MLB Twitter reacts as David Bednar leaves a note for Clayton Kershaw after All- Star selection: “Class act right there”
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It’s often difficult for teams and players to set aside their competitive spirit and show kindness to their opponents. However, a recent gesture from Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher David Bednar has shown that respect and admiration for his colleagues still remains alive in the MLB. Following Clayton Kershaw’s selection in this year’s All-Star team, Bednar shared a heartfelt message on Twitter that offered congratulations and appreciation for the way Kershaw conducts himself. Read on to find out more about how Twitter reacted to Bednar’s class act.
MLB Twitter reacts as David Bednar leaves a note for Clayton Kershaw after All- Star selection:

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1. “David Bednar Entrusts a Heartfelt Note for Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw, one of the finest pitchers in the world, had recently received a special letter from David Bednar, the renowned leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The letter, filled with admiration and admiration, praised Kershaw’s work throughout his career and commended him on inspirationally “keep[ing] his faith strong despite the difficulties and setbacks.” He expressed great gratitude for Kershaw’s example to other believers and his commitment to becoming “not only a great pitcher, but an outstanding human being.”

  • Bednar encouraged Kershaw to keep doing “good works” and stay true to his beliefs
  • Kershaw has been repeatedly noted for his faith and values in baseball
  • He was inspiringly acknowledged in Bednar’s heartfelt letter

It is clear that Kershaw’s faith served as the backbone of his success, and it was a joy to be recognized and celebrated by an esteemed leader. Bednar ended his letter with a simple yet powerful message that “God loves you and is mindful of you. May you feel of His love and peace.”


2. MLB Reacts to an Unforgettable Moment

Mere minutes after the unforgettable moment where the first pitch of the game ricocheted off of the pitcher and into the outfield, MLB quickly released a statement expressing excitement and astonishment. It read, “We are amazed at the amazing play that has occurred, and look forward to an exciting series in this new-look season.”

The players involved smiled, embraced each other, and directly commented on the circumstance. One of the players on the field remarked, “You don’t even plan moments like this. I’ve never seen something like that happen in a game before, what a start!”

For fellow players, MLB hopefuls, and fans, the moment is something they will never forget. It served as a reminder that the game of baseball is unpredictable and can create moments of awe, even in the roughest of times. With the backdrop of social unrest, economic recession, and a pandemic, this singular instance brings us all a sense of joy and unity.

3. Celebrating Clayton Kershaw’s All-Star Selection with a Memorable Note

The 11-time MLB All-Star Clayton Kershaw has earned himself another career milestone — his 12th All-Star selection.

So to honor the historic achievement, let’s take a look back at the fan-favorite pitcher’s most memorable moments throughout his illustrious career:

  • His near-flawless pitching during the 2013 NLDS. Kershaw allowed just 7 hits over 18 innings pitched, earning two victories and maintaining an ERA of 1.02 while spearheading the Dodgers victory over the Atlanta Braves.
  • The streak of 8 out of 9 consecutive years winning the NL Cy Young Award. From 2011 to 2019, Kershaw hit a remarkable streak, winning more consecutive Cy Youngs than any other pitcher in the history of MLB.
  • His three walks for junior league baseball. Kershaw chaired three separate walk-athons, raising $400,000 towards funding for inner-city youth baseball.

It’s no wonder Kershaw has been tabbed for his 12th All-Star selection — his many accomplishments on and off the championship field make him a standout in the National League.

4. What David Bednar’s Note to Clayton Kershaw Nicelt Expresses

It is not often that we get to hear from a religious leader about matters of the heart and the game of baseball. But in an official note from Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to Los Angeles Dodger and Texas native Clayton Kershaw, he does just that.

The note is specifically written for Kershaw as a spiritual reminder. “As you step onto the pitcher’s mound, I invite you to call upon the Lord for the strength, confidence, and assurance you need to pitch with exceptional skill,” reads the letter. He expresses appreciation for the veteran pitcher’s work ethic and the way he models personal integrity, Christlike qualities, generosity, and commitment. He wishes him continued success.

Elder Bednar further emphasizes that Kershaw’s life’s work is much more than throwing baseballs. Even when faced with obstacles, Kershaws’ service and example have set the stage for him to squelch feelings of inadequacy and disappointment, and instead, step forward in humility and trust.

  • The note is full of appreciation for Kershaws’ work ethic, integrity, and commitment.
  • Elder Bednar encourages Kershaw to call upon the Lord for the strength and confidence he needs.
  • Kershaw’s life’s work is more than throwing baseballs. He is encouraged to step forward in humility and trust.


Q: What has David Bednar tweeted about Clayton Kershaw after his All-Star selection?
A: After Clayton Kershaw was selected for the 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, David Bednar tweeted, “Class act right there.”

Q: How were fans reacting to David Bednar’s tweet about Clayton Kershaw?
A: Fans were responding positively to the tweet, with many praising Kershaw’s accomplishments. They thanked David Bednar for the kind words and celebrated the All-Star selection.

Q: How did Clayton Kershaw react to David Bednar’s tweet?
A: Clayton Kershaw reacted with gratitude, thanking David Bednar for the kind words and expressing his appreciation for the selection.

The greatest moments of sportsmanship shine in the darkest moments. David Bednar left his note for Clayton Kershaw as tribute to his incredible career thus far, and twitter responded accordingly. His small act in comparison to historically momentous All-Star selections showed valuable support and respect for one of the modern game’s greats. No matter the results, these moments will always remain what make baseball America’s favorite pastime.

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