‘Judge me if you want’: Kristen Bell on why she allows kids to drink non-alcoholic beer
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Kristen Bell, the beloved actress and mother of two, is sparking a conversation with her recent comments about letting her children drink non-alcoholic beer. In a recent interview, she openly accepted that such behavior is open to judgement and not necessarily condoned by most, but she staunchly defended her decision. In this article, we take a closer look at Kristen Bell’s reasoning behind her newfound parenting philosophy.
'Judge me if you want': Kristen Bell on why she allows kids to drink non-alcoholic beer

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I. Kristen Bell: A Revolutionary Parental Figure

Kristen Bell has been recognized as a revolutionary parental figure due largely to her unapologetic attitudes and straightforward approach. She uses her celebrity status and outspoken nature to normalize and legitimize parenting issues, and encourages others to do the same. Here are a few examples of why she’s an inspirational mom.

Flexible Scheduling: In Kristen Bell’s world, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. She emphasizes flexibility and the importance of adjusting plans – whether it’s juggling time with her kids or finding a way to make her work schedule fit her family’s needs.

So when coworkers send her an email at 5:00am asking her to start work early, she doesn’t feel like she has to choose between work and parenting – she simply concedes the request, and figures out how to adjust her parenting routine in a way that suits her and her family.

Open Communication: Open communication is an aspect of Kristen Bell’s parenting that she emphasizes frequently. She strives to communicate openly and avoid blanket statements. She also emphasizes the importance of being proactive with kids – she believes that if you explain why certain decisions had to be made and give kids the proper context, they can often understand things better.

Lead by Example: Kristen Bell adamantly emphasizes the importance of parents leading by example. She actively works to foster the same values in her children that she lives by herself, because she believes that modelling desired behaviors is the best way to leave lasting impressions on her kids.

  • She promotes self-care.
  • She advocates for mental health awareness and self-compassion.
  • She emphasizes the importance of making time for self-reflection.

Through her willingness to share her approach to parenting, Kristen Bell has become a revolutionary and inspiring figure for many other parents.
I. Kristen Bell: A Revolutionary Parental Figure

II. Exploring Kristen Bell’s Controversial Parenting Choices

Parenting is a highly personal decision, making it an often-controversial topic. Kristen Bell, the beloved actress and mother to two daughters, often finds her parenting choices coming under scrutiny. So, what exactly is the source of this controversy? Let’s take a closer look…

One hotly debated choice of Kristen Bell’s is to raise her children without a strict religious faith. She’s been very open about this decision and her thoughts on raising children with religion: “My children aren’t going to be raised with a religious doctrine…We don’t do bedtime prayers, nor do we read any sort of religious texts.”

Another parents-divide in the Bell household is her belief in allowing her children a sense of freedom within the imposed boundaries. For example, when talking about the way in which they deal with disobedience, Kristen simply says she’s “trying her very best…to be patient and to remember my kids are not me.”

Ultimately, the message Kristen Bell wants to pass on to parents is that there is no single right way of parenting, and that it’s OK for parents to make each decision with their children’s best interests in mind. It’s this level of thoughtfulness and understanding, as opposed to strict rules and regulations, that drives much of the controversy surrounding Kristen Bell’s parenting style.

III. The Benefits of Permitting Kids to Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer

When it comes to letting kids drink non-alcoholic beer, there are plenty of advantages to be enjoyed. From giving children a sense of freedom and independence to teaching them about responsible drinking habits, non-alcoholic beer has the potential to take the parenting stakes to a whole new level.

The Psychological Benefits: Everyone needs to experience a sense of freedom and independence in life. By allowing children to partake in non-alcoholic beer, parents are providing them with a safe way to experiment with adult activities without the associated risks. Beyond that, it allows children to develop a sense of responsibility and discipline when it comes to drinking. All of this plays a key role in their psychological development.

The Education Benefits: As everyone is aware, excessive drinking can have drastic consequences. By introducing children to non-alcoholic beer, parents are teaching them the importance of drinking responsibly. Non-alcoholic beer lets kids understand the concept of moderation without the burden of potential health risks. On top of that, it gives them the opportunity to socialize in a controlled environment. Indeed, giving kids access to non-alcoholic beer provides an excellent platform to learn how to drink responsibly.

  • Provides the sense of freedom and independence
  • Engenders responsibility and discipline
  • Teaches the importance of drinking responsibly
  • Gives children the opportunity to socialize in a controlled environment

IV. Considerations When Deciding How To Respond To Kristen Bell’s Parenting Philosophy

It is always a good idea to take a step back and reflect on any potentially controversial parenting technique before making a judgement call. Kristen Bell’s “harsh affection” approach is no different. Here are a few considerations before deciding how to respond to such a parenting philosophy.

  • Knowledgeability – Are you familiar enough with the technique and the parenting literature to make an informed decision?
  • Respect – Respect Kristen Bell’s personal parenting views and approach. Make sure to approach the conversation with sensitivity and care.
  • Research – Research and read up on the research-based literature that supports or opposes the “harsh affection” approach.

It is important to note that opinions can be framed from several perspectives. Recognize the cultural and individual context in which Kristen Bell parents and try to understand how her parenting philosophy has taken shape.

Finally, it is crucial that you take the steps necessary to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of any children under the care of individuals adhering to the “harsh affection” approach. Your best judgement and insight should be the basis upon which any decisions are made with regards to Kristen Bell’s parenting philosophy.


Q: What inspired Kristen Bell to allow her kids to drink non-alcoholic beer?

A: Kristen Bell was inspired to allow her kids to drink non-alcoholic beer as she wanted to teach them to drink responsibly and understand the social aspects of why people drink adult beverages, but without introducing them to the effects of alcohol.

Q: What does Kristen Bell hope to educate her kids about?

A: Kristen Bell hopes to educate her kids about making the best decisions when it comes to drinking, so that they understand the adult world and the drinking culture. She also hopes that by introducing them to non-alcoholic beverages, they will learn social cues about when and where it is appropriate to drink.

Q: What has been the response from the public to Kristen Bell’s decision?

A: The response from the public has been mixed. While some have commended her for teaching her kids moderation and responsibility, others have judged her decision, claiming that it sets a bad precedent and encourages underage drinking.


Kristen Bell’s opinion on letting kids enjoy a non-alcoholic beer may not be for everyone, but it is refreshing to see a celebrity speaking out on the issue in a positive light. We can all agree that this topic deserves a rational discussion, and Bell’s honest stance on it is certainly an admirable way to start the conversation.

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