Overwatch 2 Bug May Be Keeping Some Players from Unlocking Heroes
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As the highly anticipated launch of Overwatch 2 draws closer, players of the competitive shooter are reporting a bug that may be impacting their ability to unlock new heroes. This may be an isolated problem but many players are worried that their efforts have been in vain and their progress is being hindered by the bug. This article will dive into the details about the bug, how it impacts players, and what steps those affected may take to solve the issue.
Overwatch 2 Bug May Be Keeping Some Players from Unlocking Heroes

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1) Hero Dismay: Overwatch 2 Bug Affects Unlock progression

A major game-breaking bug has been discovered in Overwatch 2. Players experiencing the Hero Dismay bug are unable to unlock new heroes or progress in the game. Most affected players are those who compete in the game’s competitive mode Heroes Rumble, but the bug is also causing issues for players who don’t compete in the game’s competitive mode.

When a player is unable to unlock new heroes, they won’t be able to progress further in the game. This issue is a major disruption to players who have already invested time in the game. Some players have even reported that their unlocks have been reset completely or that their progression has been delayed.

Thankfully, the development team behind Overwatch 2 has already released a patch that should address this issue. Until then, players can try these helpful fixes:

  • Clear your cache or reduce the amount of data stored on your console.
  • Disable the Heroes Rumble mode.
  • Lower your resolution in the graphics options.

Hopefully, with these few steps, players should be able to get back to unlocking heroes and progressing in the game once again.

1) Hero Dismay: Overwatch 2 Bug Affects Unlock progression

2) Not So Overwatch-y: Players Face Roadblock in Progression

Enthusiasts of the online shooter game Overwatch have recently faced a roadblock in making progress in the multiplayer portion of the game. What was once an experience full of tenacity, the thrill of victory, and endless customization options has been met with negative responses from players. Here are just a few of the complaints:

  • Balancing issues, resulting in unfair team composition
  • Long queues and waiting times
  • A harsh ban system
The issues have been crystalized in the Competitive Play mode, where the meta of teams has gone full circle. No matter how skilled individual players may be, they are forced to play by the meta or else risk their team’s performance. This has resulted in players feeling frustrated and having their victory overshadowed by their losses.

The silver lining for these players is that game developers have taken notice. They have openly stepped up and reassessed the game-play mechanics, tweaked hero balances and provided alternative solutions to long queue times. Now that the solutions are in place, players of the game can look forward to a new and improved gaming experience.

3) It’s Bugging Out: Players Impeded by Overwhelming Issue

Hiccups in Video Game Technology

As technology continues to revolutionize the gaming world, glitches are inevitable. It can be incredibly discouraging for players to encounter a bug in the middle of a match or to have their progress inexplicably reset. As new technology is utilized, glitches can be found in everything from audio to graphics to overall game performance, all of which can really hinder the gaming experience.

So what can be done when the game just isn’t behaving? Software updates are a great start, as they often contain fixes to the majority of issues. If that doesn’t do the trick, getting help from customer service is your best bet. Here are some things players can do to try to tackle the overwhelming issue:

  • Delete the game’s cache to refresh built-up data.
  • Restart their device to see if that helps reboots any temporary software.
  • Reinstall the game, either through their device’s app store or by downloading it again from the internet.
  • Look online for solutions, as other players might be encountering the same issue.
  • Contact customer service for help.

Players should remember to stay patient and always test out multiple solutions before settling for a support ticket. With technology quickly advancing, it’s important to stay up to date and take the necessary steps to keep gaming sessions running smoothly.

4) Damage Control: Players Seek Solutions to Unlock New Heroes

Getting stuck in a game is one of the most frustrating experiences of gaming. Staring at the same screen for hours on end with little to no progress can be incredibly demoralizing. Players of all ages and skill levels can encounter this obstacle. But, when they’re desired to unlock new heroes and progress forward in the game, conquering this feat can prove difficult.

In response to this quagmire, players have sought out a variety of solutions. From guides and tutorials to online support forums, there are plenty of options for players to choose from. The plethora of hardware and software options can be daunting, but in the end, seeking assistance can lead to a successful conclusion.

In the end, gamers should remember that experimenting with different tactics is the best way to achieve success. There’s no single answer to the issue, but with patience, persistence, and the right resources, damage control can become a smooth process. Here’s a few tips that can help with those efforts:

  • Reaching out to the game developers on social media is a great way to get helpful feedback.
  • Utilize online resources to receive help from other members of the gaming community
  • Try a different approach instead relying on the same strategy that had been used earlier


Q: What is the Overwatch 2 bug?
A: The Overwatch 2 bug is an issue with the game’s progression system that prevents some players from unlocking heroes.

Q: How long has this bug been an issue for players?
A: Reports of this bug have been circulating since Overwatch 2 was released earlier this year.

Q: Are all players affected by the bug?
A: Thankfully, no. Not all players have experienced the bug, though it has been an irritating setback for those that have.

Q: How is Blizzard tackling this issue?
A: Blizzard has formed a team to investigate the bug further, and has said they will continue to monitor the situation and take steps to fix it.


After a game as popular as Overwatch, any bug is cause for concern. Thankfully, the developers are taking proactive steps to track down and squash this bug before it has the opportunity to give any players trouble. Until then, players will have to stick to the tried and true methods of unlocking their favorite heroes–or cross their fingers that the bug won’t affect them.

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