Kristen Bell’s advice to her younger self about depression is a must hear for everyone
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When Kristen Bell opened up about her struggle with mental health issues it struck a chord with millions of people. Her heartfelt conversation about the battles she faced with depression was a deeply revealing moment for many who have gone through or are currently going through similar tough times. Now she has taken her story one step further and provided advice to her younger self which is a must hear for everyone.
Kristen Bell's advice to her younger self about depression is a must hear for everyone

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1. Kristen Bell’s Powerful Message about Dealing with Depression

Actress Kristen Bell recently shared her personal story of coping with depression, offering an encouraging message about managing the disorder. Inside Edition interviewed Bell, and she provided the following insightful tips for dealing with depression:

  • Recognize Triggers: Bell recommended seeking therapy to understand personal triggers which can be useful in avoiding potential disasters.
  • Find Healthy Stress Outlets: She argued that everyone should find ways to release stress in order to maintain balance in their lives.
  • Stay in Touch with Friends: Bell noted that it’s important for individuals to stay connected to loved ones in order to feel supported in their battle against depression.

Bell spoke about how hard it is to talk about depression, expressing her admiration to those who opened up to fight stigma. She credited the therapist she has seen for years, saying he taught her to make small changes in her life. “My therapist has spent many hours training me to recognize triggers, and to look for ways to balance the stress,” Bell said.

Her story speaks to the fact that individuals should never be ashamed of asking for help, and Bell sets a powerful example with her story. She expresses her admiration for those who choose to speak openly about their battle with depression and provides helpful tips to make life more manageable.

1. Kristen Bell's Powerful Message about Dealing with Depression

2. Taking Cues from Kristen Bell: Words of Wisdom for Dealing with Depression

Actor and mental health activist Kristen Bell has been open and honest about her struggles with depression. Here are a few lessons for those tackling mental health battles, inspired by Bell’s words of wisdom.

    Distinguish Between Feeling Blue and Symptomatic Depression

  • For Bell, acknowledging the difference between a general feeling of sadness and the onset of a more serious depression helped her get the treatment and support she needed. It’s important for those dealing with a mental health issue to be able to identify and communicate what they are experiencing.
  • Communicate What You’re Going Through
  • Bell has spoken candidly about talking to people she trusts and confiding in them about her feelings. Being able to confide in someone else can be hugely beneficial. While this may be incredibly difficult, having a confidant to check in with can allow individuals to follow-up on lifestyle changes and commitments to seek professional help.
  • Have Compassion for Yourself

  • Bell also advises that having patience with ourselves and being kind to ourselves is essential. This means taking breaks when we need it, speaking to ourselves as we would a friend, and getting rid of the pressure to have “the perfect life”.
  • Take Care of Yourself, Inside and Out
  • Self-care is not just about taking time for yourself, it’s about being conscious of your physical and mental well-being. Bell emphasizes that it’s important to be mindful of what you eat, how you exercise, and the amount of sleep you get. All of these can have an impact on your mental health and should be incorporated into your lifestyle.

3. Listen Up: Kristen Bell’s Advice to Her Younger Self about Depression

Kristen Bell, known for her roles in hit films like Frozen and The Good Place, is an outspoken advocate for mental health. Bell recently released a moving video that chronicles her own struggles with depression and contains advice for how she would have coped better if she could go back in time.

Drawing on her past experiences, Bell offered these 3 nuggets of wisdom that could be invaluable to someone going through a similar situation:

  • Seek out help: Bell spoke of her fear of seeking out help, but reminded her younger self of the power of talking to someone and deconstructing one’s thoughts. She believes that it is essential to gaining control over depression.
  • Focus on the things that make you unique: Bell illustrated the power of knowing and accepting one’s uniqueness with an anecdote of her younger self trying on shirts to fit in like the other girls. She emphasized that these qualities make us special and we must value them.
  • Create a positive outlook: Bell addressed her younger self’s habit of only focusing on the negatives and encouraged her to instead remember anything she had achieved. She believes that reflecting on the positives will create more positive energy.

Kristen Bell’s message could be a ray of hope for someone struggling with depression. Surrounding herself with people who support her and finding strength to look at the brighter side of things could be key to fighting depression.

4. Everyone Needs to Pay Attention to Kristen Bell’s Supportive Words about Battling Depression

Kristen Bell has been candid about her own struggles with depression, making her the perfect messenger for an important cause: mental health awareness. By bringing the discussion of mental health into the spotlight, Bell allows others to nature the courage to talk about their own battles with depression.

From speaking up on social media to standing up in interviews, Bell has made it a priority to draw attention to the topic. In an essay for Time Magazine, Bell discussed her own strategies for managing her mental health and provided a platform for others to do the same. Her efforts to bring mental health into the public discourse is an admirable reminder that depression is something that needs to be treated seriously.

Here’s three tips from Kristen Bell to help those battling depression on their journey to better mental health:

  • Find supportive, understanding people
  • Audit your thoughts
  • Know there is no finish line

By listening to and amplifying the stories of those struggling with mental health, Kristen Bell is creating a space for understanding and empathy. Her words are a potential lifeline for those trying to make sense of the tough feelings depression may bring. We can all take a page from her playbook and strive to pay closer attention to the stories of those around us.


Q: What advice did Kristen Bell give to her younger self about depression?

A: Kristen Bell has shared her powerful message to her younger self: “You’re not alone, and you’re not weird. A chemical imbalance doesn’t define you. Find the things that will make your serotonin trigger so that you can get out of that dark hole.”

Q: Who is Kristen Bell and why is her advice so important?

A: Kristen Bell is an American actress who has been vocal about her experience with depression and how it has impacted her life and career. Her advice about finding the things that trigger serotonin is essential to help others cope with their depression.

Q: How can we help each other combat depression?

A: It’s important to reach out to and talk to those around us, whether family, friends, colleagues, or therapists. It is also important to evaluate the things that we are doing on a regular basis and identify the things that make us happy and provide us joy. Lastly, prioritizing self-care and making time for ourselves will help us to stay grounded and mentally healthy.

Kristen Bell’s candid insight into how to tackle depression is something we can all benefit from. It is a message of hope and resilience, reminding us that no matter how dark things may seem, there is always a way forward. Whether you suffer from depression or not, Kristen Bell’s advice will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to make positive changes and take control of your life.

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