“My GOAT has been Michael Jordan” – Dwyane Wade puts LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in his ‘room of GOATs’
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In the pantheon of basketball divine, who reigns supreme? In the on-going debate of who is the greatest athlete to lace up a pair of sneakers, Miami Heat legend Dwayne Wade has made his decisive call. Wade believes that his Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) is the trailblazing Michael Jordan, but the Heat alum has more than enough love to go around; finding room in his own so-called “room of GOATs” for both Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.
“My GOAT has been Michael Jordan” – Dwyane Wade puts LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in his ‘room of GOATs’

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1. It’s Official – Dwyane Wade Adds Michael Jordan to his “Room of GOATs”

NBA legend Dwyane Wade recently posted a photo on Instagram detailing his ongoing “Room of GOATs” project, and the six-time all-star is now accepting none other than Michael Jordan into his GOAT pantheon. In his caption, Wade expresses admiration for the greatest basketball player of all time:

“MJ has always been that dude I wanted to be like. MJ has always been that dude who inspired me. I am honored and blessed to do what I do and I wanted to thank you MJ, for inspiring a generation. Welcome to the room #GoatRoom #Mj #MyInspiration”

Wade’s Room of GOATs includes posters, paintings, and action figures of legendary figures in American culture. His list of homegrown heroes extends far beyond the world of basketball, and includes the likes of Harriet Tubman, Jesse Owens, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other music, art, and political legends. With Michael Jordan now entering the Rings of Honor, it’s clear that Wade continues to honor his passions and the people who have inspired him—all while inspiring generations of hopefuls with his own contributions to the basketball world and beyond.

1. It's Official - Dwyane Wade Adds Michael Jordan to his

2. Wade Explains How MJ Changed His Perspective on Basketball

For Hall-of Fame point guard Dwyane Wade, Michael Jordan changed the way he thought about the game of basketball. Growing up in Chicago, he witnessed firsthand the epic Jordan era, including the “Last Dance” that launched the greatest dynasty of modern era.

The impact of seeing Jordan play was dawning on Wade, even as a youngster. He knew he was watching history in the making—and that it wasn’t simply Michael Jordan doing something extraordinary. It was an entire team and organization coming together to revolutionize the game.

  • Jordan’s Killer Instinct – Wade describes watching MJ play as a child and seeing a level of determination and passion he had never seen before. Jordan had a killer instinct to win at all costs and dominate his opponents, whether it was through scoring, defensive play, or simply his intimidating presence.
  • Authenticity – Seeing the authenticity in Jordan’s game was another thing that stood out to Wade. He was an unselfish player who raised the level of those around him by doing whatever it took to win. Whether it was calling plays or taking over a game, Jordan would make sure his team got the job done.
  • Leadership – Wade also mentions the leadership Jordan brought to the team. He was a vocal leader both on and off the court. He inspired his teammates to reach for greatness, and always found ways to motivate them in order to reach their fullest potential.

3. How LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Earned Their Place in Wade’s List of GOATs

It’s no secret that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are two of the greatest basketball players to ever lace up their sneakers. Regarded as legendary icons, these two icons have done more than make a name for themselves—they’ve made a legacy. So how did they end up as part of Dwayne Wade’s list of GOATs (Greatest Of All Time)? Let’s take a look.

First and foremost, it’s the accolades they’ve achieved over the years that have led to their lofty recognition. NBA Championships? Check. Olympic gold medal appearances? Check. All-star appearances? Check. LeBron and Kobe have achieved the top honours in virtually every accomplishment imaginable, putting them both firmly into the GOAT conversation.

But more than that, we can’t ignore the other qualities that have earned them their place. Whether it’s Kobe’s legendary work ethic, or LeBron’s unprecedented court vision, they each have things that they bring to the game that set them apart. Kobe and LeBron have become so synonymous with basketball greatness that it’s hard to imagine a list of GOATs without them.

4.NBA Fans Cheer Wade’s Decision to Show Respect to All of Basketball’s Legends

It seems that Dwyane Wade’s decision to pay respect to all of the basketball legends has been universally applauded. During his retirement speech earlier this week, he made sure to not only thank LeBron James and the Miami Heat, but all the greats who have paved the way before. It was a sight to behold.

The moment truly resonated with NBA fans and ignited a sense of pride. The importance of the historical impact of the predecessors was visible in Wade’s gesture. The camaraderie in the NBA was obvious, and it was even recognized by some that a key element to the game of basketball is to show respect for all of those who have come before.

Dwyane Wade has made history by being the first player in the NBA to openly and directly thank the countless other NBA legends as a part of saying goodbye. His lasting footprint is seen in fans’ reactions. The following list summarises some of the love responses Wade received on social media:

  • Celebratory messages from Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson.
  • Thousands of posts by fans saying, “Thank you D. Wade”.
  • Video reels of moments with Wade and other superstars.
  • Hashtags honoring the great point guard.


Q: What did Dwyane Wade mean when he said “My GOAT has been Michael Jordan”?

A: Dwyane Wade says that Michael Jordan is his Greatest Of All Time (GOAT). This means that he believes that out of all the great players in basketball history, Jordan stands out as the most impressive individual player.

Q: Did Wade also mention any other basketball players when it comes to the “room of GOATs”?

A: Yes, he did. Wade also included two other legends, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, in his “room of GOATs”. The three talented stars together form a trifecta of exceptional basketball players in Wade’s opinion.

Q: What did Wade mean when he said “GOAT”?

A: In the context of the article, GOAT is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time. It is an expression that has become popular lately and is often used to refer to the player that a person believes is the best in a specific sport.


Dwyane Wade’s love and admiration for Michael Jordan is firmly cemented in history. Even as many vie to crown the greatest basketball player of all time, Wade’s proclamation of his GOAT runs deeper than petty debates and comparisons. He’s simply given his respect to the GOATs he admires, without diminishing the respect for the other greats of the game. Michael Jordan graciously accepted the crown, taking his place in the room of GOATs adorned with unparalleled talent.

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