Jonathan Taylor getting placed on PUP list brings back bad flashbacks for fantasy football fans – “Got burned last season by him”
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It has been a difficult time for fantasy football fans everywhere who were looking to get their hands on Jonathan Taylor for their team this season – he has been officially placed on the PUP list, bringing back memories of a difficult time for many. Taylor has been a standout in the NFL in recent years, and his absence from the field this season is a tough pill to swallow for fantasy football owners who had counted on the talented running back to bring them some title glory. For many, the news of Taylor’s placement on the PUP list brings back memories of being burned by him in previous seasons, leaving many searching for a more reliable solution for their team. Read on to learn more…
Jonathan Taylor getting placed on PUP list brings back bad flashbacks for fantasy football fans - “Got burned last season by him”

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1. Unlucky Reunion: Jonathan Taylor’s PUP List Placement

Jonathan Taylor’s name was placed into the infamous PUP list causing despair and shock among followers of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Early speculation suggested he could become unclaimed due to his 2020 lackluster season. But the team’s top front office believed in the running back’s immense potential and embraced his addition for the 2021 season.

  • Taylor is the third consecutive second-round pick for the Jaguars.
  • He will look to bring success and consistency to their offense.
  • He is expected to link up instantly with Gardner Minshew.

However, 2021 didn’t see the start that many had hoped for, as Taylor was let go from the lineup, leaving his fortunes hanging by a thread. His fate was ultimately sealed when it was confirmed he had been put on the PUP list, leaving both the coaching staff and Taylor himself ruminating on the bad luck.

1. Unlucky Reunion: Jonathan Taylor's PUP List Placement

2. Déjà Vu? Fantasy Football Fans Fear Repeat of Last Year

Fantasy football fans, who had a dramatic ride last season, are saying (with some trepidation) that this year could be a repeat of last. There’s a lot of uncertainty current season could end up the same way. The question on everyone’s mind – will history repeat itself?

Last year’s major unpredictable swings made fantasy football’s biggest names look foolish. Players like Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and Tom Brady, generally considered to be stalwarts in the fantasy community, ended up underwhelming for their price tags and expectations.

This year, football fans are trying to do something different with their rosters, looking for value and upside. A new strategy might be the way to go, it looks like it could be necessary for a successful outcome. Whether it’s going for high-risk/high-reward players in the draft or targeting undervalued ones off the waiver wire, experimentation could be the way to victory. Here are some other things to consider when making a roster:

  • Keep an eye on bye-week scheduling
  • Look for overlooked players
  • Be mindful of the scoring rules
  • Do research on the competition
  • Make sure to take risks, but don’t overdo it

3. Unfortunate Memories: The Pain of Being Burned By Taylor

Frightening Reality

No one likes to admit that they have been taken advantage of. Being burned by Taylor was a hard pill to swallow. Taylor was an individual I had grown to trust and care for. His words were encouraging and it seemed like a great relationship was in the offing.

Evolving Feelings

At first, I felt content and happy. But soon, it became clear that Taylor was using me for his own selfish benefits. My feelings of joy had turned to frustration. I quickly realized how I had been deceived.

Moving On

Although it was difficult letting go of the dream, my own self-preservation was far too important. I needed to rid myself of the pain of being burned by Taylor. I had to remain steadfast and courageous to learn from my experience and be better prepared for the next one.

4. Hoping for Redemption: Will Taylor Return to Form This Season?

The scenario is familiar: a player of exceptional talent, capable of taking the league by storm, is suddenly brought down by their own mistakes and injuries. Such is the case of Taylor, the young shooting guard for the Bullets who just can’t seem to get off the ground in his last couple of seasons.

He no longer has the fire in his eyes, and it shows in his game. We’ve all heard of the rumors, of the pressures and expectations on Taylor, but the one thing that’s certain is that Taylor still has much to give the league. Maybe he just needs a little bit of redemption?

This could be Taylor’s year. He’s been working extra hard in the offseason, and he’s determined to get back to his previous level of play. He will need to draw on all his inner reserves and focus on staying healthy. He’s got the tools — quickness, power, shooting accuracy — he just needs to put it all together.

  • Taylor must remain focused. He needs to be at the top of his game in order to take full advantage of his opportunities.
  • Taylor must stay healthy. All the hard work he’s put into his game cannot go to waste if he is unable to keep himself in top form.
  • Taylor must find his rhythm. Taylor has the potential to do something special this season, but he’ll need to find his groove before he can reach that level.


Q: What has happened to Jonathan Taylor that has fantasy football fans feeling concerned?

A: Jonathan Taylor, the Indianapolis Colts’ second-year running back, has recently been placed on the physically unable to perform list (PUP). This has sparked bad memories and flashbacks for fantasy football fans who got burned by his surprisingly poor performance last season.

Q: Why has Jonathan Taylor been placed on the PUP list?

A:Taylor was limited during summer workouts due to an ankle injury, so the Colts decided it was best to place him on the PUP list for further precaution. By doing this, Taylor won’t practice or play for the first six weeks of his season.

Q: How is this news impacting fantasy football fans?

A:Fantasy football fans were disappointed when the Colts were forced to place Taylor on the PUP list. Many of them have painful memories of last season, when Taylor failed to deliver the fantasy points they had expected him to provide. This news has brought up bad flashbacks of last season’s disappointment, and has forced them to reevaluate their draft picks for 2021.

Fantasy Football fans may have been disappointed by the news of Jonathan Taylor being placed on the PUP list. While this setback is sure to bring back painful memories of last season, it might just be the opportunity for the second-year running back to get back on track and return with a vengeance. In any case, it’s still too early to predict the outcome – for now, it’s all just a waiting game.

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