Pokemon not in Scarlet and Violet – list of every missing Pokemon in Paldea
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Do you feel something is missing from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Are you searching for something that just might not be there? Let us take a look and investigate what Pokémon are absent from the Scarlet and Violet regions. This article reviews and compiles a complete list of all the Pokémon that are absent from this beloved game. Read on to find out which of your favorites may have been left out and how they can still be obtained.
Pokemon not in Scarlet and Violet – list of every missing Pokemon in Paldea

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1. The Missing Monsters: Searching for Pokemon Not in Scarlet and Violet

The search for missing monsters has begun. As the world of Pokemon expands with two new versions of the game, Scarlet and Violet, there are many creatures left behind. These creatures are nowhere to be found in the newest versions and may no longer be a part of the Pokemon universe. Here’s what we know about these mysterious missing monsters.

Strange Symptoms: Players and trainers alike have noticed that certain species have disappeared from their Pokemon libraries without a trace. This strange disappearance is essentially like the creatures have been erased from existence, leaving only rumors and questions in their place.

Theories: Theories as to why these Pokemon have gone missing vary. Perhaps they have been erased to make way for new creatures, or they have gone off into the wild to call a new world home. Whatever the explanation may be, one thing is certain, they are still out there somewhere.

  • What new discovery awaits us in the world of Pokemon?
  • What happened to the missing monsters?
  • Can these creatures ever be found again?

1. The Missing Monsters: Searching for Pokemon Not in Scarlet and Violet

2. New Regions, New Challenges: Every Pokemon Absent from Paldea

Where the Wild Pokemon Are!

It’s undeniable that one of the most exciting things about Pokémon is that every region has its own unique creatures to discover! With each region comes a slew of rare, powerful, and mysterious Pokémon that can cause you to spend hours upon hours hunting for the perfect specimen. Paldea, the most recent region introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield, is no exception!

  • Eevee
  • Chimecho
  • Rotom

Despite the fact that Paldea has plenty of wonderful and wacky Pokémon to find – some old and some brand new – there are a few fan favorites who have yet to make an appearance in the region. Whether they’ve chosen to stay hidden away in some far-off corner of the region, or somewhere else entirely, it’s a sad reality that we’ve yet to see the likes of Eevee, Chimecho, Rotom, and more in Paldea.

That’s not to say these beloved Pokémon won’t find their way into the region eventually – with the new Expansion Pass and various updates, the bond between trainers and their favorites is sure to grow stronger. Until they do, however, we’ll just have to make due with the many exciting creatures already living in Paldea!

3. Exploring the Unseen World: An Analysis of Missing Pocket Monsters

Have you ever wondered what lurks beneath the surface of your favorite Pocket Monsters game? As adventurous trainers, it’s hard to go without noticing the few elusive creatures that never made it to the game. Perhaps they were just too far ahead of their time, but it’s still definitely worth exploring the unseen sequences of the Missing Pocket Monsters.

The world of man and beast has a strange and alluring bond. Fans of the Pocket Monsters face an ongoing challenge to capture as many of these fascinating creatures as possible. It’s safe to say that in the games, not all monsters exist. So where can these Missing Pocket Monsters be found? The answer lies in the depths yet to be explored.

Let’s take a look at what could be awaiting the bold and fearless trainers out there. Any fan worth their salt knows that in games where the monsters aren’t actually living – like a few of the Pocket Monsters games – data can be found in the code. Unraveling those hidden secrets could very well lead you to:

  • A secret species of Pocket Monsters
  • The possibility of evolving existing Pocket Monsters
  • Easter eggs from the game developers

It’s time to stop playing by the rules and explore the landscapes nobody has gone before. Take the leap to uncover the potential of the Missing Pocket Monsters, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Uncovering the Mystery of Scarlet and Violet: Cataloging the Void Pokemon

Scarlet and Violet, also known as the “Void Pokemon” have always been shrouded in mystery. Rumors of its immense power and potential have been reported for centuries, leaving trainers and collectors alike craving to find out the truth. In order to unravel the mysteries of these powerful creatures, we must look back at their past and through the veil of the present.

The Void Pokemon are believed to have come from ancient times, where legend claims all creatures of void magic were sealed away. This impressive power is said to be scarce, and could be obtained only by rare ritualistic methods. As such, collecting Scarlet and Violet has become an incredibly popular pursuit, in which enthusiasts will search any and all lands for clues or tales about these creatures.

With tales of Scarlet and Violet still circulating the Pokemon community, many trainers and enthusiasts are now turning their attention to cataloging the Void Pokemon. Through a series of research methods and carefully curated resources, experts are piecing together the puzzle of Scarlet and Violet and finally unveiling the truth about these enigmatic creatures.

  • Studying ancient texts and records
  • Monitoring unusual activity and changes in the environment
  • Collecting specimens and data of their physiology

Aspiring trainers and experts alike are investigating the questions surrounding Scarlet and Violet, all in a concerted effort to unlock the secrets of the Void Pokemon. With enough efforts and patience, we may finally uncover the mystery that lies between them.


Q: What Pokemon are not featured in Scarlet and Violet?
A: There are a few Pokemon that are not included in Scarlet and Violet: Sandygast, Passimian, Turtonator, Drampa, Bounsweet, Comfey, and Salandit.

Q: What makes these Pokemon so special?
A: Each of these Pokemon have unique abilities and stats that set them apart from other Pokemon. Sandygast has the ability to siphon energy from its surroundings, Passimian can hurl fruit with powerful force, Turtonator has a signature Dragon-type attack, Drampa can talk and understand human speech, Bounsweet is able to make its opponents ‘sweet’ and forget their aggression, Comfey has the ability to restore life to allies using its pollen, and Salandit has the capacity to flip its tail like a whip to launch powerful fire attacks.

Q: What can I do about these Pokemon not being included in Scarlet and Violet?
A: The best thing you can do is look up information on each Pokemon and collect them in other games if they aren’t available in Scarlet and Violet. You can also attend various Pokemon events, competitions, and tournaments to see if the Pokemon appear there.


So, while you can still find plenty of your favorite Pokemon in the regions of Scarlet and Violet, there are still plenty of Pokemon you won’t find. Be sure to look out for these missing Pokemon in your next journey throughout these lands- you never know when you’ll spot a rare sighting!

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