“It’s an insult to what the wrestling business is supposed to be” – WWE veteran on if Roman Reigns should win an award for his acting
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For decades, professional wrestling has been a popular industry, attracting a loyal fanbase and paving the way for stars to emerge on the scene. But with the arrival of wrestlers such as Roman Reigns, a veteran WWE star has come out to refute the notion that the former should be given an award for his acting talents – using the line “it’s an insult to what the wrestling business is supposed to be”. What could he mean, and what does the scene have to say about it? Read on to find out.

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1. Wrestling Community in Upheaval Over Roman Reigns’ Acting Aptitude

The wrestling world is in a state of unrest and confusion, as rumors of Roman Reigns’ acting aptitude begin to swell. Fans, who have come to expect incredible in-ring performances from the former multiple-time heavyweight champion, are not sure what to make of the latest development.

The speculation that Reigns is an actor of note has come out of left field, and many in the wrestling community are having difficulty grasping the concept. Is he a passionate thespian, looking to make a name for himself in Hollywood? Or just an untrained encourager, trying to up his game with the camera?

The situation has created plenty of debate amongst fans:

  • Some argue that Reigns is a natural talent who should be encouraged in acting, being a part of movies and furthering his career.
  • Others say that wrestling is the priority, and any other profession should play second fiddle.

Whichever side of the divide you’re on, it’s certainly a unique and intriguing situation. Roman Reigns passing from wrestler to actor is an open-ended question that won’t be answered any time soon.

1. Wrestling Community in Upheaval Over Roman Reigns' Acting Aptitude

2. ‘It’s an Insult to What the Wrestling Business is Supposed to Be’

Wrestling is not just an entertainment product; it is a business and carries a deep heritage that needs to be respected. It has been around for hundreds of years, with various iterations of this ancient sport – from East Asia to Scandinavia – that have found homes among wrestling fans around the world. When someone disrespects the business of wrestling, it is inherently disrespectful to the hard-working athletes and personnel who dedicate their lives to this sport.

What people may not realize is that the wrestling industry is facing a number of issues. Financially, wrestling companies are hit or miss these days. A single PPV could draw millions of customers, but the following month may be much lower; it’s never guaranteed like the other main sports. Additionally, there’s a huge problem with the longevity of opinions on the industry. Wrestlers are discarded every so often, leaving long-time fans outraged. Also, there’s a lack of focus on grooming younger talent for success.

Despite the toughness of the industry, there’s no denying that wrestling is an art form. A wrestling match can be as mesmerizing as a concert or a play, with key moments of suspense, drama, and even comedy. At the end, when the audience stands and cheers for the hard-fought performance, there’s a sense of special appreciation that doesn’t quite exist for any other sport. Any disrespect towards it is simply an insult.

3. The Debate Heats Up: Should Roman Reigns Be Awarded for His Acting?

Aristotle vs. Socrates

This age-old debate resurfaces with regards to Roman Reigns’ potential award for his acting. Supporters of the Aristotelian school point to his portrayals of the stereotypical alpha male you would come to expect. There is an undeniable masculinity to his performances that makes him a natural for playing the strong guy. However, Socrates argued that acting should be a representation of the person that the actor truly is. This is an idea heavily reflected in modern day acting where we see a blending of performance and actual life.

The Critics Chime In

The critic’s agreement tends to be split regarding Reigns’ potential award. Those who appreciate his performances see the strength and conviction with which he performs as a medal in itself. On the other side of the coin, there are those who accuse him of giving an over-the-top caricature. Whichever side of the aisle you may stand on, Roman Reigns’ acting has undeniably caused waves in the community.

Final Verdict

The debate truly boils down to opinion. Perhaps we should look at what he achieved throughout the years as part of the criteria. Has he successfully ventured beyond a single archetype and evolved? Have there been moments in his career where he has pushed the boundaries of acting further? For Roman Reigns, these questions should be answered with an affirmative at the end. After all, if there was ever a candidate for an award, it would be him.

  • Strong masculinity to his performances
  • Critics are divided
  • Final verdict in the hands of opinion

4. An Evaluation of Roman Reigns’ Acting and His Contribution to the Wrestling Industry

Roman Reigns’ Acting

Roman Reigns is no stranger to the wrestling industry, and his contribution to acting is no different. He continues to deliver captivating performances in the ring, even when facing off against seasoned pros. From in-ring antics to interacting with the crowd, he even shows off a comedic side when it’s needed. Even though he’s faced criticism for his style of wrestling, Reigns makes sure he puts everything on the line each night.

Contribution to the Industry

Reign’s presence has been a unifying force in the wrestling world. He is known for bringing together talent from all backgrounds and creating a strong force in the industry. While he has had his share of controversy, Reigns has always stayed true to the sport and lends a helping hand whenever he can.


In conclusion, Roman Reings has made a tremendous contribution to the wrestling industry with his incredible acting. He has remained an integral part of the show, unifying talent and inspiring others. His presence will continue to have a lasting impact on the sport for many more years to come.


Q: What award is Roman Reigns up for?
A: Roman Reigns is being considered for an award from MTV for his performance in the WWE Reality Show “WWE 24/7”.

Q: Why did a WWE veteran feel it was an insult to give him the award?
A: The veteran felt that Reigns’ acting wasn’t up to scratch and giving him the award would be a disservice to the wrestling business. The veteran believes that Reigns’ work is a far cry from what is expected from great acting in the wrestling industry, and giving him the award could cheapen it.

Q: Why is Reigns being considered in the first place?
A: Despite the criticisms, Reigns has been very popular with viewers and has had a successful run in the WWE. His portrayal of a chiseled strongman has appealed to many fans and MTV may think his role is worthy of an award.


It’s clear that the professional wrestling world and the viewers have their own views when it comes to Roman Reigns’ acting prowess. Whether or not he should win an award for his acting is up to the viewer, but one thing remains true: the wrestling industry should hold its standards high and never shortchange the true spirit of the sport.

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