ll take good care of you.”

Q: How did Adesanya react to Trump’s promise?
A: Following Trump’s promise, Adesanya said he felt very excited and honored. He felt that the new US President was recognizing his talent and believed in his capabilities.

Q: Have Trump and Adesanya kept in contact since UFC 290?
A: To date, there has been no public indication that the two have kept in contact after UFC 290. However, Adesanya has expressed his deep respect for Trump and his admiration for the US President’s leadership.

At UFC 290, Donald Trump made a promise to Israel Adesanya during his titular post-fight interview. Although its contents remain a mystery, it’s clear that Adesanya feels emboldened by the President’s words. Perhaps one day the world may know the details of what was promised, but until then, Adesanya can hold on to the assurance that he’s on the right path toward greatness.

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