Liam Harrison says light training still ‘a little bit harder’ after injury
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Staying motivated through any injury is hard enough, but after coming back from what could have been a career-ending injury, Liam Harrison says he’s still finding light training to be a little bit harder. Liam, the four-time Muay Thai World Champion, has had a long road to recovery after suffering a severe knee injury, yet he has faced his adversity with unparalleled determination and dedication to fitness. Through his incredible story of resilience, he’s inspiring us all to keep pushing forward.
Liam Harrison says light training still ‘a little bit harder’ after injury

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1. Liam Harrison’s Struggle with Injury

One of the Most Difficult Challenges

When Liam Harrison was diagnosed with a fractured foot during the middle of his season, it was one of the most difficult challenges he had faced as an athlete. He was playing for his college soccer team and could feel his dreams of a successful career slipping away with each day he was forced to sit on the bench. Though his teammates kept a positive attitude, Liam was worried he would not be able to catch up with the team and resume playing.

Making Weakness Into Strength

Rather than letting his injury drag him down, Liam decided to make his weakness into a strength. He began reading about different training methods and ways he could learn to manage his injury. He asked his teammates for advice on how to stay fit with a fractured foot. He also developed a strict exercise routine he could perform while sitting out of games.

Back on the Pitch in No Time

After months of hard work, Liam was able to make a full recovery and was soon back on the pitch with his team. His newfound commitment to self-improvement allowed him to catch up with the team quickly. He was ultimately able to finish the season and help his team drive to the championships. As his story serves to remind us, even the greatest of adversities can be conquered with the right attitude.
1. Liam Harrison's Struggle with Injury

2. Reborn with Light Training

If fear of darkness overcame your life, when night catches, why not learn to be reborn as a light warrior? With light training, you can become the master of shadows and all darkness.

First, awaken your inner light and feel the heat in your veins. Visualize the light emanating from within as you take deep breaths. Let the cycle move in a circular motion, then expand the light to the entire room, pushing the shadows away.

Next, enhance your skills. Concentrate on the point of light and focus your energy to expand it. Practice defensive and offensive strategies with the shadow.

  • Defensive: Create light barriers to keep enemies and shadows from attacking you.
  • Offensive: Merge with the shadows and learn the arts of travelling, hiding and trapping your enemies.

3. Gaining Strength Through Recovery

After experiencing a major setback or tragedy, the road to recovery can be a difficult one. However, this struggle offers opportunities to gain strength, supports independence, and fosters resilience. The key is to embrace the pain, persevere, and work through the difficulty.

    Reflect on Your Experiences: Taking time to reflect on your experiences and emotions can be helpful in understanding the best way to move forward. Acknowledge your emotions, challenges, and successes. This process can be aided through journaling, mindfulness, and talking to others.
    Use Resources Available: Take advantage of the resources available to you, such as retraining opportunities, therapy or counseling, and support groups. Working with a therapist or coach can help you to process your emotions and create a plan to regain your independence.
    Redefine Your Identity: After working on your recovery, it is helpful to redefine your identity. What have you learned? What new goals do you have? Goals can be small and achievable, such as establishing a new routine, or large and long term.

Coming back from a trying situation is a slow and difficult process and it is important to recognize the effort, pain, and difficulty that comes along with the experience. However, while this process is hard, it has many potential benefits and supports growth, while ultimately strengthening you through the challenges.

4. Staying Positive in Times of Setbacks

As we move through life, we often experience different types of setbacks that can be physically and emotionally difficult to cope with. Whether it’s the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, or a diagnosis of a health issue, these setbacks can shake us emotionally and bring us down. While it can be hard to remain positive under such difficult circumstances, it’s important to remember that setbacks are a part of life, and we can use the opportunities to become stronger.

Some helpful strategies for staying positive amidst setbacks include:

  • Remaining present. Rather than getting stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, it can be helpful to focus on the present moment and be mindful of how those thoughts are taking up mental space. This can help reduce stress and reframe your thinking to focus on the present situation.
  • Spend time in nature. Reconnecting with nature can be a great way to help process losses and bring our attention to the beauty in the world. Nature promotes healing and helps ground us in the present moment.
  • Engage in self-care. Self-care is essential during difficult times and can be anything from taking a break from work, going for a walk, talking to a supportive friend, or engaging in an enjoyable activity like cooking, painting, or playing an instrument.

Finding the courage to stay positive in times of setbacks is never easy, but by developing coping skills and staying committed to your goals, you can eventually find a balance. Through this, we can grow stronger and more resilient when faced with future challenges.


Q: What did Liam Harrison say about his light training?

A: Liam Harrison recently stated that even the lightest training can still be “a little bit harder” following an injury.

Q: What type of injury was Liam Harrison suffering from?

A: Harrison sustained a calf injury earlier this year, and is currently working to get back into peak physical shape.

Q: What has the experience of light training been like for him?

A: Liam has spoken of the challenges he is facing trying to exercise while managing pain and fatigue. He calls it “a wave of intensity”, but is committed to continuing his training regimen.

Q: How has his injury affected other aspects of his life?

A: Harrison admits that the injury has resulted in a mental and emotional toll as well, saying it can be difficult to stay positive throughout the healing process.

The important takeaway to remember here is that every injury is different. Liam Harrison’s journey of light training has been a challenging one, but he is thankfully ready and able to continue. Now that he has shared his recommencement journey, there’s hope that more athletes who have experienced a similar injury can take his story as a source of motivation.

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