Pokemon Fan Designs Paradox Forms for Gengar and Honedge
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Tired of bog-standard Pokémon designs? Behold the newest creations from one ambitious fan – incredibly detailed Paradox Forms of the Ghost-type Gengar and the Steel-type Honedge! These reimagined designs are certain to please even the pickiest Pokémon fan.
Pokemon Fan Designs Paradox Forms for Gengar and Honedge

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1. “Uniting Two Universes: Enchanting Fan Designs of a Pokémon Paradox

Pokémon Paradox has been met with enthusiatic fanfare ever since its reveal. With its unique blend of two separate universes, it has sparked imaginations far and wide. Enthralled fans have taken to creating original designs of the various creatures and characters that cross the boundaries between these distinctive universes.

  • Crossbreeds – Combinations between Pokémon and other characters from a variety of genres are the most attractive options. Fans especially enjoy the clash of two totally different designs in one being.
  • Human-like Forms – Taking a transformative approach, these crossovers have familiar elements like eyes and mouths misplaced in unexpected places to make for an eerily real effect.
  • Monstrous Designs – Though the paradox is undoubtedly magical, there are designs that amp up the horror factor and challenge us to envision these animals in a different light.

No matter what style they take, the fan created designs of Pokémon Paradox are sure to captivate. Perhaps these imaginative minds will even craft a few of their own creatures that’ll become internationally recognised? Multiple new designs have gone viral since the game’s announcement, giving us a lot of exciting projects to look forward to.


2. Designing a Paradox: Creating the ‘Gengar-Honedge’ Hybrid

Creating a hybrid creature based on two separate ones is often a difficult yet rewarding endeavor. Designing the ‘Gengar-Honedge’ hybrid is no different! This unique entity will take the best of both monsters to create a strange new being unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Building up the design of such a creature first begins with the colors. The merge of the black and purple of Gengar, with the blue and steel of Honedge, creates a rather unique steel-blue color. The creature is also composed of physical features from both monsters. Its resulting body is resembled a long and thin figure with a cape-like coating of purple and blue. Its arms and legs are a mix of Honedge’s steel and Gengar’s purple, with spikes protruding at the elbows and shoulders, while the tail mimics a Honedge’s sword-like feature, curved slightly at the end.

The creature is also equipped with features that both monsters have. It has Gengar’s trademark spiky back as well as Honedge’s eye-like crest. It also has Gengar’s “false face” on its stomach, and its two triangular ears on both sides of its head. Lastly, the creature holds a sword-like object with the same colors as its arm and leg structures. This hybrid concoction of features is certainly unique, and presents an interesting twist to our beloved monsters.

3. Exploring the Creative Abilities of Pokémon Fans

Pokémon has always been known for its expansive fan base, made up of creators who pour out their hearts and souls for the franchise. Creative minds have continuously sought to extend the pocket monsters’ universe by giving it a whole new dimension within the medium.

  • Fan Artwork. The most recognizable form of this creative output is art. Fans give their favorite characters colorful makeovers, as well as illustrating compelling fan-fictions and comic strips, adding comedic value and furthering story lines.
  • Customization. Customization is becoming increasingly popular amongst Pokémon fans. This ranges from 3D art, crafts made out of Pokémon-playing cards, to producing homemade action figures and video games. These fans have added a unique flavor to this ever-growing fandom.
  • Music Production. Music has evolved in the Pokémon world and, most excitingly, its fans have even gone on to create their own music. From remixes of iconic themes to producing original soundtracks, the creativity of these fans is remarkable.

This passionate creativity undeniably keeps the Pokémon fan base alive and vibrant. It emphasizes how diverse and extraordinary their abilities and talents can be, bringing the series into a whole new magical realm.

4. Paying Tribute to the Pokémon Designs of the Past

Pokémon designs have come a long way since they first made their debut in 1996. With the release of every generation of Pokémon, newer and brighter designs have pushed the bar. Although we must celebrate the advancements made in the designs, it is just as important to pay homage to the design styles in the past.

From Kanto to Unova, all the legendary and standard designs from the past remain timeless today. With each Pokémon possessing its own unique take on the world, it is an important reminder of where Pokémon has come from. This is why so many people still adore the designs from 1996-2010, even when their newer generations may have newer, fresher looks.

We are proud to pay tribute to those classic Pokémon designs from the past. Classic designs like:

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charizard
  • Pikachu
  • Ditto
  • Mewtwo
  • Lugia
  • Torterra
  • Zekrom
  • Ho-Oh

These designs have become household names, embedded in the hearts of those old and young. As we continue to push forward with the world of Pokémon, we will continue to look back on these designs of the past and remember just how far the franchise has come.


Q: What are Paradox Forms?
A: Paradox Forms are creative Pokemon Fan Designs, which take specific Pokemon and modify them by giving them new elements or characteristics that have not been seen before in the Pokemon universe.

Q: Who created Paradox Forms for Gengar and Honedge?
A: A talented Pokemon fan created Paradox Forms for both Gengar and Honedge.

Q: What sort of modifications were given to Gengar and Honedge?
A: Gengar was given a more catlike appearance, while Honedge was given an additional sword arm and a hat with a bat symbol.

Q: What was the fan’s inspiration for creating these Paradox Forms?
A: The fan was motivated to create these Paradox Forms in order to allow their beloved Pokemon to stand out in the multitude of fan designs that exist. They wanted to create something unique and creative for these two Pokemon.


When it comes to Pokemon fan designs, the sky’s the limit! From Paradox Forms to Gengar and Honedge, creative Pokemon fans are always dreaming up new ways to reimagine our favorite pocket monsters. What’s your favorite fan creation? Let us know in the comments!

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