LBFF: Tradição em dose dupla, paiN Gaming garante dobradinha
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This Father’s Day the paiN Gaming family celebrated with something special – a tradition in double doses. The team made history not only for fans of Brazilian esports, but also for fathers and sons worldwide. Recently, the popular esports organization granted the unique opportunity to two members of the paiN Gaming family – Longitude and his son, Voy – to share an LBFF stage.
LBFF: Tradição em dose dupla, paiN Gaming garante dobradinha

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1. Celebrating LBFF with a Double Dose, paiN Gaming Takes Home the Win

The Latin American gaming team paiN Gaming had quite a comeback in the Latin American Brawlhalla World Tour tournament, otherwise known as the LBFF, having taken home the win for the first time in years. With an impressive showing of skill, they surprised the other teams to earn their spot at the top.

paiN Gaming stuck true to the core concept of Brawlhalla by mastering a playful double dose of strategies: aggressive and deceptive. On the offensive side of the battlefield, their well-choreographed actions made it difficult to counter or predict their attacks. On the defensive side, their single-mindedness of focus caught opposing teams off-guard.

As a result, their success was a team effort, one that paid dividends at the end of the tournament. Everyone was elated as paiN Gaming jumped up and down in joy, both on the stage and in the stands. Their win has served as an inspiration to other Latin American teams that they too can make the cut in the competitive gaming world.

1. Celebrating LBFF with a Double Dose, paiN Gaming Takes Home the Win

2. A Tradition of Excellence: paiN Gaming at LBFF

For over a decade, paiN Gaming has proudly represented South America in the competitive League of Legends scene. As one of the pioneers of the region’s esports history, paiN Gaming has participated in multiple major tournaments since the early Season 1 days. Their path has been paved with a long legacy of success and recognition throughout their career. Here’s a brief look at paiN Gaming’s history at the LoL Battle of Fate Festival.

Dominating the LoL Pro League – During LBFF’s first season in 2020, paiN Gaming ended the regular league with an impressive 15-0 record. This lead to their quick qualification for the playoffs, where they dominated their competition and finished first overall. This winning streak earned them the grand prize trophy and recognition from all around the globe.

  • 4-time LBFF Champions
  • 6-time LBFF Grand Finalists

Going from Strength to Strength – The LBFF saw paiN Gaming blossom over the years. Despite facing plenty of new challenges, the team kept on adapting and eventually started dominating their region. Their performance in the online and offline competitions soon led to back-to-back LBFF championships and a total of six Grand Finals appearances.

3. How the Victory at LBFF Set paiN Gaming on the Map

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018

When paiN Gaming took to the stage at ESL One Belo Horizonte on June 24th, 2018, they were in uncharted territory. As one of the first ever Brazilian teams to play at a premier-level tournament, expectations were high for their performance.

  • It was the fourth tournament of ESL’ Pro League season 8, attended by eight teams from around the world.
  • paiN Gaming fought their way through the group stages and Playoffs to reach the grand final.

In the definitive match, paiN squared off against european powerhouse FaZe Clan. Despite being considered the underdogs, paiN Gaming put on a performance that cemented their place in the CS:GO scene.
Drawing upon every ounce of their skill and team cohesion, they managed to topple FaZe in the two-map series to win the tournament in a miraculous fashion. The victory was a huge milestone for the Brazilian lineup and huge surge in popularity for the organisation as a whole.

4. What to Make of the LBFF Double-Win by paiN Gaming

The first major victory of the year has come to paiN Gaming as they take home two championships at the Latin American Brawlers Fight Fest (LBFF). This was no easy feat as the competition was fierce and the stakes were high. As many of the contenders hailed from across Latin America, it was a true celebration of regional pride.

It was clear from the start that paiN Gaming had no intention of taking their matches lightly, and their hard work has now paid dividends. Whether it was maintaining perfect teamwork, making bold strategic plays, or outplaying the opposition with deft mechanical skill, the right combination of grit and skill saw paiN Gaming stand atop the podium twice.

The true takeaway here is that if you put in the hard work and dedication, anything is possible. paiN Gaming have set the bar for the rest of the competitive gaming scene in 2021 and it will be inspiring to watch competitors rise to the challenge and attempt to emulate their success.


Q: What is LBFF?

A: LBFF stands for Liga Brasileira de Free Fire – the Brazilian Free Fire League. It is a professional Esports tournament where teams compete to win the championship.

Q: What happened at the recent LBFF tournament?

A: The paiN Gaming team won the championship of the LBFF tournament in a stunning double victory – they were crowned the champions for both the ‘Regular Season’ and the ‘Grand Final’.

Q: How were the paiN Gaming team able to achieve such a feat?

A: The team worked cohesively, acknowledging each player’s strengths and complementing each other’s playstyles. This enabled them to take full advantage of great team synergy and to perform at the highest level.

The LBFF proved to be a historic event once more, as paiN Gaming won both championships. The festive atmosphere showed that the Brazilian passion for gaming knows no bounds. As Brazilian players cheer for their favorite teams and for their beloved country, the story of paiN Gaming’s triumphant double victory promises to join the legacy and lore of Brazilian esports.

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