Love Island USA’s Maura Higgins is team Bergie Bergensen: “his confidence has grown”
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Love Island star Maura Higgins has become a fan favorite on the show, captivating viewers with her intelligence and wit. It seems that her presence on the reality show has had a positive effect on her fellow contestant Bergie Bergensen, who has previously admitted to lack of confidence in past relationships. Everyone can now see Bergie’s self-confidence has grown significantly thanks to Maura’s support, and together the two have blossomed into one of the most beloved couplings in the series.
Love Island USA’s Maura Higgins is team Bergie Bergensen: “his confidence has grown”

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1. Maura Higgins: Making a Stand

Maura Higgins has made an impressive debut in the world of entertainment. The Love Island contestant has used her platform to advocate for greater gender equality, body positivity and the importance of speaking out against injustice. Whether it’s sending a powerful message on the red carpet or making a stand on social media, Maura has caught the attention of people far and wide. Here’s why:

  • Defying gender norms: Maura is bravely challenging traditional views of femininity, and using her voice to empower others to do the same. Maura’s unapologetically honest communication style has been hugely received by her social media followers.
  • Striving for body positivity: Maura has used her influence to ensure every woman is celebrated – no matter their shape or size. Whether it’s posting inspiring images on her Instagram account or speaking out about issues in the media, she’s making sure everyone feels empowered.
  • Making a stand against injustice: Maura has taken a firm stance on numerous issues – speaking out on the damaging effects of trolling, challenging gender and religious inequality in the public eye, and promoting greater acceptance of different cultures.

It’s clear that Maura is unafraid to stand up for her beliefs and use her public platform to make a difference. Her courage, determination and authenticity have won her fans around the world – and her inspiring journey continues to motivate people to speak out and make a change.

1. Maura Higgins: Making a Stand

2. Lending Her Support to “Bergie”

Often quietly in the background, Bergie’s radiant spirit has been radiating throughout her community for years. A passionate volunteer with body, heart, and soul, Bergie has never taken no for an answer and always pushed herself and others to do their best. This year, she needs a little extra support for her current project.

Bergie is attempting to start a garden for a local school cafeteria to help promote students’ health through nutrition education and access to quality food. In order to make this project a reality, Bergie needs funds for land, tools, and supplies. To help carry her dream to fruition, Bergie has set up a GoFundMe page.

  • Anonymous donations are welcome and encouraged
  • Donations of time and resources are also welcome
  • All donations will be tax-deductible

In true Bergie fashion, she’s been a pillar of strength and motivation for her community-facing yet another challenge head-on. If you’re looking for a way to lend a helping hand, please consider donating what you can to Bergie’s GoFundMe page and support her noble endeavor.

3. Maura’s Encouraging Words

Maura has a heart filled with the most amazing words of encouragement. Her enthusiasm for life and zest for pushing through uncertainty makes her the perfect person for someone who needs a little lift. Here are her three secrets to tackling life’s toughest obstacles:

  • Take it One Step at a Time: The path of hardship will never be easy to traverse, but it can be conquered one step at a time. Maura insists that your focus should remain on each small victory as you slowly make progress toward your bigger goal.
  • Realize that You are in Control: How you react and interact with what life brings your way is totally up to you. Maura believes in taking control and managing your emotions so that your thoughts drive you – not the other way around.
  • Adapt and Be Flexible: Life is a roller coaster full of lows and highs, Maura avoids panicking when things don’t go her way. Instead, she views obstacles as an opportunity for growth and a chance to discover new perspectives.

Maura’s words have the power to inspire people from all walks of life to believe that their circumstances are not their destiny. So if you ever doubt yourself, remember Maura’s words and let them motivate you to keep pushing through whatever lies in your way.

4. Examining Bergie’s Increased Confidence

Bergie had been timid and small all his life, but recently he had the courage to spring out of his fragile shell and try something bold. Though the possibility of failure was still there, Bergie chose to see it as something that could potentially make him aim higher and do better.

He started trusting his instincts and evolved into a more confident version of his past self. He used his newfound confidence to explore the possibility of accomplishing higher goals more confidently. It was admirable how he was now setting out for more difficult tasks and something that would challenge him.

This newfound confidence had its benefits, one of which was relief from the lack of pressure he used to put on himself. Bergie would spend much less time overthinking tasks he was supposed to do, instead, believing in himself and his capabilities to complete the task. He was no longer trying to shy away from something that he knew he could handle – he embraced it and was ready to carry it out with newfound courage.

  • Trust in his instincts allowed Bergie to make more confident decisions.
  • He started to challenge himself with difficult tasks.
  • Bergie was now feeling relieved from overthinking.


Q1: What is the article about?
A1: The article is about Love Island USA contestant Maura Higgins and her support for teammate Bergie Bergensen. It talks about how Higgins is impressed by Bergensen’s confidence growth since joining the show.

Q2: How has Bergie Bergensen grown while competing on Love Island USA?
A2: Bergie Bergensen has grown in confidence during his time on Love Island USA. Maura Higgins remarked on his growth saying “Bergie’s confidence has grown so much and I’m so impressed with him for coming out of his shell.”

Q3: What inspired Maura Higgins to support her teammate?
A3: Maura Higgins was inspired to support her teammate Bergie Bergensen because of his effort to overcome his self-consciousness and become the confident woman she knows him to be. Higgins remarked, “As soon as Bergie came out of his shell he’s been so strong and he’s shown so much determination. I am so proud of him!

Maura Higgins has proven that her presence in Love Island USA has come as more than beneficial – not just for herself, but also for her Love Island USA partner, Bergie Bergensen. Through Maura’s unwavering support and belief in Bergie’s capabilities, he’s not only gained a loyal and faithful friend, but also seen a noticeable improvement in his overall self-confidence. It looks like Maura’s contagious, can-do attitude and enthusiasm has been the perfect recipe for success for Bergie- and their bond is a fantastic reminder of the incredible power of love and friendship.

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