LOUD bate Team Liquid e garante primeiro qualificatório do Game Changers Brasil
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One of the biggest powerhouses in the Brazilian eSports scene has proven itself unstoppable again with an impressive showing by Team Liquid. After a hard-fought battle, the elite team of gamers emerged victorious, securing the first qualifier for the Game Changers Brasil tournament. Though their opponents gave them a run for their money, Team Liquid was able to pull out a win, laying the groundwork for a remarkable journey ahead.
LOUD bate Team Liquid e garante primeiro qualificatório do Game Changers Brasil

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1. Team Liquid Earns First Qualifier Win for Game Changers Brazil

In an all-time record for the team, League of Legends team, Team Liquid, recently achieved their first qualifying win in Brazil’s Game Changers tournament. This exciting moment was full of celebration and enthusiasm in the well-known esports organization’s home base.

The much-anticipated win is the result of months of preparation and training by the members of Team Liquid. Working together as a coordinated machine and with precise intuitiveness, the team managed to triumph against their opponents in a convincing 3-0 score. It was the perfect victory for the roster, who utilized smart strategies during the groups’ Bo3 set.

The win marks a new milestone for Team Liquid, where the Norwegian champions are continuously showing their excellence on both the national and international stages. With the passionate support from their vibrant fan base behind the team, it is clear that no challenge is too difficult for Liquid to win.

  • The Team’s Already Impressive Resume
  • A New Chapter for Team Liquid
  • What Does This Historic Win Mean for the Team?

1. Team Liquid Earns First Qualifier Win for Game Changers Brazil

2. Making Noise – LOUD Bate Brings Explosive Momentum

Whether it’s the energy of a loved up crowd, or the unified voice of a passionate team – the power of ‘noise’ can be truly captivating. And over the last few months, LOUD Bate has made its presence felt in stadiums across the country.

The powerful percussion of drums and whirring of a custom-made sound system lead a chant that reverberates across the stands. Cheers swell into chants and anthems bring steadfast fans to their feet. You can’t help but feel the importance of this: a wholehearted collective united under the banner of support and sportsmanship.

The last time they brought their passion to the stands, the night ended with explosive momentum. Bringing down the house, LOUD Bate showed us why they are as much of a source of energy as they are a source of entertainment! Key highlights:

  • The whirring of a custom-made sound system
  • The unified voice of a passionate team
  • Chants reverberating across the stands
  • Cheers swelling into anthems
  • Explosive momentum when it was all done

3. Game Changers Brazil: Where Emerging Talent Lands on the Esports Scene

Brazil is quickly becoming one of the most saturated players in the world of esports. Whether through their high-profile gaming tournaments or through their rapidly growing professional players, the southern American country is fast turning into a veritable hot spot for the competitive gaming scene.

For the past few years, Brazil has been making impressive leaps and bounds in the world of esports thanks to initiatives like Game Changers Brazil. Founded in 2019, it’s a program set up to nurture potential young professional players. Under its wing, the program is teaching participants almost everything they need to know about becoming successful in the esports arena, from communication skills to strategy development.

It’s a comprehensive package that makes it easy for emerging esports talent in Brazil to swiftly move from grassroots level gaming to becoming full-fledged professionals, and starts from the basics. From virtual bootcamps and online training sessions to mentorship incentives and one-on-one coaching, Game Changers Brazil gives young gamers all the tools and resources they need to succeed:

  • Access to professional coaches: The program provides access to experienced professional players and coaches who have been in the industry for years, giving participants an invaluable insight into the esports world.
  • Networking opportunities: With Game Changers Brazil, participants get the chance to establish themselves and form connections with key players in the industry.
  • Gaming environment: Besides equipping them with the right skills, the program also provides the young gamers with the right gaming environment in which to practice and play.

Thanks to Game Changers Brazil, young gamers in the country are now finding themselves in a much more advantageous position to take their passion for gaming to the pro level and establish themselves on the esports scene.

4. Loud Bate Team Liquid Sets Course for Future Competitors

Team Liquid is setting the stage for future competitors with their loud bate, literally. Since their arrival to the esports industry, Team Liquid has established themselves as one of the most prolific professional teams, earning several victories within the first few years. In 2014 they won the LCS title, as well as the prestigious Dreamhack Championship a year later.

Their recent success has been sure to make waves, and their vocal bate style is no exception. They bring an unparalleled level of intensity to every match, aggressively going after their opponents while simultaneously striving to perfect their play. This aggressive attitude ensures Team Liquid’s continuing success, while allowing their younger players to get a proper taste of desirable competition.

The future of esports looks bright with Team Liquid at the helm. With their meticulous playing style, ambitious goals, and bold attitude, they undoubtedly have set the standard for what is to come. For anyone looking to get into the competitive gaming scene, Team Liquid serves as an excellent example of discipline and passion.


Q: What is the Game Changers Brasil?
A: Game Changers Brasil is an online gaming tournament where teams compete to become the best of the best.

Q: How did Team Liquid win the first qualifier of Game Changers Brasil?
A: Team Liquid won the first qualifying round of Game Changers Brasil with their impressive performance and tactics.

Q: What makes Team Liquid stand out from other teams?
A: Team Liquid stands out among other teams for their strategic planning, technical expertise, and ability to keep their heads in the game no matter the pressure or circumstance. Their drive for success and determination to win is what sets them apart from other teams competing.

Q: What kind of rewards do the winners receive?
A: The winners of Game Changers Brasil receive a cash prize and the honor of being crowned the top team in the tournament.


The victory of Team Liquid in this tournament marks a milestone for Brazilian gaming, and for the numerous gamers hoping to take part in the Game Changers Brazil series. While the tournament has just begun, it’s clear that Team Liquid will be one of the frontrunners this year. With their commitment to excellence, a few more victories like this one could easily make them the Game Changers Brazil champions of 2021.

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