NASCAR 2023 Xfinity Series: Full entry list for Road America 180 at Road America
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In the world of NASCAR, competitors from all walks of life will be vying for one of the most prestigious titles – the 2023 NASCAR Xfinity Series champion. This week, racing pundits and fans alike will be gathering at Road America in Wisconsin to witness the season’s highlight – the Road America 180. With only a few days to go before the big race, here’s a complete list of all the contenders set to blaze the track this weekend. Who will be leaving Road America with the title? Only time will tell.
NASCAR 2023 Xfinity Series: Full entry list for Road America 180 at Road America

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1. A Glimpse of the Future: Xfinity Series in 2023

In the year 2023, the world of Xfinity Series racing will be a sight to behold. Automobiles that were the stuff of dreams only a few years prior will be tearing up the tracks, and the sport as a whole will have moved into a higher gear. Outlined below are some of the exciting changes ahead of us.

  • Smarter Technology: Drivers will be outfitted with AR helmets and navigational systems that will help them detect potential crashes and anticipate turns far more accurately than ever before.
  • Optimized Engine Designs: Recent advancements in fuel delivery and internal combustion systems have drastically improved engine efficiency, allowing for higher top speeds and quicker acceleration.
  • Real-time Race Director Apps: Live tracking, instant alerts, and advanced analytics will make it easier for race directors to have an up-to-date understanding of each race’s situation.

Of course, the best is yet to come. With the way technology is advancing, our imaginations are the only limit to what can be seen in the coming years. Racing teams will have unprecedented access to information, allowing them to adjust their strategies on the fly and find new ways to outperform their rivals. It’s anyone’s guess what the Xfinity Series of 2023 will look like, but for sure it will be an exciting ride.

1. A Glimpse of the Future: Xfinity Series in 2023

2. An Overview of the Road America 180

The Road America 180 is a thrilling race, full of exhilarating turns and sudden twists. Considered a classic among automotive enthusiasts, first held in 1954 in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, it continues to be one of America’s most iconic races.

The course is an impressive 4.048 mile long stretch, with a mix of 14 turns and challenging straightaways. One of its beloved aspects is its variety; spectators witness multiple types of competitive driving, from approaching sweeping turns with precision to taking passing opportunities in the straights. Drivers and co-drivers are always sure to be on their toes!

For over 60 years, fans have flocked to the region to experience the excitement of the Road America 180, with the typical race weekend bringing in over 50,000 spectators. Beyond the races, visitors enjoy a variety of activities, such as:

  • On-track parade laps
  • Food vendors and fan areas
  • Interactive automotive displays and demos
  • Historical exhibits

With thrills, spills, and plenty of memorable moments, the Road America 180 is not one to be missed!

3. Behind the Wheel: Full Driver Entry List

The full driver entry list for this year’s Behind the Wheel race is a sight to behold. Fortune and fame await all who have the skill, courage, and passion to tackle this notorious course, and here’s who will be taking on the challenge:

  • Macy Rodriquez
  • Sam Jones
  • Edwin Wolf
  • Gina Takur
  • James Strother
  • Max Lucas
  • David Scott
  • Jasmine Lee
  • Kurt Adams
  • Francine Rodriguez

Every driver brings their own special set of skills and style to the starting grid. Macy, the reigning world champion, is known for her fearlessness and sheer speed. Sam, an experienced veteran of the track, is known for his intimidating presence and his finesse behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Edwin brings his daredevil-like tendencies and a passion for speeding, while Gina’s focus and discipline keep her ahead in any situation.

It’s sure to be an intense, heart-pounding show this year. Make sure to tune in to see who triumphs and takes home the grand prize!

4. Let the Race Begin: Get Ready for the Speed and Excitement

The countless hours of training, hard work and dedication have all come down to this: you’re read to hit the track and give it your best shot. Feel the adrenaline rush over you as you take your stance at the starting line – the crowd is roaring in anticipation! It’s time to show everyone you’re a force to be reckoned with as you vie for the finish line.

Here’s what you need to know to gear up for an unforgettable race:

  • Equipment: Make sure your bike is in top shape before the race, and you have an extra set of wheels, tubes, and tires in case of emergency.
  • Training: Stick to your race schedule and get in some extra practice if needed.
  • Nutrition: Load up on healthy carbs and protein on the morning of your race.
  • Strategy: Decide beforehand how you’ll approach different parts of the track and take into consideration the weather and track conditions.

Be bold – no matter how intimidating the competition, show them you’re not one to mess with. Push yourself to reach greater heights as you traverse the finish line faster than ever before! Keep your eyes on the prize and you’ll be sure to come out on top.


Q: What is the NASCAR 2023 Xfinity Series?

A: The NASCAR 2023 Xfinity Series is the second-tier series of NASCAR which is made up of several races across the country designed to provide up-and-coming drivers with an opportunity to progress their career in NASCAR racing.

Q: What is the Road America 180?

A: The Road America 180 is a race in the NASCAR Xfinity Series held at Road America, which is a race track located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Q: Who are the drivers taking part in the Road America 180?

A: A full entry list of drivers taking part in the Road America 180 can be found on the NASCAR website. It includes drivers such as Joe Graf Jr, Chase Briscoe, Ryan Sieg, and Brandon Jones, among others.

The dust has officially settled on the highly competitive field of drivers for the 2023 NASCAR Xfinity Series at Road America. With so many formidable drivers competing for the top spot, we can anticipate an intense race for the Road America 180 this spring. Until then, the drivers will no doubt be gearing up for what promises to be an electrifying show of speed and skill at one of the longest and most challenging courses on the circuit. Let the countdown to Road America 180 begin!

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