James Mangold’s Star Wars Won’t Feature Two Important Words
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‘A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…’ The iconic words that have opened up a fantastic world of lightsabers, Wookies and star fighters. But, don’t expect to hear these words anytime soon in James Mangold’s upcoming Star Wars film. It would seem that two of the most important words when it comes to this beloved franchise will not be making an appearance. But why? Read on to find out what’s changed.
James Mangold's Star Wars Won't Feature Two Important Words

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1. “Mangold Breaks the Mold: No Key Words in His Star Wars”

When popular actor William Mangold was asked to take on the lead role in the newest installment in the Star Wars franchise, he decided to take the unconventional route. Instead of relying on key words with which people associate with traditional Star Wars characters, Mangold created a completely unique role that broke the pattern.

A Deviant Representation

Mangold’s new character was drastically different than the ordinary Jedi warriors and Sith lords we have come to know, in both his style of combat and his dialogue. Gone were the expected units of measurements and terms of familiarity, only to be replaced with more mysterious and unexpected descriptors. For example, instead of relying on a classic “light-saber”, Mangold brandished a ‘glow-katana’, an entirely new weapon style.

A Refreshing Change

Mangold’s unique dialogue and weapon choices provided a needed change of pace to an otherwise much-told story. In addition, Mangold and his team of writers shifted away from the traditional color palette of Star Wars using in shades of rusty ochres and smoky grays for his wardrobe. Albeit subtle, these decisions give space for creativity and newness.

A Tribute to the Original

Despite the large number of changes Mangold managed to inject into the Star Wars franchise, he still seemed to pay homage to the original character concepts. He did so by using little details and in-jokes, which, while mostly unnoticeable to the untrained eye, gave a welcome touch of familiarity to those already familiar with the saga.

Judging from the success of the movie, it is easy to tell that Mangold’s idea of newness was very well-received by the audience. The daring portrayal endeavored by Mangold is to be applauded, as it shows just how much of a beloved story can truly change.


2. “A Sensible Rewrite? What Does This Mean for the Star Wars Series?”

The discussion about a potential sensible rewrite of the Star Wars saga has recently been all over the film and television world. There are many questions as to how it could work and what effects it will have. Here are a few points to consider in order for us to get a better understanding of what this could mean for the Star Wars series.

  • The biggest question is how the actual plot of the films would be rewritten. Many of the most memorable moments in the franchise have been structured around plot points that have already been established, could these be changed without ruining the original concept?
  • The controversy around the last few movies could potentially be resolved by pushing the series in a different direction. Whether this be a soft reboot through the introduction of new characters and storylines or a complete overhaul of the existing ones.
  • The series has built up such an intense fandom over the years, that any drastic changes could potentially anger and alienate fans of the franchise. This should be taken into careful consideration when it comes to selecting or writing a sensible rewrite.

A decent amount of thought should have to go into this process before it goes ahead, producer Kathleen Kennedy has previously mentioned a willingness to make drastic changes to the franchise to get it back on course and a sensible rewrite could be an excellent first step in achieving this. It could also have long-term effects that last well beyond the story of any particular movie, so fans should certainly look out for further news about the potential sensible rewrite.

3. “Fan Reactions: What’s New, What’s Missing?”

The reaction that fans and critics alike had to ‘What’s New, What’s Missing?’ was overwhelmingly positive. The album had people hooked from the get-go, with its unique mix of old and new sound supercharged with the energy of their live performances. It felt like a breath of fresh air in the music industry.

New Highlights:

  • The lead single ‘Let It All Go’ was an instant classic, with its catch chorus and soaring verses.
  • The second single ‘Shake It Up’ was a foot-stomping, anthemic track that fans couldn’t get enough of.
  • The duet with Jennifer Lawrence on ‘Curtain Call’ was a surprise collaboration that put a smile on everyones face.

What People Missed:

  • The songwriting was tight across the board, but there were some fan favorites such as ‘Here I Am’ and ‘One Last Time’ that didn’t make the cut.
  • Another thing people noticed was that the album was missing some of the experimental tracks that they’d come to expect from the group.
  • They also felt they could have done more with the remixes and bonus tracks, as they didn’t seem to really add anything to the overall sound of the album.

4. “Anticipating the Unknown: Can We Predict the Impact of Mangold’s Version?

The anticipation surrounding James Mangold’s upcoming adaptation of classic novel The Fountainhead is palpable. With elements such as the iconic characters, captivating plot, and a talented cast, it’s hard to ignore the immense potential of this particular cinematic outing. But what will the director bring to the table, and how will his version of the world-renowned storyline affect an already devoted fan base? Let’s consider:

  • Themes That Resonate: Mangold is well-known for taking classic themes and exploring them in unique and creative ways. There’s no doubt that his version of The Fountainhead will offer insights into personal responsibility, ambition, and the pursuit of a greater good.
  • Updating For A New Generation: One of the main differences between book-based films and books themselves is the requirement for film to account for the passing of time. Mangold is no stranger to reimagining a story for an updated audience; his take on The Fountainhead may surprise both diehard readers and newcomers alike.
  • Matching the Right Actors: Cinema is often made or broken by its casting choices. With the right actor in the right role can bring a new level of depth and life to a story. Mangold is already off to an impressive start with his casting choices, offering professional actors who will bring their own strengths and knowledge to the characters.

We’re now on the brink of Mangold’s interpretation of The Fountainhead. Despite the anticipation, no one can exactly predict how the long-time fans of the cause and casual moviegoers alike will respond to the finished product. Even with all the evidence pointing to a successful adaptation, there is something hazy and mysterious about the entire project that adds to the excitement.


Q: What are the two words that won’t be featured in James Mangold’s Star Wars project?
A: James Mangold’s Star Wars project will not feature two words: “Skywalker” and “Jedi.”

Q: What kind of project is James Mangold working on?
A: James Mangold is writing a stand-alone Star Wars movie that reportedly takes place between the original and prequel trilogies.

Q: What does this mean for the Star Wars universe?
A: This could mean that the film will explore a new part of Star Wars lore that is unconnected to the Skywalker family or the Jedi Order. The lack of these two words suggests the movie might revolve around a totally new adventure or set of characters.


From the silence that surrounds James Mangold’s Star Wars reboot to the noticeable absence of two beloved keywords, this much is clear – no matter how it is laid out, this is a new story with a completely different flavor. And no matter what star-crossed journey he may come across, this is the path that James Mangold has chosen. It may be a bold move, time will tell if it pays off.

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