Minnesota Twins DH Byron Buxton on former teammate Luis Arraez: “Hitting is hard. He makes it look like it’s a backyard baseball game”
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When a highly praised and experienced player expresses admiration for his former teammate, it’s worth taking note. Minnesota Twins DH Byron Buxton recently described former teammate Luis Arraez as a “backyard baseball game” master when speaking of his skill at the plate. Buxton’s kind words not only demonstrate his own respect for Arraez, but also describe the confidence and strength of the young Twins player. A closer look at Luis Arraez and Byron Buxton’s relationship reveals even more about the impact Buxton has had on the Twins team.
Minnesota Twins DH Byron Buxton on former teammate Luis Arraez:

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1. Appreciating the At-Bat Master: Byron Buxton on Luis Arraez

The Unsung Hero of this Series

Luis Arraez is quickly becoming the underappreciated MVP of the Minnesota Twins this season, and his loyal teammate in right field, Byron Buxton, treasures him. Buxton’s admiration for Arraez was evident in the way he celebrated Arraez’s winning hit in the third game of the series.

Buxton ran over to Arraez and embraced him in a bear hug as his teammates exploded in joy around them. In that moment, Buxton’s admiration for his young teammate was clear, and it was a true testament to the bond formed between the two.

With Arraez’s hit, he not only showed his worth, but also the value of friendship and camaraderie on a team. His stats on the field speak for themselves, but what goes unnoticed is his invaluable influence in the clubhouse. He is praised by his fellow teammates not just for his performance in the game, but also for bringing an element of joy and enthusiasm that is infectious.

  • Buxton’s admiration for Arraez was evident
  • Arraez’s hit showed his worth and the value of friendship and camaraderie
  • Arraez is not just praised for his performance in the game, but also for his joy and enthusiasm

1. Appreciating the At-Bat Master: Byron Buxton on Luis Arraez

2. Easy Out? Not for Luis Arraez!

Like a bolt of lightning, Luis Arraez burst onto the major league baseball field in the spring of 2019, making an instant impact for the Minnesota Twins. His energy and enthusiasm have been infectious, and he’s quickly become one of the leaders on the club.

Although Arraez is known as a hitter, his glove is integral to the Twins winning formula. He runs deep into the hole to corral errant ground balls, ranged to his left to nab a line drive, and has made a number of dazzling double plays. Arraez frequently makes the tough plays look easy, and his performance in the field is as important as his bat.

Plus, the young infielder often seems to performs his best when the chips are down. In key situations, he rises to the occasion and rarely makes errors. He may have only a few years in the majors under his belt, but his maturity and poise are evident.

  • Exceptionally calm under pressure
  • Smooth glove always seems overshadowed by his bat
  • Remains a defining force in the Twins’ infield

3. Luis Arraez: Proving Hitting is an Art Form

Luis Arraez is rewriting the history books to prove hitting is an art form. As the Minnesota Twins’ primary second baseman, Arraez is consistently demonstrating his prowess for the plate and making a name for himself as a formidable hitter. With some simple adjustments to his approach, Arraez is propelling himself to the top of the leaderboard.

One of his greatest advantages is his aggressive approach. Arraez rarely swings and misses, thanks to his ability to make quick decisions and adjust his focus to the pitch mid-swing. As a result, he has one of the best contact rates in baseball, with a near-perfect swing that produces consistent contact and few strikeouts. He also excels at drawing walks, which helps him keep his batting average high.

What truly sets Arraez apart from other batters is his ability to hit for power. Arraez relies on superior hand-eye coordination and remarkable discipline at the plate. His uncanny ability to read the situation quickly lets him identify the pitch and adjust his swing instantly. He has an exceptional ability to make hard contact even on off-speed pitches, making him a rare offensive threat.

  • Aggressive Approach: Making quick decisions and adjusting his focus mid-swing.
  • Drawing Walks: Helps Arraez keep his batting average high.
  • Hit for Power: Uncanny ability to read the situation to identify the pitch and adjust swing instantly.

4. The Minnesota Twins: Taking Advantage of aTrue Backyard Ballplayer

It’s rare to find an athlete who is born in their home state and is able to play professionally for that same team. Such is the case for the Minnesota Twins. For this storied franchise, their rich history has been no exception when it comes to discovering their own homegrown talent. A true backyard ballplayer, the Twins have a knack for plucking the very best players out of their own backyard and transforming them into stars.

Scouting and Developing Talent

  • The Twins have an extensive scouting program that allows them to identify, recruit and sign top-level players within their market.
  • Recent standouts include Joe Mauer, who was drafted directly from Minnesota high school to the majors and Miguel Sano, who signed as an international free agent.

The Twins have also cultivated a solid farm system over the years that has enabled them to produce some of the top talent that has made its way to the major leagues. This is evident through the success they have had with prospects such as Byung-Ho Park, Max Kepler, and Jose Berrios. Further, the Twins have gone to great lengths in order to maximize the potential of their homegrown prospects, by providing them with the time and resources necessary to reach their peak performance level.

Supporting Young Talent Through Coaching and Mentoring

  • The Twins have a reputation for supporting their younger players, having hired experienced coaches and instructors to help guide their young stars.
  • They have also hired former players, allowing those players to pass down their knowledge and experiences directly to the team’s current stars.

The Twins are committed to nurturing and supporting their young stars, and that has been a major factor in the success that the team has had with their homegrown talent. By providing their players with the necessary resources, coaching and mentoring to help them reach their full potential, the Twins have been able to become a powerhouse of backyard ballplayers.


Q: What did Twins DH Byron Buxton have to say about his former teammate Luis Arraez?
A: Buxton commented on Arraez’s impressive batting ability, saying “Hitting is hard. He makes it look like it’s a backyard baseball game.”

Q: What has made Arraez’s batting stand out?
A: Since he joined the Twins, Arraez has consistently conducted solid batting tactics at the plate, leading to a higher batting average than MLB average. He also puts the ball in play and is not often seen striking out, attributes that have gained him the admiration of his former teammate Buxton.

Q: How has Buxton responded to Arraez’s success?
A: Buxton is very supportive of his former teammate, often praising him for his accomplishments and speaking highly of his talent. He appreciates the ease Arraez brings to the game and his calculated approach to hitting, which is why he referred to Arraez’s batting tactics as “backyard baseball.”


As the Minnesota Twins look to the future, Byron Buxton and Luis Arraez have set an example for current and future players of what real teamwork looks like. Their camaraderie and understanding on the field is something to marvel at. Whether they’re apart or together, it’s clear their partnership will never be forgotten.

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