NFL Rumors: $26,000,000 ex-Raiders star linked with Chicago Bears move
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As the 2020 NFL offseason approaches, the speculation is at its peak. Rumors of big trades and contracts are swirling, leaving fans wondering who their team will acquire — and one rumor in particular is already turning heads. Recent reports are linking former Raiders star Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears in a potential move potentially worth over $26 million. What could this mean for the future of the Bears?
NFL Rumors: $26,000,000 ex-Raiders star linked with Chicago Bears move

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1. “Speculation Abounds: Bears Have Eye on Raiders Star

It looks as though the Chicago Bears might just take a shot on trying to snipe Oakland Raiders’ star cornerback Gareon Conley. With their draft picks set up and all the resources allocated, the Bears seem to be gearing up for a big move.

Conley has managed impressive stats when on the field, and he could be the hit the Bears need to get their defensive game going. He was once the 24th overall pick in the 2017 draft, a true ballhawk who has clocked 7 interceptions, 91 tackles, and a pair of forced fumbles during the past two seasons.

As the speculation intensifies, Conley’s potential move has also opened up conversations on how he might fit into the Bears’ secondary group. Since their current top corner Kyle Fuller is on the final year of his contract, Conley with his stellar defensive abilities makes a very tempting option. Some foresee a similar team chemistry to the one between former star corners Charles Tillman and Antoine Winfield.

  • Cornerback Gareon Conley is in potential move
  • Impressive stats in two-season stint with Raiders
  • Selecting Conley could replicate Tillman-Winfield chemistry


2. How Much Will the Bears’ Rumoured Move Cost?

The news of Chicago Bears potentially relocating has been buzzing around the NFL for the past couple of months. If the move indeed takes place, it won’t be one to be taken lightly. Here is a quick look at the costs of the rumoured move.

Stadium Costs

  • The estimated cost of construction for the new stadium has been estimated to be around $400-$600 million.
  • Additional costs for the purchase of the land will add an estimated $100-$150 million.
  • The stadium will be financed through bond sales, taxpayer money and private donations.

Economic Costs

  • An analysis done on the economic costs of the move projected that the local government will lose out on around $12 million per year in tax revenues that went directly to foundations and infrastructure projects.
  • The cost of lost rental income in the area, as well as job losses, has been estimated to be about $36 million per year.
  • The decreased attendance within the city could lead to around $50-$100 million in lost revenue from ticket sales, concessions, retail sales and merchandise.

Opportunity Cost

  • The opportunity costs of the move will include the taxpayer dollars that will no longer be used for works that could have been done in the area.
  • The changes in the housing market could result in a loss of $15 million in real property values.
  • The psychological effects, such as the sense of disconnection from the team could lead to a significant loss of intangible quality of life.

3. What Would A Move Mean For The Raiders?

Depending on the move, the Raiders could be facing very different outcomes for their future. Should the team decide to relocate elsewhere, the press and speculations about their new home might amplify their message, resulting in new opportunities for the franchise.


  • An opportunity to rebuild their fan base in a different market
  • More exposure to a larger geographic region
  • Working with more resources since it could be a brand new facility


  • The Oakland fan base could take a hit. Starting anew in another city is always a challenge
  • Financial losses due to the possibility of relocation costs and other expenses
  • The upcoming CBA might change the way players are handled and a move could be a big gamble

Overall, relocating the Raiders is a tough decision with plenty of pros and cons. Making this type of move is always a gamble, and the team must be sure that they can be successful in their new home. However, with the right team and culture, the Raiders could find success in any market.

4. Will Bears Make Bold Move for Record-Breaking Acquisition?

Bears fans have been pushing for a major acquisition ever since the team’s founding. With a lot of buzz surrounding the transfer window, the Bears have the chance to make a record-breaking move if they can acquire the star player they’ve been after for some time.

The Bears’ financial resources are currently ample and the management have indicated they may be willing to make bold moves to make their dream a reality. The team is eager to become one of the top teams in the league and it seems acquiring the star player could help them achieve this goal.

If the Bears make this move, they could make a huge splash in the market, as the acquisition will likely make them one of the league’s premier teams. There is no doubt that this would increase their fan base significantly, as well as their chances of taking home a title. The success of such a move remains to be seen, but it is no doubt a bold step for the team.


Q: What is the latest NFL rumor?

A: There is an exciting rumor making the rounds that an ex-Raiders star is being linked with a move to the Chicago Bears.

Q: Who is the ex-Raiders star?

A: The rumored player is former Oakland Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr.

Q: What is the value of the potential move?

A: Reports suggest that Carr could receive up to $26 million in salary if the move goes through.

Q: Does this mean the Bears will release Mitchell Trubisky?

A: This is still uncertain, as the Bears have not commented on the rumor yet. However, it has been suggested that the Bears may look to release Trubisky if Carr joins the team.

With the deadline looming and all eyes on the NFL, it will be interesting to see if the Chicago Bears make a serious move on the former Raiders star. In the meantime, fans will just have to wait and see, eagerly anticipating the outcome of this highly-anticipated move.

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