Louisiana SPCA has ‘Paw & Order’ special to help shelter dogs get adopted
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Bringing order to the chaos and extreme overcrowding in Louisiana animal shelters, the SPCA has a special program to bring furry friends into their forever homes. ‘Paw & Order’ is an initiative that started as a way to help out these beautiful shelter animals who are yearning for new lives of love and security. These precious babes could use a special helping hand to find the right family, and that is exactly what the ‘Paw & Order’ program provides.
Louisiana SPCA has ‘Paw & Order’ special to help shelter dogs get adopted

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1. A New Leash on Life: Louisiana SPCA ‘Paw & Order’ Special

It’s criminally cute at the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) with their new ‘Paw & Order’ special. It’s an offer for a fresh start for deserving animals from their adoption center.

Adopting a pet from a shelter can provide them with a newfound freedom and a new place to call home. Your $90 adoption fee will help fund the Louisiana SPCA’s mission of preventing animal cruelty and promoting adoption. Every animal placed ends up being a life-saving success story!

This special offers a complete package package for your new four-legged companion. In addition to the animal, you are eligible to receive:

  • Free collar & leash set
  • 30 days of free pet health insurance
  • Free starter bag of pet food
  • Free pet toy
  • Voucher for a free veterinary exam

It doesn’t get much better when it comes to giving homeless animals a second chance. With the Louisiana SPCA taking on the mission of providing humane care to abandoned and homeless animals, this ‘Paw & Order’ special is sure to make a merry band of tails wag.

1. A New Leash on Life: Louisiana SPCA 'Paw & Order' Special

2. Unlocking the Potential of Louisiana Shelter Dogs

Saving Lives and Strengthening Communities

The countless homeless pets across the United States desperately need attention and aid. Louisiana is one of the states leading the charge when it comes to helping out these animals and the people that are caring for them. Over the years, steps have been taken to increase public awareness, provide resources to those who might need them, and strengthen communities when it comes to the issue.

The potential of these shelter dogs of Louisiana is truly inspiring. The handful of unsung heroes in the area have put their heart and soul into finding foster homes, rescuing them, and finding strategies that make it easier for them to make their way into solid forever homes. Adopting a shelter dog in Louisiana gives these furry companions a chance to live out their best life, and the effect ripples outwards into the community.

When someone stepping up and opening their heart to a homeless pet, they open their lives to a world of rewards. Spotless carpets, happy neighbors, and newfound companionship are all part of the package, but it doesn’t end there. Adopting shelter dogs connects people to countless amazing activities such as:

  • Dog Parks and Playdates
  • Fetch Competitions
  • Obedience Class and Training
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet-Themed Events

No matter if you’re considering life-long companionship or just looking to get involved with a rewarding cause, is a worthwhile pursuit.

3. Opportunity Knocks: Connecting Dogs to Forever Homes

As advocates for the importance of giving pets a permanent, loving home, and all of the joy that comes with it, we say that opportunity knocks for people who are looking into fostering relationships between dogs and their new families.

Fostering a relationship between a pooch and living a little differently is immensely rewarding — for both the pup and its forever human family. Here are some of the benefits that come with the territory:

  • The dog will enjoy increased exercise and playtime
  • Your home will be filled with love and snuggles from a new addition
  • Your dog will become part of your family unit

By connecting with animal shelters and rescue centers, you can open yourself up to a world of pet-adoption opportunities. Whether you wish to breed, rescue or foster a pup, all potential pet owners stand to gain from the strong bond of canine companionship.

4. Finding Furry Friends: Making Adoption Easy and Affordable

Adopting a furry friend can be incredibly rewarding, helping you create a lifelong bond. But it can also be intimidating, especially if you’re uncertain of how to go about the process. We’ve put together some tips to make it easier and more affordable, so you can give a furry companion the home they deserve.

Firstly, research all the rescue centres in your area and chat to the workers. They’ll usually be able to give you advice on the best type of animal for your lifestyle, as well as what animals are currently available. Community pet adoption events are also a great way to find exactly the right pet for you, and you can meet the pet before you commit.

Tips for Lowering Costs:

  • Look for grants in your area. Some pet charities offer financial assistance to those looking to give an animal a home.
  • Check out online forums and websites for freebies, such as carriers, bowls and bedding.
  • See if there are any local pet services who offer discounts or reduced rates – such as vaccination and spaying.

Adopting a pet can be a costly experience, so it’s important to weigh up the financial implications. Have an honest chat with the staff at the rescue centre: what will you need to cover, and what costs could be reduced? They’ll be able to provide you with support and advice.


Q: What kind of program is the Louisiana SPCA offering?
A: The Louisiana SPCA is offering an inventive program called ‘Paw & Order’ to help shelter dogs get adopted.

Q: How does ‘Paw & Order’ work?
A: Participants will be able to go to the SPCA, choose a dog, then have ‘takeout’ meals for two sent to their home. The ‘takeout’ meal comes with food for the participants and puppy treats for the new pup – a win-win for everyone involved!

Q: What are the benefits of the ‘Paw & Order’ program?
A: The Louisiana SPCA hopes that this program will make adoption easier and more appealing for participants. It also helps shelter dogs find their forever homes, giving them a chance at the life they deserve.


If you can, please consider giving one of the Louisiana SPCA’s many eligible shelter dogs the loving home they deserve. With the Paw & Order special, you will not only be saving the life of a dog, but you will also receive a brand-new companion that will bring joy and happiness to your family. The Louisiana SPCA’s special is the paw-fect opportunity for you to add a pet to your life.

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