Photo: Several big names missing from WWE Survivor Series 2023 poster
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The WWE events just keep rolling, and WWE Survivor Series 2023 is the next installment of the legendary wrestling extravaganza. But while anticipation is high, a few notable names are missing from the official event poster. Who are these absent superstars, and why have they not been included in the event lineup?
Photo: Several big names missing from WWE Survivor Series 2023 poster

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1. Iconic Absence: Major Names Missing from 2023 WWE Survivor Series Poster

WWE’s flagship pay-per-view event, Survivor Series, is on the horizon – but this time is different. Fans are left scratching their heads in disbelief as they take in the 2023 poster, as it features an iconic absence of some major names. Traditionally one of the most star-studded marquee event PPVs in wrestling, the shocking ‘missing names’ are prominent talking points.

Let’s take a look at some of the names missing from the 2023 poster.

  • Modern Day Rock – One of the biggest names in the modern-era, this multiple-time champion is synonymous with adrenaline-pumping action and memorably thrilling matches.
  • Mister Moneymaker – Despite being a former Money in the Bank briefcase holder, this fan-favorite, who demonstrates a fast, high-flying style, is nowhere to be seen.
  • The King of Queens – Boasting one of the catchiest entrance themes ever heard, it’s unexpected to see this charismatic veteran skip Survivor Series yet again

These absences have sparked much discussion, with some believing it’s a landmark moment for WWE and a sign of their evolving focus into younger, hungrier talent. Others question whether the noticeable names have departed the company. The questions are there, the puzzlement is rife, and the intrigue only heightens heading towards Survivor Series.

1. Iconic Absence: Major Names Missing from 2023 WWE Survivor Series Poster

2. Analyzing the Notable Omissions from the Upcoming Event

Suggesting what fails to make the cut for any event may be a bit of a dicey proposition. Nevertheless, the upcoming event has various interesting aspects that come along with a few not-so-interesting removals.

Lack of Spotlight on Emerging Talent – There is no denying the fact that the event focuses on established names and existing veterans in the industry. As a result, there is very little room for new faces or emerging talent that could have offered fresh perspectives.

Overlook on Cultural Significance & Impact – While the designs presented are of the highest quality available, there is very little emphasis given to the cultural, or even environmental, implications of the event. Every event and product design has its own set of implications in terms of social and economic factors.

Scant Attention on Practicality & Cost – Most of the designs showcased are on the extravagant side and fail to take into account practicality or cost. This means that the designs may be too costly for the target market and might not be sustainable in many ways.

  • Lack of Spotlight on Emerging Talent
  • Overlook on Cultural Significance & Impact
  • Scant Attention on Practicality & Cost

3. Impacts of Star Loss on Promotional Strategy for WWE

The retirement of a well-loved star from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) universe can be a shock to its community. It can also have an effect on promotional strategies that can range from minor to profound.

Advertising Effect

  • When an iconic star leaves, WWE may run a special memorial program to let the fans remember the beloved wrestler.
  • If the promotion for the deceased star results in significant decrease of ratings, WWE may alter its marketing approaches.
  • Due to the absence of the fan’s favorite, WWE may use advertising campaigns to promote new stars and focus on their specialties.
  • The target audience might change, which can result in a disruption of existing promotional strategies.

Royal Rumble & Wrestlemania

  • The loss of a star wrestler can leave a great impact on the annual events such as Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania which have these stars as the main attraction.
  • WWE is likely to miss the contribution of its beloved stars in the championship matches and have to look for new stars who can fill the void.
  • As time passes and new stars rise, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania are also a great opportunity to promote the new faces and create connections.


  • The gap due to the star’s retirement could be bridged through cross-promotion using innovative marketing approaches.
  • Sponsorships from different brands are likely to grow as more stars gain popularity, boosting the promotional strategies.
  • By working together with others in the industry, WWE can gain further recognition and increase promotional impact.

4. How Will WWE Address the Backlash of This Year’s Star-Studded Poster?

The recent poster for WWE’s upcoming event has come with a heavy dose of controversy. Many fans were outraged to find that the few top stars in the company had managed to fill up nearly half the card.

To address this situation, WWE is already taking steps to ensure that the matches are evenly matched and that lesser-known superstars get a chance to shine. This will start with a series of showcase matches featuring up-and-coming talent that will be aired before the main card.

In addition, WWE will be featuring veterans of the industry in other matches, instead of simply glorifying the biggest stars. This could include surprise returns, inter-promotional matches, or any other creative ideas. It is clear that the company is attempting to make sure the show is entertaining and diverse for all fans.

  • Ensure matches are evenly matched
  • Showcase matches featuring up-and-coming talent
  • Feature veterans of the industry in other matches

By taking these steps before the show starts, WWE is attempting to prove to fans that it is taking the backlash seriously and is committed to making the event enjoyable for all. Whether that will be enough to satisfy fans remains to be seen.


Q: What does WWE Survivor Series 2023’s poster reveal?

A: The WWE Survivor Series 2023 poster reveals quite a few interesting tidbits about the upcoming event. Notably, it shows the absence of some big-name wrestlers from the Survivor Series event.

Q: Who is missing from the poster?

A: Well-known wrestlers like John Cena, The Rock, and Triple H are all missing from the poster. It’s a surprise to many WWE fans because these are all well-known names in the wrestling world.

Q: What does the absence of these big-name wrestlers mean for the event?

A: While the absence of big-name wrestlers may have an impact on the success of the event overall, it could also bring in a new audience to watch the event. Those unfamiliar with these iconic wrestlers may be more likely to watch if there are some unknown faces on the poster.

The jury is still out as to what the final Survivor Series card for 2023 will look like. With many of the biggest names in the WWE yet to be confirmed, the lineup could look very different in a few months time. Until then, we can only speculate—and hope—that the best and most iconic wrestling stars make it into the final cut.

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