Photographer shows what older male celebrities would look like if they were edited like women
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In the world of media, we’ve become accustomed to seeing celebrities edited and manipulated to look perfect for magazine covers or films. But one photographer wanted to show how gender inequality still exists, even with those in the public eye. Jasmin Savoy Brown recently released a series of portraits showing what some of Hollywood’s oldest male stars would look like if they were edited to have more ‘feminine’ features. It’s a powerful insight into the beauty standards we still use to judge those in the public eye, and it’s definitely worth a closer look.
Photographer shows what older male celebrities would look like if they were edited like women

Table of Contents

1. Redefining the Male Celebrity Aesthetic

For decades, Hollywood has presented audiences with the same archetypal vision of the leading man – suave and sophisticated, debonair and chiselled. The emergence of modern streaming platforms has opened up the world of male celebrity, introducing a much broader vision of what makes a leading man – diversity of culture, identity, and expression. Gone are the days of one-dimensional characters – now, more than ever, the modern screen is populated by a range of vibrant, dynamic individuals.

The relatable personalities emerging from this movement have inspired a re-imagining of masculinity, blurring societal expectations of what a man should look and act like. Thanks to this, men are increasingly represented in all its forms – physically and emotionally. As gender-lines become increasingly blurry, men are being encouraged to embrace a range of traits, both traditionally masculine and feminine. This newfound freedom is liberating in many ways – ultimately allowing men to step out of the limitations imposed by conventional standards.

The new male aesthetic is characterized by an open-mind, courage and self-expression. Unique personalities with distinct wardrobes and styles now occupy our screens, making leading men look and feel more like us. Representation on the screen is leading the way in helping men overcome gender-stereotypes and express themselves in a diverse and authentic way, forever redefining the Hollywood ‘dream’.

1. Redefining the Male Celebrity Aesthetic

2. Photographer’s Unique Perspective on Aging

Photography captures and preserves moments in time, and each image tells a unique story. Aging is no exception, as it is a truly personal journey. From a photographer’s perspective, aging often brings forth intense feelings and emotions which are seemingly more pronounced in an intimate portrait.

Illustrating the agony: There are signs of aging that bring forth a sense of heartache or anguish, such as wrinkles or age spots. As a photographer, capturing those nuances showcases the very real manifestations of aging. It also reveals the exquisite structure of light and shadow which often times become emphasized during the aging process.

  • A closer look.
  • Personal nuances.
  • Delicate structure.

Highlighting the beauty: On the other hand, the photographer can bring out the beauty of aging. Soft and subtle images can be used as an artistic representation of the aging process. Other times, makeup and props can be used to capture a unique expression of grace and timelessness. Moreover, adding color and texture to the images gives it more life and depth.

  • Focusing on the beauty.
  • Using makeup and props.
  • Adding color and texture.

3. Artistic Exploration of the Female Gaze

The female gaze is a concept rooted in feminist philosophy that challenges the cultural emphasis and prevalence of male-centric perspectives within art and the media.

Female artists are re-interpreting the female gaze in a myriad of ways, opening up a wide array of possibilities for creative expression.

From female centric abstract painting to photography that portrays the female form from a non-gendered perspective, the offers a unique window into understanding the female experience and identity. Many works of art depict powerful images of womanhood in all its complexity, joy, and sadness. Here we can observe a rejection of the male-centric perspectives and the rise of a powerful female voice compelling us to move away from traditional conceptions of gender roles.

  • Lorna Simpson’s photographic series “Stereo Styles” highlights the effects of gender roles on self-image.
  • Laureline Scott’s works present a strong portrait of female identity in the post-modern landscape.
  • Ayana V. Jackson’s photography unapologetically confronts Orientalist stereotypes embedded into the Western imagination.

4. Aging with Grace and Poise

Aging is like a river, you flow with it or against it. You may be a 50-year-old or a 90-year-old, with the right attitude and lifestyle choices aging does not always have to mean fading away into the sunset. Here are four key pillars to embrace old age with grace and poise:

Be Active

  • Tackle hobbies and activities you love and enjoy.
  • Take up activities like yoga, swimming, walking, and biking.
  • Paint if you’re artistically inclined.

Engaging in even light physical activity helps to reduce the risk of age-related health issues, alleviate stress, and keep you socially active to ward off loneliness.

Take Care of Your Health

  • Prioritize regular physical check-ups.
  • Assess if you need dietary supplements or other wellness treatments.
  • Spend an extra few minutes in the sun to stay warm and boost Vitamin D.

As we age our bodies become weaker, it is vital to be mindful of our physical and mental health. Make sure to visit your doctor to stay abreast of any changes or health concerns.

Stay Engaged with Family and Friends

  • Reach out and reconnect with old friends.
  • Enjoy an in-person coffee with loved ones.
  • Attend social and community events.

Nothing beats staying connected with those around you and creating new friendships. Staying socially connected will not only keep you up do date with the world but also help boost mental wellbeing.


Q: What prompted the photographer to shoot this series?

A: The photographer was inspired by the way that female celebrities are routinely edited to look younger and slimmer in the media. He wanted to show how male celebrities would look if they were subjected to the same editing techniques.

Q: What does the series aim to achieve?

A: The series aims to call attention to how often female celebrities are subject to unrealistic standards of beauty and how rarely male celebrities experience the same scrutiny. It also highlights the double standard that exists when it comes to editing certain genders in the media.

Q: What makes the series unique?

A: This series is unique because it uses the same editing techniques usually employed when editing female celebrities and applies them to male celebrities. It serves to make an important statement about the potential damaging effects of extremely retouched images.

This eye-opening series reveals how our perspective on beauty and aging can be drastically changed, blurring the lines between gender roles and age. The photographs demonstrate how powerful and influential a change in representation can be, inspiring us to see things differently. It’s a powerful testament to the strength and creativity of both the photographer and the men they’ve portrayed, showing that there are limitless possibilities for everyone!

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