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These days, comic book fans and moviegoers alike are being treated to the wondrous and overflowing world of Marvel. But beyond that, Marvel has also taken another form, the form of memes! From clapping at the end of your favorite Marvel movies to Hawkeye’s notorious “NO” meme, these funny and often creative Marvel memes bring something special to the fandom. Today, we explore the phenomenon that are Marvel memes.
Marvel Memes

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1. The Advent of Marvel Memes

The Marvel Universe is no stranger to meme culture! With over two dozen Marvel movies released so far, it’s no surprise that there are countless memes poking fun at all your favorite characters. From Iron Man to Thor to Groot, Marvel memes have spread across the internet like wildfire, helping us to appreciate the humor in the stories and situations each film presents.

Marvel memes have also helped acquaint new audiences with the characters and their backstories. Thanks to a steady stream of cleverly crafted images, fans can get the gist of a character’s history or special powers just from looking at their meme. Iron Man has perhaps the most popular Marvel meme of them all, where he stares at a picture of food and cannot resist the urge to take a bite. It’s a humorous way to play out his famous insatiable appetite for new technology without having to explain the finer details of his character.

Marvel memes have also become a way for fans to express their thoughts about the films. Whether it’s a fan’s deep love of the MCU, or even their criticism about a certain plotline, there’s always room for a Marvel-inspired meme to help people express their opinion. Whether it’s making a joke about Thor’s hammer, or a cryptic comment about a certain surprise twist, Marvel memes provide an outlet for the ever-growing list of Marvel fans to bond over.

1. The Advent of Marvel Memes

2. A Look at Phenomenal Fan-Created Art

The genius of fandom culture lies in its creative outlet, and there’s no better example of this than fan-created art. Marvel at a selection of phenomenal fan-created art that displays the talent of some of its fans’ creative channels.

Forget pencil-shaded fan art; one of the most popular outlets for fan-created art is yarn, and the results are nothing short of awe-inspiring. From intricate pixel art to fluffy bean bag chairs, each artist’s twist on character-specific works of art is unique and amazing.

From spectacular paintings that capture every small detail of a character’s face to 3D-printed dioramas that recreate the nostalgic scenes of a favorite scene. Fan-created art captures the beauty of the entire universe and reminds us why we admire certain characters so much to begin with.

  • Pixel art – Take inspiration from sharp lines and vibrant colors with a variety of 2D pixel art.
  • Yarn art – Soft, fluffy and always in style, yarn artworks made with characters from your favorite franchises can be spotted across the world.
  • Paintings – From oil to watercolor, explore the way incredible painters interpret characters into a unique masterpiece.
  • Dioramas – Scroll through 3D dioramas, painstakingly created with model kits and miniature figurines.

3. Funniest Marvel Memes of All Time

Thor on Fish Tacos

Marvel fans got one of the funniest memes of all time when Chris Hemsworth’s Thor had a craving for fish tacos in Avengers: Endgame. The still of the God of Thunder looking more disappointed than ever because the Avengers had no fish tacos left was quickly turned into one of the most shared memes. To Thor, and all of us, the lack of fish tacos truly felt like the end of the world.

Iron Man in the Elevator

An iconic moment in Marvel history became one of the funniest memes after the release of Infinity War. Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark riding the elevator with Doctor Strange and the other Master of the Mystic Arts brought some light-heartedness to a serious situation. The tension in the air, however, was turned into hilarity by some crafty meme-makers.

Scarlett Witch Measuring Steve Rogers

One of the sweetest Marvel memes came from the narration of Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch measuring Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, to create his new fit and fashionable suit. The meme’s caption read, “You know the song that says ‘He’s the same height as me’? Yeah, he’s not the same height as me.” Whether it’s from a line of dialogue, a still from the movie, or a funny caption, Marvel memes keep us laughing.

4. Enjoying Marvel’s Unique Brand of Humor

For many, humor is a key part of the Marvel Comics experience. The company’s unique brand of humor has been a staple of the Marvel Universe for decades, with characters, storylines, and jokes that are sure to bring a chuckle.

1. Pop-culture references
Marvel’s humor often draws on elements from popular culture. Expect in-jokes about TV shows, movies, music, and even memes. Even better, Marvel likes to poke fun at itself, often with tongue-in-cheek nods to the company’s more out-there moments.

2. The lighter side of superheroes
Humor is a great way for Marvel to lighten the mood when the stakes are high. After all, these characters have a lot to deal with, so it’s nice to have some jokes thrown in for good measure. With cheesy puns, self-deprecating jokes, and wacky one-liners, there’s always something for fans to chuckle at.

3. Sense of fun
What makes Marvel’s brand of humor stand out is its sense of fun. There is natural levity in the pages, with characters that don’t take themselves too seriously and a strong sense of adventure that bring out the best in the Marvel Universe.


Q: What are Marvel Memes?
A: Marvel Memes are humorous images, videos, and inside jokes based on the popular Marvel cinematic universe.

Q: Where can I find Marvel Memes online?
A: You can find Marvel Memes virtually everywhere online. Many popular websites like Reddit, Imgur, Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter regularly feature Marvel memes.

Q: Are Marvel Memes popular?
A: Yes – these memes have become incredibly popular due to the immense fan base of the Marvel franchise.

It’s clear that Marvel is now dominating the internet, thanks to the witty and creative memes that have were made by the fanbase. Whether you like to laugh at the jokes, appreciate the artistry, or just admire the creativity, Marvel memes are here to stay!

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