New Game Hits Kickstarter Funding Goal Almost Immediately
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Gaming just got a major upgrade! A brand new and highly anticipated game has just smashed its Kickstarter goals in record speed. Players and developers alike are ecstatic about this new game – and for good reason. With stunning graphics, innovative controls, and an exciting story, this game is sure to be a hit with gamers everywhere. To get all the details, keep reading.
New Game Hits Kickstarter Funding Goal Almost Immediately

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1. Explosive Success: New Game SonicBlast Reaches Funding Goal

SonicBlast, the exciting new game from independent game developer RiskDeck Studios, has reached its funding goal in an unprecedentedly short time. People are stunned by the success of SonicBlast, and the buzz surrounding the game has only grown since then.

SonicBlast is an action-packed platformer, featuring the beloved character Sonic the Hedgehog. The sharp and vibrant graphics, as well as the intense levels and challenge, have earned SonicBlast widespread approval and praise. Players will have a blast as they run, jump, and race their way through levels as Sonic — and of course, they’ll also get the opportunity to save the world from Dr. Robotnik.

In a short time, SonicBlast has become an overnight sensation. Its unique combination of captivating gameplay and detailed graphics has made the game a must-play. Each level is full of surprises, and the game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus, with its powerful social features, SonicBlast lets players share their exploits with the world. There’s no doubt that SonicBlast is here to stay, and it is sure to be an explosive success on the gaming scene.

1. Explosive Success: New Game SonicBlast Reaches Funding Goal

2. Phenomenal Response: How SonicBlast Sparked an Instantaneous Spike in Interest

In August 2018, marketing experts were stunned by the success of SonicBlast: the tongue-in-cheek mobile game from Gently Soft Media. Immediately following the game’s official announcement, nearly 20,000 players were drawn in by its unique take on classic arcade-style gaming.

SonicBlast captured the attention of a traditionally difficult-to-reach demographic: players aged 8-15. It combined a simple menu and controls with an intricately designed quest line, giving its audience a challenging yet recognizable playing experience.

Following the game’s launch, Gently Soft Media experienced phenomenal results on all fronts:

  • Millions of players signed up for the SonicBlast newsletter
  • 25 million downloads of the app within its first three weeks
  • More than $50 million in sales within its first month
  • A 30 percent increase of brand awareness

The success of SonicBlast was a testament to Gently Soft Media’s prowess when it comes to developing engaging mobile games that appeal to a broad audience. It further established their presence in the industry and would continue to bring nearly unprecedented success for the company and all its projects.

3. Financing Goal Reached in Record Time: How SonicBlast exceeded Expectations

The SonicBlast indie game campaign had it all; a daring goal, an innovative team of developers, and an enthusiastic legion of supporters. In a tightly-packed 2-week period, SonicBlast managed to surpass its crowdfunding goal by an impressive 303%, completely shockwaveing the gaming industry.

The campaign was built to sustain 10,000 backers from the very first day, and apart from that, it had the most ambitious goals. The steadfast long-term plan of SonicBlast paid off. The team inspired everyone with their passion for creating the game, and the crowd responded in kind. This magnetism between the developers and their backers saw massive pledges from generous supporters who didn’t want to miss out on a part of this gaming revolution.

To ensure success, SonicBlast leveraged social media to spread the word out even wider than before. The developers took part in live Q&A sessions and hosted round table discussions on Reddit. Furthermore, they had several game playthroughs as part of the campaign, where people could come and watch the game firsthand, sparking the inner gamer in everyone.

  • 3000% Goal Surpassed in Record Time
  • 10,000 Supporters at Launch
  • Magnetism Between Developers and Supporters
  • Creative Use of Social Media
  • Unprecedented Game Playthroughs

4. An Overnight Success: Exploring the Pop Culture Phenomenon of SonicBlast

No one could have predicted the cultural frenzy caused by the sudden surge in popularity of SonicBlast, the ultimate gaming hybrid. Seamlessly blending elements of musical composition, game design and virtual reality, SonicBlast is a true cultural phenomenon.

The birth of this incredible phenomenon can be traced back to its debut on social media platforms a few months ago. A few fans quickly discovered the game and began to spread the word, with more and more people soon joining the craze. It wasn’t long before the game was coming up in conversations around dinner tables, on college campuses and at work!

SonicBlast’s success can largely be attributed to its unique approaches to game design. With an intuitive, easy-to-follow instructional format, coupled with an impressive mix of sound and visuals, the game is accessible to everyone. Players from all walks of life can enjoy the game’s stimulating achievements, challenging puzzles and unexpected twists and turns. Some of the unique features that have earned SonicBlast its worldwide recognition include:

  • A one-of-a-kind 3D world filled with immersive environments
  • A dynamic collaboration with top-tier music and sound developers
  • An unprecedented level of engagement and connectivity among players

It’s clear that SonicBlast’s meteoric rise is not a fluke- this gaming experience is here to stay. With its combination of creative elements, fun challenges, and the latest advancements in virtual reality, SonicBlast is revolutionizing the world of gaming.


Q: What is the new game?
A: The new game is a strategic card game called Minion Quest.

Q: What makes Minion Quest unique?
A: Minion Quest is a two-player card game that blends strategy and card collecting mechanics. It requires players to carefully deploy their minions to fight against each other’s armies in order to achieve victory.

Q: How did it do on Kickstarter?
A: Minion Quest achieved its goal on Kickstarter almost immediately. Within 24 hours of launching the campaign, the game had reached its goal of $9,500.

Q: What was the reaction from backers?
A: Backers were incredibly excited about the game. There were nearly 250 backers within the first day and they praised Minion Quest for its creative design and playability, as well as for its quick-paced action.

Q: What is the next step for Minion Quest?
A: Now that the Kickstarter has been successful, the team behind Minion Quest will begin manufacturing the components necessary to create the game and make it available to the public.

This is a remarkable story of success, showing that if you have the right idea and enough enthusiasm, anything is possible. Funding dreams can become a reality with enough effort and passion, and with this game’s success, there’s sure to be more stories of success like this in the future.

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