Our Favorite Sita, AKA Dipika Chikhlia, Finally Speaks On The Adipurush Controversy
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Sita, aka Dipika Chikhlia, is an iconic figure in many cultures. Her portrayal of Sita in the legendary Ramayana has left an undeniable imprint on the minds and hearts of people across the world. Now, the actress is finally addressing the recent controversy relating to her much-anticipated movie Adipurush. Join us as we try to find out what she has to say.
Our Favorite Sita, AKA Dipika Chikhlia, Finally Speaks On The Adipurush Controversy

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1. The Light Among the Clouds: Sita Speaks on the Adipurush Controversy

A debate has been raging ever since the announcement of the 2021 epic Adipurush, that has pitted portions of its audience in a seemingly unyielding match. At the center of the debate is the role of Sita, the female lead of the narrative. Fans and critics have butted heads over the position of the female character in a film about Ram.

This time though, Sita herself has spoken – letting her voice pierce through the clouds of misinterpreting and misunderstanding. Acting as her own herald, Sita has declared, in her own words, what her role in the movie would be. Amidst the loud shouting about her relevance and existence, Sita has spoken her peace.

  • Sita will not be a prop. In a story that questions the idea of submission of any kind, Sita is determined that she will not be a static playing piece in the narrative. Her character must be dynamic and her voice be heard.
  • Sita will take the stage. While it is often queued that Sita should remain in the background, she wants to showcase her strength and understanding in the equal treatment of both genders. She seeks to stand alongside her husband and take her rightful place as the heroine of her own story.
  • Sita will not just be a one-dimensional figure. Sita wants to be a living and breathing character, capable of displaying emotions in her portrayal and not solely draw values from the tried and true diatribes of a distant past.

With her words, Sita seeks to make her presence known, ripping through the air and breaking down the binary notions of femininity in the new movie. Through her, we seek to redefine the pioneering lady of the Ramayan, whose character is complex and deep.

1. The Light Among the Clouds: Sita Speaks on the Adipurush Controversy

2. Dipika Chikhlia’s Most Intimate Interview Ever

Dipika Chikhlia, the versatile actor who has been working for the last two decades in the film industry, has finally decided to open up about her life and her career in an intimate interview. Here’s a glimpse into some of the most memorable moments from the interview.

  • When asked about her childhood memories, Dipika had the most beautiful answer ever. She recollected her time playing with her cousins in the palace courtyard of Rajasthan and the joy that she experienced during those days. It was clear that the memories brought her immense happiness.
  • The actor also shared her thoughts about the various movies and roles that she has done in her lifetime. According to her, it was indeed a roller coaster ride of emotions when she bagged her first role as Sitaji in Ramayan and she believes that it changed her life forever.
  • Dipika was candid in her response about her struggles as an actor. She was vocal about the challenges she faced in making her own identity in a male-dominated industry and standing firm against all the odds.

It was indeed a breath of fresh air for the audience to hear Dipika’s open discussion about her journey to date. With such honest and sincere answers, this interview was certainly the most intimate one that the actor has ever given.

3. Our Enduring Love For Sita: An Emotional Moment

The emotional moment of Lord Rama and Lady Sita’s reconciliation in the last scene of Ramayana is an unforgettable event that has remained at the core of our culture that symbolises true devotion and unconditional love. Today, we pay tribute to this special moment and highlight the beautiful and enduring love shared by them.

The Ramayana truly brought out their strength of character and demonstarted how profoundly deep their love was despite the many adversities faced by them. Their reuniting scene was emotional and brought tears to the eyes of those who were present to witness.

  • Sita’s love for Rama was like a mountain that could never be moved
  • The winds of tribulation could never break their bond of loyalty and devotion
  • Their reuniting showcased a timeless symbol of unwavering love

The powerful bond of love shared by Rama and Sita stands the test of time, reminding us all of the importance of having an unconditional and enduring relationship. The message of Ramayana is a powerful reminder of how life should be lived with love and spiritual connection.

4. Finding Strength in Controversy: What Dipika Has To Say

Dipika, the dynamic CEO of a major tech giant, knows that like any successful business, it is not only important to be comfortable with the status quo but to also be able to confront controversy head-on. Here is what she has to say about this important life skill:

Be Proactive
In the face of any controversy, Dipika recommends being proactive. To take the initiative and assess the situation, business owners and entrepreneurs should find out all the facts before taking sides. Whether it is a labor issue or an ethical dilemma, Dipika suggests taking time to look objectively at all angles before making a decision.

  • Gather all the information available about the issue.
  • Understand the consequences of making a decision.
  • Be prepared to step in and take action.

Be Fearless
Although controversial issues can be intimidating, taking a stand and being fearless is essential. Dipika recommends that people embrace their fears and not be afraid to stand their ground. In order to be successful, the courage to stand up and fight for their beliefs is essential.

  • Be confident and stand firm.
  • Speak up and push away fear.
  • Be brave in the face of criticism.

Embrace Controversy
Finally, Dipika believes that it is important to embrace controversy as an opportunity to grow. Being able to confront uncomfortable and even controversial topics is a sign of strength, not weakness. Furthermore, by tackling these situations with enthusiasm, people can not only increase their success but also their wellbeing.

  • Use controversy to propel growth.
  • Stay focused and open-minded.
  • See any challenge as an opportunity.


Q: What was the controversy surrounding Dipika Chikhlia’s role in Adipurush?

A: The controversy erupted when it was first announced that Dipika Chikhlia had been cast as Sita in Adipurush, a retelling of the epic Hindu tale of Ramayan. Many fans argued that an Indian actress should have been chosen for the role, as Sita is an iconic Hindu character.

Q: How did Dipika Chikhlia respond to the criticism?

A: In an interview with a major media publication, Dipika Chikhlia said that she was excited to be chosen to play Sita and stressed the importance of looking at the character in the right context. She said that rather than getting into a debate over the character’s origin, we should focus more on values and characters that echo in today’s age and times.

Q: What message does Dipika Chikhlia have on the Adipurush controversy?

A: Dipika Chikhlia believes that art should be appreciated and respected in all of its forms, regardless of who the artist is. She acknowledged the impact art can have in today’s world, and expressed her desire to be part of something that transcends boundaries and cultures.


The very essence of Sita has become a matter of debate among many, but our favorite Sita – Dipika Chikhlia – has received immense support from her fans and shown her unwavering respect and admiration for the character. A woman of courage, strength, and immense faith, Sita will forever hold a place in our hearts and in our Indian culture. It’s been both enlightening and encouraging to listen to Dipika Chikhlia’s take on the Adipurush controversy, and we look forward to all that she has to offer.

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