Marvel’s What If…? Will Make A 2024 Appearance (But Not On Disney Plus)
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Marvel fans have been captivated by the wonderfully cinematic universe that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has created over the last decade, with an ever-expanding roster of characters and impressive special effects. But now, Marvel studios has something else in store for fans – an all-new animated series called “What If…?”. Scheduled for a 2024 release, this innovative series explores the possibilities of “what-if” scenarios, allowing Marvel to push the boundaries of its universe even further. Get ready to explore a thrilling and thought-provoking world of what could have been!
Marvel's What If...? Will Make A 2024 Appearance (But Not On Disney Plus)

Table of Contents

1. Marvel’s What If…?: A Grand Return in 2024

Marvel’s What If…?, the anthology series that has remained dormant since it aired in the late 20th century, is set to make a grand return in 2024. This show will take fans of the Marvel universe into a world of endless possibilities, showing them what could have been. While viewers will surely be delighted with a return to this beloved series, there are some noteworthy changes in store.

First off, this series will be on Disney+. Drawing on Marvel’s deep well of superheroes, this will be an 8-episode series that will span genres from alternate history to comedy. Each episode will present a different “what if,” featuring familiar heroes and villains from the Marvel universe in extraordinary situations.

  • Spider-Man: What if Peter Parker Became an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
  • Iron Man: What if Tony Stark Had Become an Assassin?
  • Hulk: What if Bruce Banner Had Never Been Born?

The series will be written by a variety of top creatives, including directors, writers, and actors from various Marvel-adjacent shows. This will be a can’t-miss show for Marvel fans, as each episode will bring a new, exciting, and unique take on beloved characters and stories. With the high production values, charismatic performances, and suspenseful twists, viewers are guaranteed an experience like no other.

1. Marvel's What If...?: A Grand Return in 2024

2. Strap in for Marvel’s What If…? – the Next Level of Storytelling

You’d better buckle up, because Marvel’s What If…? is about to take you on one ride to a parallel universe. Drawing on the multiverse concept, What If…? re-imagines notable Marvel stories with changes in character attributes or alternate plots. It’s a never-ending opportunity to explore alternate storylines with familiar characters and settings, making for some interesting twists and turns.

Each story answers “what if?”. What if Captain America was inducted into the Nazi party to take over world domination? What if Spiderman never survived being bitten by the radioactive spider? Or, what if Doctor Doom had triumphed over the Fantastic Four?

From the power team of Eisner-winning writer, Vita Ayala and critically acclaimed illustrator, Rafa Sandoval, these stories will bring a new level of storytelling. The audience waits with anticipation to see what paths the iconic Marvel characters will take in the realm of What If…?.

  • The concept of multiverse allows for a single source to tell many stories
  • The audience awaits unanswered questions to be answered
  • An all-star creative team of writer and illustrator for this new venture

3. A Whole New Universe to Explore with Marvel’s What If…?

The Possibilities are Limitless. With Marvel’s What If…? series, audiences are brought into a brand new universe where possibilities abound. Here, the Marvel Universe intermingles with alternate realities to create a fresh, exciting story arc that is sure to leave viewers wanting more.

Explore Unfamiliar Stories. What If…? introduces fans to characters they never thought could exist. These characters develop across different branches of reality, from changes in technology to changes in superpowers. Each universe offers a unique set of stories, concepts, and characters, allowing fans to fully explore the marvel multiverse.

Endless Possibilities. From changes in the timeline to rule changes to the laws of nature, everything can be altered by What If…? stories. This leaves plenty of room for imagination and exploration, giving all Marvel fans the chance to experience something new and extraordinary each time.

  • Intermingles with alternate realities
  • Introduces fans to fresh characters
  • Endless possibilities for exploration

4. Investigating the Marvel’s What If…? Conundrum: Where Will it Air?

It’s no secret that the fandom of Marvel aficionados has been eagerly awaiting the launch of a new series set to air on Disney+. But where exactly will viewers be able to get access to this highly anticipated series, “What If…?,” when it does premiere?

One thing is certain: in order to find out where the show will debut, Marvel fans should stay tuned for more information from the official sources. Nothing is yet set in stone, so it’s important to continually check for updates. Discussions about the show’s airtime have been swirling around the Internet, which will be a great resource for people to find out what new information has been revealed.

Those who are already prepared for the show’s arrival will be excited to know that it isn’t too late to get prepped for the series. With so much left to discover, one of the best ways to ensure being up-to-date is to track the latest developments on the Marvel website or their social media profiles. This will allow viewers to:

  • Keep aware of airtime timing and applications that will grant streaming access.
  • Learn more about the show’s plot and the variety of characters that will be featured.
  • Get the inside scoop on episodes, their content, and how they link to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s difficult to nail down an exact premiere date for Marvel’s “What If…?” series, but by staying informed of the release updates, viewers will get the latest intel on where to expect the show and when.


Q: What is Marvel’s What If…?
A: Marvel’s What If…? is an animated series that explores alternate realities and storylines for Marvel’s beloved characters. It was first featured in the Marvel comic books and now it’s getting its own show.

Q: When will Marvel’s What If…? be released?
A: Marvel’s What If…? is scheduled to debut in 2024.

Q: Where will the show be available to watch?
A: While Marvel’s What If…? is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the show will not be streaming on Disney Plus. Instead the series will be available to watch on other streaming platforms.

Q: What can we expect from Marvel’s What If…?
A: Marvel’s What If…? will provide an exciting opportunity to explore alternate universes and the possibilities of ‘what if?’. It will feature spectacular visuals and characters that Marvel fans know and love, as well as their uniquely entertaining storylines.

Marvel’s What If…? is sure to make a triumphant return to screens in 2024, though exactly what form it will take is still up for discussion. With Comic-Con right around the corner, there’s sure to be a flurry of excitement as fans discuss all of the possibilities that this new reboot will bring. However it ends up, one thing is for sure: It’ll be a ride that we won’t want to miss.

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