Pokemon: The Most Commonly Used Type Combinations
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Since the release of Pokemon Red and Blue in the mid-90s, millions of gamers around the world have been captivated by the imaginative world of the Pokemon franchise. With an ever-growing list of creatures to choose from, it’s no surprise that the range of strategic-minded type combinations have become increasingly popular. To learn more about the most commonly used type combinations in Pokemon, read on!
Pokemon: The Most Commonly Used Type Combinations

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1. Exploring the Best of Pokémon: Unearthing Commonly Used Type Combinations

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Pokémon universe is the range of both types of Pokémon and the combinations through which they can be used. From Fire and Water to Fighting and Flying, there are so many possible combinations, and some of the most popular are explored below.

Dual-Type Variations: One of the most common type pairings in Pokémon are combos of two opposing types. For instance, the powerful Fire and Water types make it possible for a Pokémon to have both offensive and defensive characteristics. Not only can a Fire-Water type withstand attacks, but it can also dish out powerful attacks of its own. Similarly, Flying and Fighting type combinations offer defensive and offensive capabilities, meaning a Pokémon can take hits and dish them back out quickly.

Triple-Type Variations: Triple-type combinations can be even more powerful and diverse. Take, for example, a Ground-Grass-Ice type which can take out nearly any type of Pokémon. Such a combination of types brings together the likes of defensive, offensive and healing type moves, and makes the Pokémon a formidable opponent. On the other hand, Electric-Psychic-Normal types combine damaging offensive moves with powerful support moves, thereby reducing the opponent’s attacks while raising the user’s defense.

  • Dual-Type Variations: Fire/Water; Flying/Fighting
  • Triple-Type Variations: Ground/Grass/Ice; Electric/Psychic/Normal

1. Exploring the Best of Pokémon: Unearthing Commonly Used Type Combinations

2. Harnessing the Power of a Poke-Combination: The Elemental Mixology of Pokemon Types

The elemental Mixology of Pokemon Types is a powerful tool when it comes to making the most out of the different types in a team. By combining multiple different types together, trainers can better their chances of successful bouts. Here are three key Pokemon combinations that can be useful in siege situations.

Fire and Water

  • Using a Fire-type Pokemon to weaken Water-types before dealing damage with a Water-type Pokemon can be a great way to increase the chances of success in a battle.
  • Fire-types can also be used to take down Grass-type Pokemon that usually resist Water-type attacks.
  • Combining Fire and Water-type Pokemon can create an interesting synergy of elements that can be used to confuse and surprise the opponent.

Electric and Flying

  • Using Electric-type Pokemon to weaken Ground-type Pokemon before dealing damage with a Flying-type Pokemon can be a great way to increase the chances of success in a battle.
  • Electric-types can also be used to take down Steel-type Pokemon that usually resist Flying-type attacks.
  • Combining Electric and Flying-type Pokemon can create an interesting playstyle that allows one to control the battlefield with ease.

Psychic and Dark

  • Using Psychic-type Pokemon to weaken Poison-type Pokemon before dealing damage with a Dark-type Pokemon can be a great way to increase the chances of success in a battle.
  • Psychic-types can also be used to take down Fighting-type Pokemon that usually resist Dark-type attacks.
  • Combining Psychic and Dark-type Pokemon can create an interesting playstyle that is both versatile and powerful.

3. Strategies and Superpowers: An Analysis of the Most Commonly Used Type Combinations

Every trainer has their own strategies, choosing a team that can go the extra mile and keep up with the ever-shifting trends in the world of Pokemon. With so much variety out there, it can be a little overwhelming to decide which type combinations work best in most situations. Let’s take a look at the top three superpowered strategies.

Water/Fire – Water/Fire type combinations are incredibly popular because of the way they synergize with each other. Fire’s offensive prowess combines with Water’s bulkiness to form a powerful duo. This type combination is especially devastating when put up against Grass and Rock type Pokemon, as Water’s attacks absorb the Rock-type attacks and Fire is super effective against Grass.

  • Pros: Great against common foes
  • Cons: Poor matchups against Water/Ground and Fire/Flying type combos

Rock/Flying – Rock/Flying type combinations offer trainers an excellent balance between offense and defense. Rock-type attacks can be used to demolish Flying-type Pokemon while Flying type attacks can take out Rock-type Pokemon. This makes it a very versatile way to tackle any type matchup. Fliers also have the added bonus of boosted evasion, which allows them to avoid most attacks.

  • Pros: Great type coverage, excellent evasion
  • Cons: Weak against Fire and Electric types

Grass/Psychic – Combinations of Grass and Psychics are incredibly powerful due to the way the two powers mix and match. Psychic-type moves have the power to crush Grass-type Pokemon while Grass-type moves are able to counter Psychic-type moves. This type combination gives trainers a great type balance and the ability to hold their own against nearly any type matchup.

  • Pros: Great balance between offense and defense
  • Cons: Weak against Fire, Flying, and Ice types

4. What Happens when Two Types Collide? The Commonly Used Types Combos of Pokemon

No matter what kind of team a trainer puts together, the power of the types can make or break a battle. Many trainers go for not just one, but two types with each and every pocket monster they choose. When these two types combine, it can really prove to be invaluable in a fight.

When two types collide, it can mean some extra power, protection against weaknesses, and a better chance of success. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used combinations in the world of Pokemon.

  • Psychic-Fairy
  • Grass-Poison
  • Dark-Ghost
  • Fighting-Steel
  • Water-Electric

The Psychic-Fairy type is incredibly useful, as it shields against nearly every damaging move that the opponent could use. The Grass-Poison type, meanwhile, takes advantage of weaknesses and provides some protection against electricity-based types. The Dark-Ghost type is another great alternative, as it works incredibly well in double battles — even if the user gets attacked first, the damage will be minimal.

Finally, the Fighting-Steel type combines the raw power of Fighting moves with the defensive properties of Steel. Water-Electric tends to be a popular pick too, as Electric moves provide an effective counter to popular wants like Flying-type Pokemon.


Q: What makes Pokemon so popular?
A: Pokemon is one of the most beloved franchises of all time due to its unique cast of characters, addictive game mechanics, and nostalgic appeal for fans of all ages.

Q: What are the most common type combinations in Pokemon?
A: The most common type combinations in Pokemon are Grass/Fire, Water/Flying, Fighting/Psychic, and Poison/Steel. These combinations are effective against many other types of Pokemon, making them highly useful in battle.

Q: Is there a certain type of Pokemon that is most commonly used in competitive play?
A: Water-type Pokemon are often used in competitive play due to their ability to switch in easily against a wide variety of threats, resist many powerful move types, and make good use of their high base stats.


From Legendary to Mythical Pokémon, type combinations can help create powerful creatures that are unstoppable against its opponents. Each Pokémon requires a careful consideration of the type and nature of their trainer in order to maximize their potential. Get out in the great wide world and explore all type combinations for yourself – you never know what has yet to come!

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