Pokemon VGC: Best Poison-types For Competitive Battling
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Ready to take your competitive Pokemon battling to the next level? Poison-type Pokemon have long been a staple of the competitive Pokemon VGC scene, with their amazing in-battle abilities and unique strategies. This article will guide you through the best Poison-type Pokemon that you can use to dominate your opponents. So, let’s get into it!
Pokemon VGC: Best Poison-types For Competitive Battling

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1. Master The Malice: Poison Type Strengths in VGC

VGC battles are no joke, and poison-type Pokémon show no mercy. At first glance, they might seem weak or insignificant, but in the right hands they can be one of the most feared and powerful types. Here’s a quick look at the strengths of poison-types in VGC:

  • Resistance: Poison-types are naturally resistant to some of the most powerful VGC attacking types. Ground-type attacks, for instance, are completely blocked out. Rock-type and Fighting-type moves are also significantly reduced.
  • Speed: Poison-types have generally high Speed, giving them the opportunity to strike first before their opponent. This lets them weaken or eliminate their opponent before they ever have an opportunity to fight back.
  • Lack of Weaknesses: Poison-types are also quite rare in VGC, making them even more of a surprise when they make an appearance. As such, many players often overlook their weaknesses. That can be disastrous if their team doesn’t have the right tools to counter them!

If used properly, a poison-type Pokémon can be one of the most difficult and intimidating opponents you ever face. Train up and master the malice, and you just might have the edge in your next VGC battle.

1. Master The Malice: Poison Type Strengths in VGC

2. Tackling Poison Type Weaknesses in Competitive Battling

When competing in the world of Pokémon battling, knowledge of type matchups is essential. With each species having their own weaknesses and resistances, awareness of who fares better against specific types is important to know! So how best to approach and defeat Poison type users in competitive battles?

Uncover the type’s weak spots. Poison type Pokémon often have a type disadvantage, such as a 4× weakness to Psychic and Ground moves. Becoming familiar with the different type matchups related to Poison will give you an edge and allow you to predict how to respond to potential threats.

Optimize your team. Choosing Pokémon that have a type advantage against Poison types can be crucial in gaining the upper hand in a battle. This means picking a team with powerful Psychic, Ground, and Bug type moves. In addition, allocating a well-rounded team with equal coverage in order to counter a variety of potential strategies will also be beneficial.

  • Uncover the type’s weak spots
  • Optimize your team

3. A Poisonous Trio: The Best Poison Types to Strengthen Your VGC Team

If you’re looking to stack the odds in your favor when building an effective VGC team, picking the right poison types can be an immense advantage. With a strong trio of poisonous Pokémon, you can create a powerful team that’ll give your opponents a serious run for their money.

To get started on your perfect trio, here are the three of the best poison types to consider:

  • Toxapex – this slimy ocean dweller has great defensive capability with its Baneful Bunker ability that turns any attack targeting it into a poison move. It can also easily recover HP with its Recover move, ensuring a long and hard-fought battle.
  • Tentacruel – bouncing off its many tentacles, this jellyfish-like creature can swiftly dodge and counter incoming attacks. It won’t take much punishment, but with the right moves, it can easily poison and enfeeble the most powerful opponents.
  • Vileplume – having a rare combination of offensive and defensive capabilities, this flower can strike with poisonpowder and absorbs attacks with its Effect Spore ability. With its remarkable range of moves, expect your battles to rely heavily on your strategical tactics.

This trio of poisonous Pokémon will make any VGC team a fearsome force to be reckoned with. With the right moves and battle strategy, you have a high chance of emerging victorious after a battle that will definitely go down in history.

4. Settling the Score: Crafting the Finest Poison Type Team for VGC Victory

Poison type has long been associated with dark magic and malicious trickery, making it a favorite type for dedicated fans of the Pokemon franchise. And with the VGC (Video Game Combat) scene also embracing the type, it stands to reason that a team built with Poison type pokemon stands ready to rule the competitive meta.

When it comes to building your team, Venomoth, Gengar, and Nidoking are some of the most obvious picks. Venomoth’s signature move ‘Quiver Dance’ buffs its Special Attack, Speed, and Accuracy, giving it an edge in battle. Gengar is a master of dodging attack thanks to its ‘Shadow Tag’ ability, while Nidoking is a heavy hitter with powerful moves like Earth Power and Earthquake.

However, for the crème de la crème of Poison type teams, you’ll want to add Arbok and Weezing to your lineup. Arbok’s Intimidate ability gives it an edge in battle since it reduces the attack stat of opponents while Weezing can use its ‘Aftermath’ ability to knock out its opponent if it’s knocked out itself. Finally, Crobat is the perfect finisher with its ‘Inner Focus’ ability, which allows it to dodge all opponents’ moves. So don’t be afraid to add in this powerhouse trio to complete your Poison type domination of the VGC arena.


Q: What are some of the best Poison-types to use for competitive battling in the Pokemon Video Game Championship (VGC) scene?

A: The Poison-type is a great way to give your team a strategic edge in competitive Pokemon VGC battles! Some of the top Poison-types to consider include Dragapult, Nidoqueen, and Weezing. Dragapult has the ability to hit hard both physically and specially, so it can be used as a powerful wallbreaker. Nidoqueen offers excellent defensive capabilities alongside some very potent offensive moves. Finally, Weezing has great defensive utility and can put opposing Pokemon to sleep with its wide range of Poison-type attacks.


The Poison-type has come a long way since its introduction in Generation I, and with the re-establishment of single battles in VGC 2021, now is the perfect time to get involved in the Poison-typing’s competitive side. With its versatility, access to great support moves and some tanky defensive options, the Poison-typing could prove to be a valuable asset when it comes to VGC battles. So if you’re looking to make a splash in the competitive VGC scene, these Poison-types are sure to give you an edge!

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