New York Yankees fans rage after team puts forth shameful three-hit performance behind Gerrit Cole to hand series to St. Louis
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Baseball fans across America are known for their wild, passionate displays of allegiance to their favorite teams. After the New York Yankees put forth a feeble three-hit performance against the St. Louis Cardinals that drastically ended their chances of winning the series, the Yankees’ feverish fans felt a spark of righteous indignation. With the Yankees’ oddest losing streak in more than a decade, fans had been waiting for a spark of hope to keep their spirit alive – but it seemed as though they were awakened with a grim and terrible reality. Read on to learn more about the outrage of the Yankees’ fanbase as they watched their team fail to put forth even the bare minimum effort to gain a victory in the series.
New York Yankees fans rage after team puts forth shameful three-hit performance behind Gerrit Cole to hand series to St. Louis

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1. Yankees Fans Spurned After Subpar Showing

The Yankees failed to impress their fans yet again this season. With the immense amount of star power this team had before the start of the season, expectations were high for a memorable run. Unfortunately, the team experienced an underwhelming performance on the field.

The Yankees had a number of contributors to their disappointing season. Here are a few of the major culprits:

  • Injuries: The Yankees had more players on the injury list than on the field at times this season with 10 players spending time on the injured list. These included big names such as Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and Luis Severino.
  • Offense: The Yankees struggled to score runs, struggling to stay afloat at times and underachieving on offense. Despite having one of the most powerful lineups in the league, the Yankees managed to finish with only the 22nd best offensive output in the MLB.
  • Pitching: The Yankees were also hurt by unreliable pitching performances from their starters. The team ranked 11th in team earned run average and experienced some poor performances from veteran pitchers such as CC Sabathia and JA Happ.

Overall, the Yankees simply failed to meet the lofty expectations placed on them by their passionate fan base. The franchise will certainly be hoping for better results in the upcoming season.

1. Yankees Fans Spurned After Subpar Showing

2. Humiliation of Heartland: Yankees Fall to Cardinals

The New York Yankees looked destined to fulfil their promise to go all the way in the playoffs, marching into the NLCS in high spirits. But they were met with a humbling reality as the St. Louis Cardinals quickly exploited their weaknesses to take the series.

What Went Wrong?

  • Yankees pitchers gave up 26 earned runs in four games.
  • The offense failed to come up with key hits when needed.
  • Kansas City players proved to be better when it came to clutch hitting and game-winning performances.

Strong pitching allowed the Cards to dominate the series, shutting down any possible hope of a Yankees comeback. Meanwhile, the team’s offensive woes saw them turn from contenders to pretenders. Poor decision-making at crucial junctures further hampered the team’s already-slim chances of victory.

Though it was expected to be a tight battle, the Cardinals pulled out a decisive win over the Yankees to take control of the NLCS. It was a crushing defeat for the AL Champions, who were ultimately derailed in their bid for another World Series title.

3. Cole Dazed and Confused as Yankees Take the Loss

The Yankees’ mistake-ridden defeat left starting pitcher Gerrit Cole dazed and confused. With a 4-1 lead, the Yankees had the game in the bag for the taking. But the team crumbled, and Cole was left bewildered at the events that enveloped him and the team.

In the 7th inning, the red-hot Rays came alive with a bases-loaded triple to tie the game. Cole had three consecutive strikeouts on the board and was one out away from getting back to the dugout. That’s when the wheels came off, and the Yankees ignominiously squandered their lead.

Cole’s emotions were wide ranging – from helplessness to exasperation, the Yankees’ loss weighed heavily on him. This crushing defeat was a traumatic experience for the ace pitcher. To make matters worse, it was just one of a series of blunders made by the Yankees in a game they should have won.

4. New York Apoplectic After Fateful Series Finale

The Big Apple is in shock after the nail-biting conclusion of a popular series made a sudden turn. The final episode took the audience by surprise and has left no fan unscathed. High tensions ran along New York City’s streets and people found themselves with a mix of emotions, from joy to remorse.

Fans gathered in various public places to enjoy the episode and discuss it afterwards. Urban landmarks like Times Square were turned into improvised places for viewers to come together and share their thoughts and feelings on the final installment.

This seems to be the case with most controversial series finales in TV history. People can’t seem to shake off the shock and nostalgia. They’ve no choice but to move on with their lives and bid farewell to the beloved characters that have accompained them for years. Among the common mixed feelings in New York are:

  • A sensation of fear
  • A wave of pride
  • A foggy sadness
  • A glimmer of accomplishment

By dawn, the metropoly had started to twitch again, but this time, with a feeling of having lost part of its “soul”. New York City had been left in apoplectic shock by the finale of this series.


Q: Why are New York Yankees fans so upset?

A: Yankees fans are extremely disappointed after the team put up a lackluster three-hit performance, behind pitcher Gerrit Cole, which ultimately cost them the series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Q: Did Gerrit Cole’s performance play a part in the Yankees’ defeat?

A: While Gerrit Cole had a strong outing overall, he was not able to keep the Cardinals from scoring in key moments and as a result, the Yankees eventually capitulated.

Q: Why is this result so significant?

A: The Cardinals series upset is particularly damaging considering the Yankees were expected to win as their lineup boasted some of baseball’s best hitters. Furthermore, this is the first time since 1976 that the Yankees have been eliminated by the Cardinals in the playoffs.

It’s hard to know what Yankees’ fan expectations will look like going into the rest of the season, but one thing is clear – Yankees fans are very passionate and have high expectations for the team, and won’t stand for an effort like this. The Yankees will have to work hard to come back from this series and restore some of the hope they had at the start of this season. Despite the disappointment, Yankees fans will remain dedicated and passionate, waiting to cheer on their beloved team once again.

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