NBA fans react to Muggsy Bogues having a higher offensive rebounding rate than Kevin Durant
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There are no shortage of heated debates in the NBA world, but few can compare to the age-old question: who is a better rebounder, Kevin Durant or Muggsy Bogues? It’s been an ongoing debate that has been around for years, and now that the stats are showing that Muggsy Bogues has a higher offensive rebounding rate than Kevin Durant, NBA fans are certainly expressing their thoughts. Read on to find out what fans have been talking about when it comes to both of these great players and their ability to rebound the ball.
NBA fans react to Muggsy Bogues having a higher offensive rebounding rate than Kevin Durant

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1. Muggsy Bogues’ Unlikely Edge Over Kevin Durant

Muggsy Bogues stood at 5 foot 3 inches tall, and faced off against many towering opponents during his time in the NBA. Yet despite his diminutive size, Bogues had one big advantage over shooting guard Kevin Durant, who stands 7 inches taller than him.

Street Smartness – With the court being like his second home, the wily Bogues never failed to outthink bigger opponents. He mastered the art of stealing the ball off them, with great agility and skill. In an interview, he mentioned, “It was never about size when I stepped onto the court. I always used my street smartness to stay one step ahead of opponents.” His ability to read the defense also gave him an opportunity to pass better than any big man.

  • Absolute craftiness
  • Keen game sense

Game Sense and Craftiness – Few players have the game sense of Bogues, who always seemed to know the right play to make. He had the absolute craftiness of a chess master, instantly reacting to anything that was thrown his way. He was quick to recognize opponents’ tendencies and used that knowledge to outwit them. He was a master of playing without the ball, capable of reading and exploiting the defense.

1. Muggsy Bogues' Unlikely Edge Over Kevin Durant

2. Surprising Reactions From NBA Fans

NBA fans have had quite a few surprising reactions that have left us all wondering. What could have led them to these outbursts of fandom? Here is a breakdown of some of the most iconic and bewildering demonstrations that NBA fans have put on:

  • When the Toronto Raptors won their first ever NBA Championship, fans in Toronto took to the streets, forming a massive parade. Hoverboards, cars, people dancing in the streets- it felt like a mini music festival as each fan showed their devotion and excitement!
  • When the Golden State Warriors won 73 games in 2015, the Bay Area erupted in jubilation with parades that lasted for days. One moment that everyone remembers is when a group of Bay Area fans jumped into the San Francisco Bay, fully clothed, to celebrate!
  • Another passionate outburst of fandom came when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Championship. Fans in Cleveland celebrated all night long, taking off their clothes and lighting fires in the streets as if it were the end of the world!

These reactions from fans weren’t just exuberant displays of support, but expressions of pride and devotion. The NBA fans who reacted in this way showed us all how powerful the bond between team and fan can be.

3. How Bogues’ Higher Rebounds Rate Stacks Up

Much of Muggsy Bogues’ fame came from his talent as a point guard, but he also excelled in the rebounding department. During the 1988-89 season, Bogues averaged 6.6 rebounds per game, the highest among other guards not classified as “overpowering” rebounders. But how does his impressive number stack up against the best of the best?

When it comes to rebounding, some players stand above the rest. Charles Barkley had 11.7 rebounds per game in the 1987-88 season, while Dennis Rodman notched 18.7 in 91-92. Even in comparison to recent talent, Draymond Green leads the pack with 9.9 in the 2017-18 rookie season. With stats like those Muggsy Bogues’ 6.6 doesn’t seem like much.

While it can be argued that Bogues’ rebounding numbers don’t exactly light up a stat board, the contributions he made to the game are undeniable. After all, he was the shortest player to ever play in the NBA, listed at 5 feet, 3 inches tall. When you take into consideration his size, the fact that he consistently pulled down more rebounds than the average guard is astonishing. Muggsy Bogues stands alone with his over 6 rebounds a game, bridging the gap between impeccable athleticism and fantastic strategy.

4. Exploring the Reasons Behind Muggsy’s Success

Muggsy Bogues was a 5’3″ NBA player who was known for his success despite his diminutive size. His incredible success is attributed to his hard work, immense dedication and grit. Let’s explore some of the core reasons why Muggsy Bogues was such a successful NBA player.

Unmatched Agility and Dexterity: Muggsy Bogues was a great athlete and was renowned for his agility and dexterity. He had a strong understanding of his surroundings and was constantly two steps ahead on the court. His quickness allowed him to make plays that would leave opponents baffled.

Making the Best of Natural Talents: Muggsy Bogues made the most of his natural talents instead of being bogged down by his physical limitations. He used his agility and dexterity to his advantage and was a master of deception. He was renowned for breaking the ankles of much bigger opponents and often seemed to be playing with a handicap.

Tremendous Heart: With his 5’3″ frame, Muggsy Bogues often found himself physically overmatched in the NBA. However, he never let his physical shortcomings impede him from giving it his all and competing at the highest level. His drive, determination and sheer heart were an inspiration for fellow players, coaches and fans of the game alike.

Muggsy Bogues overcame physical barriers and carved out an immensely successful career in the NBA. His success was encapsulated by his agilty, drive and the determination to make the most of his natural talents. He was an icon for many who were inspired by his sheer determination and prowess to defy the odds.


Q: How did NBA fans react when they found out Muggsy Bogues had a higher offensive rebounding rate than Kevin Durant?

A: NBA fans were surprised to hear that Muggsy Bogues had a higher offensive rebounding rate than Kevin Durant. Many fans had to do a double take to make sure it was correct. They then took to social media to discuss the stats and whether or not it could really be true. Some fans expressed amazement that a player of Muggsy Bogues’ height was able to outperform an NBA superstar like Kevin Durant when it comes to offensive rebounding. Others were extremely impressed with Muggsy for his hustle and determination on the court.

As the debate continues to rage on between Muggsy Bogues and Kevin Durant, one thing is certain: their contrasting styles will carry on as a fiercely debated topic among NBA fans. The stats don’t lie – in this case, Muggsy Bogues takes the cake.

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