Mom comes out to her 7-year-old as a sexual assault survivor. The discomfort was worth it.
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The courage it takes to open up about a traumatic past is something no one can ever take away from. For one mom, the task of letting her 7-year-old daughter know that she was a survivor of sexual assault was more difficult than she could ever imagine– but the momentary discomfort was more than worth it. Read on to learn more about this inspiring story of motherhood and courage.
Mom comes out to her 7-year-old as a sexual assault survivor. The discomfort was worth it.

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1. Shattering the Silence of Abuse: Mom Comes Out to Her 7-Year-Old

When her daughter came home with a question about why her father had never called her on the phone, the woman knew it was time to pull the cat out of the bag. She had spent more than a decade living with a toxic partner, and had worked hard to keep the details of her broken relationship away from her young daughter.

Breaking the Cycle

The mom was determined to break the cycle of suffering, and knew that the first step was for her daughter to understand what had gone on in the home. She sat down with her seven-year-old, and explained why her father had not been present in her life. She comforted her daughter with tenderness and understanding, and offered her words of solace.

The woman made her daughter aware of the truth that had been kept hidden for too long. She explained that while her father had made mistakes, the blame was never hers to bear. She encouraged her daughter to open up and talk about her pent-up emotions, and reminded her that it was nothing short of powerful to speak out about such a difficult and delicate topic.

  • The woman was determined to break the cycle of suffering.
  • She encouraged her daughter to open up and talk about her pent-up emotions.
  • She reminded her daughter that it was nothing short of powerful to speak out about such a difficult and delicate topic.

1. Shattering the Silence of Abuse: Mom Comes Out to Her 7-Year-Old

2. Showing Strength Through Vulnerability: Confronting the Fear of Disclosure

Engaging in the act of disclosure requires immense courage. It’s no secret that doing so can be incredibly painful and can cost dearly with respect to energy and emotions. If one is not ready, it is better to wait and take a break if needed.

The more effort put into constructing and organizing the thoughts, the easier the statement will flow out. A great way to begin is to gather your thoughts and express them through writing first. Rehearse your words in the mind or out loud. Speak strongly with conviction. Achieving this feat will help place power in your voice instead of fear.

  • Take tiny steps to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Start openly and honestly discussing thoughts, experiences, and opinions.
  • Share your story and listen to the feedback of others.

Through this process, it’s possible to break through the fear of disclosure by developing a sense of true empowerment. Gaining acknowledgment from other individuals, building trust within relationships, and speaking the sacred truth out loud can ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life experience.

3. Taking the Courageous Next Step: Embracing Uncomfortable Conversations

Change is often unexpected and can be disruptive. Taking the courageous next step of having uncomfortable conversations can be frightening, but it can also be a necessary step to addressing tensions within workplace dynamics. Here are three ways to approach such situations.

  • Be Prepared and Choose Your Words Wisely: From the beginning, be aware and composed so that the conversation does not spiral out of control. Additionally, carefully craft your words to ensure that your opinion is heard without judgement or escalating the situation. Choose language that brings awareness to the problem at hand without placing blame.
  • Remain Firm: Do not back down or recoil when the conversation backs you into a corner. This is an uncomfortable confrontation, but standing your ground shows that you are taking the issue seriously and that you are willing to discuss the situation. Remember that the discomfort is shared and can be equally uncomfortable for everyone involved.
  • Stay Open to Feedback: During this stressful conversation, try to stay open to feedback and be willing to adjust your approach. Seeing the perspectives of other parties is essential for the conversation to move forward without becoming stagnant.

These conversations require courage, but can be worth the effort when approaching delicate topics. Before initiating the conversation, it can be helpful to reflect on why the conversation is being held, and what is the desired outcome for the participants. Remember, everyone involved is likely just as uncomfortable as you are so finding a way to bring everyone together with mutual understanding may take some time.

4. Redefining Healing: A Journey of Courage and Compassion

Healing is a process of self-discovery, courage and compassion. It can often be a journey of hardship and trauma, but what lies on the other side is a better understanding of yourself and how to embrace who you are. Here are four ways to redefine healing and move past the obstacles that may have hindered you in the past.

  • Find Self-Acceptance: Learn to accept yourself as you are and move towards a greater understanding of your inner self. Find solace and comfort in the things that make you unique and appreciate the journey as it unfolds.
  • Face Difficult Emotions: There are certain emotions that can be difficult to process and deal with. Embrace these emotions by learning how to move through them with grace and understanding. Release the pain and hurt, as this is just another step on the journey to healing.
  • Cultivate Self-Compassion: Self-compassion is an important part of healing. Learn to forgive yourself and accept the past. Take time to nurture your spirit and practice self-care in order to promote healing.
  • Find Peace: When you have found peace with yourself, take time to practice mindfulness and presence. Focus on the present moment and choose to be in a positive state of mind. Find peace through acceptance and be content in the here and now.

Redefining healing is ultimately a journey of courage and compassion. As you begin to redefine healing, find strength and understanding from within to move forward with grace. It can be a long road, but it can lead to a place of inner growth and peace. Through self-acceptance, facing difficult emotions, cultivating self-compassion, and finding peace, healing can be found.


Q1: What motivated a mother to reveal her experience as a sexual assault survivor to her seven-year-old?
A1: The mother was motivated to reveal her experience to her seven-year-old as a means of empowering her by providing an honest and open account of her past and the strength she has gained from it. She also wanted to create a space for open dialogue between the two of them so that her daughter could feel comfortable coming to her if she ever faced a similar situation.

Q2: What did the mother feel when coming out with her story?
A2: Initially, the mother was filled with trepidation and apprehension at the prospect of discussing her experience with her child. However, upon seeing her daughter’s compassionate response, the mother felt a wave of relief wash over her, knowing that her daughter was receptive to her story and could find comfort in knowing that her mother was once in a similar position.

Q3: What effects did this disclosure have on her daughter?
A3: By coming out to her daughter, the mother was able to create an environment of openness and honesty that further strengthened the bond between the two of them. Her daughter was able to empathize with her mother’s story and gain a greater understanding of the value of self-empowerment and trust in the face of challenging circumstances.

This brave mother’s story is an example of the importance of being honest and open with children about personal experiences. While coming out as a survivor of sexual assault was a difficult step to take, it was ultimately worth it for both mother and daughter. By speaking openly and honestly to each other, both were able to deepen their relationship and build a strong foundation of trust.

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