PL club unwilling to pay €15m demanded by Barcelona for outcast – Reports
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It seems that the current financial climate has put a roadblock in an extraordinary transfer saga, with reports indicating that the PL club has refused to meet the eye-watering €15m demanded by Barcelona for one of their outcasts. The player finds himself in a familiar position as talks come to a grinding halt, having been left in the cold by the Spanish champions.
PL club unwilling to pay €15m demanded by Barcelona for outcast - Reports

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1. PL Club Baulks at Barcelona’s Valuation

The PL club made it known that they will not be meeting Barcelona’s asking price for their key player. Speaking to reporters, a spokesperson for the club said that the player’s value should not be determined by a price tag set by the Spanish giants.

PL representatives also made it clear that they would not be engaging in a bidding war, but rather reason with the Barcelona board to come to an agreement that would benefit both sides. In the meantime, the PL side has opened its doors to offers from other Champions League contenders.

  • Barcelona has publicly declared the price for the player.
  • The PL club is not backing down.
  • The side is now open to offers from other clubs.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a team from the Premier League has stood their ground in the transfer market. While it may take a few days for everything to be confirmed, it seems both teams are ready to find a solution to the issue at hand.

1. PL Club Baulks at Barcelona's Valuation

2. Outcasted Player Generating Big Dollars

Formerly overlooked players are having their moment and making a statement in the world of sports. From undrafted rookies coming up clutch in the MLB to a 3-star ranked basketball recruit leading the number 1 team in the country, underdogs are leading the way and garnering huge payouts. Here’s an in-depth look at how various sports are rewarding those who don’t fit the traditional mold.

MLB: Unsigned Prospects Still Finding a Home

On the diamond, guys who weren’t selected in the MLB draft are making a huge impact. Sure, being signed by a major league team is crucial for instant recognition, but that doesn’t mean unsigned prospects are destined to toil away in the minor leagues. The Rockies’ local tryout camp netted them undrafted right-hander Carlos Estévez, who turned out to be a great find. He’s been solid this season so far, yielding only one earned run in three appearances. He’s starting to get the recognition he deserves, and he can look forward to quite a lucrative contract if he continues to perform at the highest levels.

NBA & College Basketball: Surprising Rookies Come Up Big

  • Undrafted rookies like Malcolm Brogdon, Yogi Ferrell, and Alex Abrines are making a splash in the NBA.
  • In college ball, many rising stars, most notably Virginia’s Marial Shayok and Oregon State’s Tres Tinkle, were passed over by bigger programs coming out of high school. They’re now among the top 20 teams in the nation, giving their respective schools a real makeover.

The talent in college basketball is exploding. Unsung heroes are not only playing for the love of the game but also putting up eye-popping numbers and getting their due respect. Nowhere is this more apparent than the incoming crop of sensational freshman. Many of these athletes, such as Villanova’s Phil Booth, weren’t sought after by the top programs and have blossomed into game changers. And it’s clear they are going to reap the rewards.

3. PL Club Unwilling to Pay €15M

The Portuguese League club, Midas Club, has recently been offered the opportunity to sign a futuresome attacker, who has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks on the transfer market. Unfortunately, the club has turned down the offer, citing their unwillingness to pay the €15M fee necessary to acquire the player.

The media has been buzzing with speculations as to why the club has not jumped at the chance to purchase this player, who is said to have incredible potential and has been touted as a future world star. It appears that the financial strain of the COVID-19 pandemic is the main reason for this decision.

Though some might disagree with the decision, Midas Club is adamant that their funds need to be allocated carefully, and that they have already spent their entire budget for the season. This means that a €15M offer would be an unsustainable move for the club at this stage. Though the player will be sorely missed, the financial health of the club takes precedence.

4. Barca and PL Club Negotiations Reach Impasse

The long anticipated negotiations between Spanish Champions, Barcelona and several Premier League Clubs has not gone as planned. It is reported that somehow, the talks have ultimately stalled with both sides unable to reach a consensus.

The intricate negotiations involve the swap of several superstars which had potential implications that could reshape the landscape of major European football. Reports spoke highly of it being one of the most talked about transfer negotiations in recent memory as well as being a transfer of historic proportions.

Barcelona is said to be frustrated with the end result of the negotiations while multiple Premier League clubs expressed disbelief at the failure of both sides to get the deal to the finishing line. More details are expected to emerge in the coming weeks as the soccer world waits to see if the negotiations can be rescued.


Q: What is being reported about PL club and Barcelona?
A: Reports are saying that a Premier League club is unwilling to pay the €15 million that Barcelona are demanding for an outcast player.

Q: Why is the PL club unwilling to pay the fee?
A: It is likely that the PL club are not willing to pay the fee as it exceeds their transfer budget.

Q: How has Barcelona responded?
A: Barcelona are said to be disappointed with the PL club’s decision not to match their fee.

Q: Could anything else be done to reach an agreement?
A: It is possible that the two clubs could explore alternative methods of settling the fee. These could include payment plans or other payment options.

Though the future of the outcast remains uncertain given both clubs’ refusal to negotiate, it’s clear that this dispute is far from over. Fans of the respective clubs can only wait and see how it all pans out in the end.

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