MIBR anuncia saída de Tuurtle
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The news has sent shockwaves throughout the esports world – MIBR has announced the departure of Tuurtle from their professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. Tuurtle has been a major part of the MIBR team for the past four years, and his departure leaves the organization with a big void to fill. But what exactly happened to result in the split between MIBR and Tuurtle?
MIBR anuncia saída de Tuurtle

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1. MIBR Shakes Things Up: Tuurtle Departure Announced

Mibr, the Brazilian esports team, made an unexpected announcement today, confirming the departure of long-time player Tuurtle. The team’s Brazilian CS:GO roster has had a difficult and tumultuous year, with it’s performance stumbling and roster changes being made day after day.

The sudden departure of Tuurtle marks the fourth addition to the team’s already lengthy list of outgoing players. The Brazilian Counter-Strike star was well-known for his previous contributions to the team, most recently first-place finishes at the DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 and ESL Pro League Season 12 South America.

The announcement did not come as a surprise to many in the CS:GO community, as speculations of Mibr’s roster shake-ups had been circulating for weeks. What many failed to anticipate was the speed and magnitude of the departure – leaving the team’s future uncertain. It marks a turning point in the team’s long and prestigious history, and many are left wondering what the new roster will look like:

  • Will Mibr replace Tuurtle with an existing player, or draft a new one from the amateur scene?
  • Will MiBR keep its core roster intact and just make a few minor changes?
  • Will this affect the team’s overall performance, or will they be able to bounce back stronger than ever?

Only time will tell, and one thing is certain – the Brazilian CS:GO scene will never be the same without Tuurtle.
1. MIBR Shakes Things Up: Tuurtle Departure Announced

2. Team Dynamics: What This Means for MIBR

Tuning the forces that drive team dynamics is a necessary and important part of ensuring effectiveness in any organization. As part of the MIBR organization, team dynamics hold a particularly important factor in terms of ongoing operational and organizational success.

So what does this mean for MIBR? Here are the major areas of focus that should be considered when assessing team dynamics in the MIBR organization:

  • Organizational culture: Developing a strong organizational culture is essential to team dynamics. It should be based on individual and collective understanding of shared values and beliefs.
  • Team morale: Every successful team requires strong morale that can be built through ongoing communication and recognition.
  • Leadership: Leadership is critical for creating successful team dynamics. Leaders need to actively engage with their team by providing clear guidance and direction for the team while allowing for everyone’s individual strengths and skills to be used to their fullest.

Successful team dynamics within MIBR should lead to more effective communication, collaboration, and a strong commitment to achieving success for the organization. By focusing on team dynamics, MIBR can ensure that team members can work together more efficiently, leading to greater productivity and a higher level of performance in all areas of operations.

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4. What’s Ahead for MIBR and Turtle?

As MIBR’s triumph over Turtle in the tournament’s final propelled them into a world class team, many of us were left wondering what the future holds for both teams.

For MIBR, this win strengthens their current lead in competitive gaming and safe to say we can expect more such powerful performances from them. As for Turtle, they have proved they have what it takes to challenge even the most experienced teams. Cementing their place as one of the rising stars in the competitive gaming world.

  • MIBR: With this win, MIBR can look forward more tournament victories and success in the competitive gaming world.
  • Turtle: With their dedication and determination, Turtle will continue to grow in the competitive scene and stand up to even the toughest of opponents.

As for the next step for both the teams, it is up to them to keep up the impressive performance and take the crown in the next tournament.


Q: What happened with MIBR?

A: MIBR recently announced the departure of professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Tuurtle from their team.

Q: What caused Tuurtle’s departure from MIBR?

A: MIBR cited “internal issues” as the primary cause for Tuurtle’s departure.

Q: Does this mean that MIBR won’t have the full roster in the upcoming tournaments?

A: Yes, MIBR will be without Tuurtle for their next tournaments and have announced they will search for a replacement player.


MIBR recently made a controversial decision to let go of their team captain Turtle, a move that surprised many fans of the team and esports in general. As the organization moves forward, only time will tell if this decision will pay off and help take MIBR to the next level. For now, Turtle joins the growing list of players who have departed the team as they continue their hunt for an elusive championship.

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