LoL: As cinco melhores duplas no modo arena 2v2v2v2
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Are you ready to bring your League of Legends skills to the next level? Then you are in luck as here we will reveal the five best 2v2v2v2 duos to put you on top in the arena! Put the power of your best strategies and coordination to work, as you join forces with your teammate to rise above your opponents. Read on to learn what might be the perfect duo for your Arena team!
LoL: As cinco melhores duplas no modo arena 2v2v2v2

Table of Contents

1. 2v2v2v2 LoL: The Top Five Team Combos

The League of Legends 2v2v2v2 game mode is one of the most interesting formats out there. Players can form teams of four and experience intense and challenging team fights with a lot of coordination required. Here we have listed the top five team combos that could help your team dominate the game.

1. The Aggressive Team

  • Brand – Throwing out powerful spells and dealing massive damage.
  • Lee Sin – A powerful front line hero.
  • Thresh – Hooking in the enemies for the team’s advantage.
  • Miss Fortune – Utilizing the Ultimate for maximum damage output.

2. The Disablers

  • Amumu – Taking out large groups of enemies with his Ultimate.
  • Garen – Keeping enemies in one spot with his hardest-hitting ability.
  • Ahri – Exhausting enemies and preventing enemies from escaping.
  • Tristana – Impairing enemies with long-ranged sniping.

3. The Crowd Controllers

  • Sivir – Providing great wave clear and pushing.
  • Jinx – Dealing with the enemy back line with her incredible range.
  • Anivia – Creating walls to block off routes and split rivals.
  • Soraka – Providing healing to her allies and crowd control with her ultimate.

These are only some of the many combinations that teams can use to gain the upper hand in a 2v2v2v2 game. Experiment with different heroes and combos to find the perfect team for your next LoL match!

1. 2v2v2v2 LoL: The Top Five Team Combos

2. Crafting the Perfect Duo for Maximum Winning

Every team needs to have a well-crafted mix of heroes to maximize their chances of winning. The key to success is in finding the right combination and coordination of heroes who can effectively complete tasks together. The following are some of the key components to consider when creating the perfect duo for maximum success.


When considering the perfect duo, versatility is key. Picking a variety of heroes with different abilities is essential. Scouting out a unique mix of heroes with abilities that compliment one another in a range of situations will be beneficial. Make sure to use a combination of characters that both offer defensive and offensive abilities to ensure that the team is fully prepared for all kinds of challenges.


The right mix of skills and abilities is not enough; they must work together harmoniously in order to maximize success. The characters chosen should have good synergy together, in order to maximize both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Knowledge of the Map

It is vital that both team members have an in-depth knowledge of the map. It is not enough to simply know where resources are located- it is important to know which routes to take in order to effectively attack or defend a certain area. A winning duo must have an excellent understanding of the mechanics of the game in order to use the map to their advantage.

By paying attention to all of these components, teams can craft the perfect duo for maximum success. Make sure to use a combination of heroes that have the right mix of defensive and offensive abilities, along with excellent synergy and a comprehensive understanding of the map. With these components in mind, teams can be sure to maximize their chances of victory.

3. Making the Most Out of Every Match

Winning is important but it’s not the only thing that matters in a game. Every match provides lessons and opportunities for growth, no matter the outcome of the match. The following tips are offered as a guide to .

  • Choose the right mindset: Before beginning each match, commit to having a positive, growth-oriented attitude as a way to ensure that valuable lessons will be learnt.
  • Be prepared: Before the match, prepare yourself by doing practice drills and reviewing your team’s strategy and game plan. Learn to form a connection with your teammates and take note of any changes in talent on the other side.
  • Stay focused: Even if the game starts to go off track, stay focused and determined. During the game, constantly review your performance and strive to identify areas of improvement. React quickly and work as a team to turn the game around.

Once the match is over, the true work begins. Reflect on areas of improvement and plan strategies for making those improvements. Look for feedback from teammates and coaches, determine what worked and what didn’t, and make sure to build on successes. In this way, every match can be a productive and inspiring step towards becoming a better player.

4. Reaching Arena Success with Two LoL Champions

For players that want to give it a try, mastering two champions is absolutely essential. Whether you want to reach arena success by yourself or with other members, having two complementary champions is key. Here are some tips on who and why you should pick two champions for your LoL gaming:

  • Choose characters with different roles.
  • Create a strategy that plays to each characters strengths.

The most important thing is to select characters that can easily transition between team-fight situations as well as one-on-one confrontations. Deciding on a combination of champions that can invoke long-range harass, powerful frontline control, and high-level sieging is a powerful way to gain an advantage. For example, selecting one champion to siege towers and one to absorb damage during team fights provides enough versatility to overcome most scenarios.

Picking two champions of the same category, like two bruisers or two mages, is not recommended as the important component of the duo should complement each other, not just double up on the same role. Additionally, having two champions that are complimentary with completely different roles provides ample control in most situations. Support characters are also essential when it comes to winning games in LoL, so it’s also necessary to factor in these characters when forming a two character combination.


Q: What are the five best teams for the 2v2v2v2 mode in “League of Legends”?

A: The best teams for the 2v2v2v2 mode in “League of Legends” include the high-damage combo of Vayne and Ahri, the sustained DPS of Jhin and Lucian, the Vayne/Yasuo double AP partnership, the Poke and Pressure duo of Quinn and Trundle, and the defensive Vayne/Thresh combination. Each of these five team configurations has unique strengths that give them an edge in the game mode, allowing them to work in tandem to achieve victory.

Like Summoners in the Arena, teams of two understand the power of coordination and strategy. With the five best teams in 2v2v2v2 mode, LoL takes its action-packed duels to the next level. No matter how strong a team is, to win the Arena requires some finesse. Join the fight and see who the ultimate master of the Arena will be!

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